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  1. Rulue

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    I can't update the game either :(
  2. I can't wait to play sub when they were officially released, I enjoy to sink BB and CL/CA players who are hiding behind the island.
  3. I would say the sinking of the IJN battleship Yamato during the Operation Ten-Go should be condemned. As the Yamato is the prestigious and largest warship in WW2, the US Navy should NOT sink her but the Yahagi and all escorting IJN DDs. They should capture or ignore her rather than sinking her during the battle (no matter if Yamato's captain Seichi Ito offers a surrender to the US Navy). See what they've done to her sister ship Musashi during the Battle of Okinawa (EDIT: I mean Sibuyan Sea).
  4. Some cheaters were also using the 3rd party tool to save/keep their stars upon defeat, possibly happened rarely in EU and Asia server. That cheating method is a serious offense.
  5. That's interesting, can't wait to see Prince of Wales in the game.
  6. I prefer to use Gallant, Conqueror, Duke of York, King George V, Edinburgh, and Hood
  7. Rulue

    1x Anniversary Container is not enough compensation

    I've received no rewards after the battle too due to experience with compensation failure.
  8. Rulue

    Pirates to replace Corgi Fleet events?

    I can't wait to participate to be a pirate. But I didn't make it to be a Corgi. Do what you want as a pirate is free, you are a pirate!
  9. Rulue

    Warship Wednesday - USS Atlanta

    I bought the Atlanta with doubloons about almost two months ago. It's an awesome ship but I play it often.
  10. Rulue

    Chat banned for ROFL????

    He just said ROFL for just making fun. Wonder why somebody reported him for saying ROFL? That's not a problem whatsoever. Hence it's kinda abuse of chat reporting system.