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  1. Kronshdat hype thread

    Is Kronshtadt going to replace Musashi as FXP ship?
  2. He also had improved vigilance and Jack-of-all-trades, increasing the acquisition range of enemy torpedoes that gives the ship more chance of dodging, and as well reducing the consumable reload time. He is quite useful but unique.
  3. I recently got the German commander Franz von Jutland after I completed the quest. And I got him assigned to my Tirpitz, making the ship's main cannon more accurate. Anyone have tried this out?
  4. I currently have 4 karma points
  5. I disagree with this statement. AFK's should lose amount of credits and XPs rather than getting banned.
  6. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    I'm very sad when dseehafer passed away :'( He's kinda like my friend to me. Rest in peace.
  7. Missouri is no longer available in tech tree since the patch 0.7.2 was released, and it was replaced by the Musashi. As it was a unique rare ship, I don't think it will come back. You can get it from supercontainer depends on chance of luck.
  8. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    There's a glitch about the enemy ship's framed indicator in a minimap stays frozen, it doesn't disappear or show up.

    I agree with this idea. Players who AFK or quit the battle while their ships were active should lose amount of credits and XP instead of getting banned from certain battle types. Also, client crashings and disconnections were assumely considered as AFK should not be punished.
  10. I got disconnected and I went pink, and then I went orange for second disconnection. I think that was a pointless punishment as I concerned. Hopefully, this new effective punishment system may be temporary and short-lived, and it will be tweaked or rolled back in the next patch.
  11. I agree with this statement. "Inactivity in battle" should be removed from penalty system, as disconnections/client crashes were considered as inactive, players can quickly re-connect right into the battle. I hope WG will fix it in
  12. I agree with you. The good idea is they should change the system aspect to make AFK/inactive players to lose more credits/XP rather than punishing them. Also they should make the punishment system for people who use bad/foul languages and insult each other, rather than punishing game crashes and sudden disconnections.
  13. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    I'm sure it's pretty unfair to penalize the players who constantly disconnected during the battle. WG have to fix that aspect issue.
  14. This feature is what I'm worried about, even client crashes and auto-disconnection can be penalized. I think this unsportsmanlike conduct prevention system aspect might be temporary, and it will be changed/removed in future patches. Since it causes so much controversy and most players blamed it after their client crashed/disconnection. People like me will literally quit playing this game because of new unsportsmanlike conduct prevention system. I'll be back if the system aspect was changed or removed.
  15. new afk rules

    Players can probably get punished for even client crashing or auto-disconnection. I think the new anti-AFK system will be temporary, and it will be changed/removed in future patches.