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  1. SMS_2017 Feedback sobre o Teste Público

    Apareceu um problema no meu jogo para PT, a atualização correu normal ontem/quinta de manhã, abro o jogo, vem a mensagem que estou rodando a ultima versão, então aperto o play e, vem a tela inicial e carrega até 20% e dá erro critico, e não tem jeito. O WoWS normal continua funcionando sem problemas, aliás, nunca tive problema algum nas duas versões e já são 2 anos jogando , alguém tem ideia como resolver? Captura de tela e python log em anexo. Obrigado. python.log
  2. Hi there, I´m trying to play the PT since yesterday (thursday) , the game was updated in the morning , so I click the icon , message ok , "running the latest cliente version" , then press play, the start pic shows up and after 20%, critical error. Since it never happened in 2 years , I have no clues how to solve it. The regular game is running ok. Message and python log attached. Thank you in advance. python.log
  3. Participate button not working in IE 11, but worked on Firefox 67.01, but although WoWs is open and my poor Mutsu is waiting to enter in battle I didnt receive my immediately Zulu signal yet that as confirmation that I´m taking part. Where do I have to look for it ?
  4. SMS_2017

    Public Test - 0.8.5 - Feedback

    Minimap with the distance of the circles showing, I liked it. Armory, signals, when you pass the mouse over it, there is no explanation for what they stand for, almost two yeaars playing and I still didnt learn them by heart. In this case, I write the ones I need on paper and go to the Armory. Any chance to improve the signals in Armory by connecting them with the number you have in port? When passing the mouse over Papa Papa ( as example) , you will have what it does and the number you have. Savage Battle, still lots of fun, a pity this weekend the minutes of waiting increased to around 5 minutes or more. The number of players at the NA server was 150 last time I checked. Ships, I liked the Soviet ones, Kremlin and Vladivostok my faves. Thanks a lot for the great work.
  5. SMS_2017

    Public Test - 0.8.5 - Feedback

    So far , so good, minimap changes, no problem in using it. Armory, tokens , 10 point Rogue Wave Captains (why not ?) , Rogue Wave Camos, the -50% costs of battle/+ 100% XP/+20% credits/+3% detectability and 4% dispersion are tempting but 7000 is expense since I think they dont look cool, just apocaliptical and ugly and they all look the same , bring back the Halloween camos, bring back all the specials camos and put them for sale at the game/Armory or at premium store like the Azur Lane or the new Yamato camo. Ranked, no thanks, too much waiting, I prefer using my time and ships against bots in coop or people in ramdoms, and of course in Savage Battle/Rogue Wave, it´s fun, I liked it, it´s fast, loads fast and ends fast , no much waiting , good music , and with few battles you get the skills and how to play in 3 guys team, liked the Messer and Sea Devil, which seems to be XG-52 and Shimakaze in disguise, the map is good too. Liked the distribution of suplies among the other two allies when you get to the drop point, one can get the suplies while the other two keep guard or are fighting and in need of them in other place etc etc . AA , didnt noticed the difference yet, if there are CVs in game, I use to stay close to other ships and use/ release fighters, and Basic Fire Training on Captains skills, November Echo Setteseven on flags. No problems with NA server or running the game. Thanks for the hard work.
  6. SMS_2017

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    Also, they have a huge "Test" badge at the right , except the Montana( don´t know why). It was a mistake , I didnt change random for ranked, and played with the test/rental/naked Conqueror in a random battle, maybe the same happens to the other ones.
  7. SMS_2017

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    So far so good, Greece map is great, thank you. Well, bugs or not bugs, it depends, Armory welcome is written in russian, and when choosing the Montana tier X it does not have the camouflage option . Back to the game. Cheers.
  8. SMS_2017

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Feedback

    Played with the CVs again, no ships without smoke disappearing in plane sight while engaging this time. The permanent camouflage Spaceport Hellcarrier for Haruryu is a a great eye candy, it distracts you from any other problems, like the torps don´t make great damage and that you lose too many planes, I liiiiike it, it should be available for Midway too. More Eye Candies like that, serious, make your own mods, the Black bundle was great, so why not Space mods or Halloween mods? Also understood why the torpedo planes line/arrow guide is soo far away ahead and almost invisible, it´s because I changed the time window to launch the torpedos (I have more time now after engaging) , anyway, it´s almost invisible, can you change the color to red or yellow to make a better contrast on the sea, or give that option on the map when pressing M? Space Battles, it takes a lot of time to enter , 7 minutes or more waiting to enter a battle and always got the Space Assault mode, the Ludus map is great to play , but the Risus one is dreadful, the generators are too much hidden and you have to get inside their base to the crap them, impossible in 9 minutes, also I respawned twice between the enemy ships, lasted 20 seconds and when I respawn I was too far away, like in the other side of the map, it takes 2 minutes or more to get near the battle, even in boost actived mode. Think about giving it a lot more time. Arsenal/Armory Space April Fools enhancements for the ships, in which ships they can be used ? I bought all of them to use on my Paris, but they were not there at the port to install, does it auto loads in the ships after buying?
  9. SMS_2017

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Feedback

    Played a few Torpedo Beats battles, sorry guys, I hated it, too frantic. CVs : ships disappearing in plane sight. In Tier X, I couldnt see my torpedo plane view guide arrow, best thing (candies) was the Permanenent Space Camouflage : Spaceport Hellcarrier, although the planes are the same, the new clothes&sound are so awesome that I almost forgot I lose all planes each time I try to engage, and that I lose a great amount of credits to play a battle. My favourite map : The Atlantic. But I miss a lot the heavy gale moving in or the heavy rain and furious sea from Operation Hermes and the heavy snow storm battles. Bring them back. please. No problems with the other ships. Thanks a lot for the great work. Cheers.
  10. SMS_2017

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    I don´t know if we can call it a bug but while playing with the CV Hakuryu , the rocket and bomb planes have a circle way ahead to guide the direction and engage, but the torpedo planes has the arrow guide so far away you can´t barely see it, and when you are against the sun, you can´t see it. Also, sometimes , the enemy ships disappear while you are getting close ( no smoke or mountains) in plain sight, you just see the AA&flak fire coming, you see it ( a Battleship ), get close to engage and it simply vanishes for a while...
  11. SMS_2017

    All space camo bundle

    Almost the same here, Arsenal/Space Camouflages/All Permanent space camouflages, 5000 Gold, the description says Republique, Paris, GK, Hakuryu: Spaceport Hellcarrier... Ok , I bought it because I had the Hakuryu CV, back to the port, nothing, checked Charles Martell and Pensacola, ok, Bionic Permanet Camouflage there, back to Hakuryu, the Spaceport Hellcarrier was there but for sale by 8000 gold, ok , I bought it, because the CV and planes look awesome, now you guys tell me, it´s a bug and you owe me 8000 gold or I did something wrong or miss something?
  12. SMS_2017

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    Ok, I played and finished all the missions in this 3rd round , and yes, the new balance in the AAs etc made a huge difference, I felt I had a chance to do something in the battle beyond fast spotting, now I can drop bombs and torps, launch rockets etc without losing all planes. Tier VIII and X AAs on 2nd round were so sharp it was almost impossible to get close to the ships without losing all planes, I´m not saying it´s easy now, but at least you have more chances to hit the ships. Is it different to play the CV now in the rework ? Yes, it´s totally different, but after some playing you get the skills , it also happens with every new ship, another thing is if you´re gonna like it, I liked to play the planes, but I do really prefer the ships. No more bugs with the 123 keys stop working etc. Sound and visual are great, but I noticed that sometimes when I´m playing with ships I see the planes riding into the other ships and sometimes not, just the icon and number of planes bar. Also with two CVs , if I´m with my planes and I´m alongside with the other CV planes to ride into a ship , they are icons, maybe I´m mistaken or something and I have to play a few rounds more. Thanks again for the hard work.
  13. SMS_2017

    PTS2 feedback

    Greetings WG. No problems with the other ships and missions , win 2 battles on Tier IV, VI , VII and X, but with the CVs, this last round it became too much difficult because of the AA , in Tier VIII and X you can´t get even near a ship without losing all the planes, I tried to master lauching torpedos from faaaaar away, it´s an exercise of patience and time of battle lost. When the ships stick together, better leave the squadrons at the CV and wait the other ships make some damage and make them stray away, then you go. Battleships with hard AA, tier X Montana as example, impossible to get near and engage , all planes lost...so let the Montana to the other ships do their job and let´s look for some cruisers. In my opinion, AAs are more deadly this new 2nd round than the other. I also had the 1 2 3 keys not working again , I believe that it has something with pressing F after a failure attack and send what is left of the squadron to the CV, ok you press F and you go back to the CV, but then no 12 3 keys, then after the flying planes arrive, it turns back to work, I think that is what is happening, python attached. I want to thank you for your hard work on the 0.8 test, it was fun to learn to fly and fight with the planes, but after this 3 rounds and hours and hours of playing , I´m tired of playing the CVs , my contribution to the battle is minimal and I lose too many planes to the High Tier AAs, I can help spotting and adding some damage and even sink some ships here and there but it became so frustrating that it became boring, so I thought wait a second , why am I playing CVs if I have lots of fun every night playing with the other ships ? Many thanks again for the hard work. Cheers. python.log
  14. SMS_2017

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    I´ve just played a co-op battle with Midway (tier X) a few minutes ago, it went well for 5 minutes or so, suddenly, although I had planes ready to take off, the 1 2 3 keys on keyboard were not working anymore, I could move my CV ok so the only alternative was to try to ram some other ship. It´s the first time it happens with me , although I´ve been in other battles with other tier´s CVs including Midway, and it happened to the other players. I dont know the cause. Thank you for your hard work. Python.log attached. python.log
  15. SMS_2017

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    So far , no problems playing the game, liked the AA fireworks and the battle sounds are great. At the Arsenal/Signals , the November Echo Sette Seven doesn´t display it´s utility , should be " you should proceed with caution..." . At the Account/Inventory when you wrongly try to sell something ,among all the stuff, that is already being used like a Hull C it says " unable to sell due to technical reasons" , I suggest a " it´s installed in the ship, you cant sell it unless you demount it first" warning or something that explains better what´s going on. The CV rework, well, it was bumpy at first , to say the least, but it´s a test and I thought, well this is a new thing like the Halloween subs, so I tried and learned how to play it , so if I think of it as something new I liked it, but I prefer to choose how many of the planes will do the engage , it´s terrible to have 5 or 6 planes under AA fire and only two engage on tier IV or 3 on tier X, you lose too many planes for the AA , also sometimes I launched 3 torps, they dont go on a straight line, most of the time they went one in the middle and the other two went in angle to each side of the ship, bow and stern, so most of the time I lose one or two torps, maybe I need more practice. Bomb diving it´s a bit difficult to learn, always better from the front or from behind the ship, sometime you engage too early or too late, but ok , needs practice, rockets at DDs went fine and at Tier X they make good fire at battleships. And I hope there´s only one CV per battle on each side. And I prefer to switch to the CV or planes than be on air and the CV being under attack and I have to abort the flight by pressing F. Just thinking , if we have the ram option on ships, why not have a kamikaze option on planes ( that´s history too) . And thank you for your hard work.