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  1. I can't wait to participate to be a pirate. But I didn't make it to be a Corgi. Do what you want as a pirate is free, you are a pirate!
  2. I bought the Atlanta with doubloons about almost two months ago. It's an awesome ship but I play it often.
  3. Chat banned for ROFL????

    He just said ROFL for just making fun. Wonder why somebody reported him for saying ROFL? That's not a problem whatsoever. Hence it's kinda abuse of chat reporting system.
  4. How To Avoid Radar.jpg

    Why there are so many threads and complains about radar? Now this new one.
  5. Radar has ruined dd play

    I always stay behind the island between radar cruisers to avoid the risk of taking hard hits when I play DDs. As I did bait two radars in my Fletcher in some games.
  6. Musashi - worth paying for?

    I've just gotten the Musashi before the Kronshtadt comes out. I feel regret when I wasted some FXP on the Fletcher and the Yamato.
  7. Good game. Got Confederate, First Blood, and Kraken in my Musashi.
  8. How long until Kitakami?

    Kitakami is an interesting torpedo cruiser. Is it still under testing for a longer period of time or was removed from the game? I hope Kitakami will be coming as premium ship.
  9. I've already gotten the Indianapolis from the supercontainer since January 2018. So I don't need to do any missions in the Indy marathon.
  10. Login Issues after Update

    I have a same issue as well.
  11. Radar has ruined dd play

    Radar is fun for me. Especially I play the Atlanta, use my radar, and kill DDs.
  12. Kronshdat hype thread

    Is Kronshtadt going to replace Musashi as FXP ship?
  13. He also had improved vigilance and Jack-of-all-trades, increasing the acquisition range of enemy torpedoes that gives the ship more chance of dodging, and as well reducing the consumable reload time. He is quite useful but unique.
  14. I recently got the German commander Franz von Jutland after I completed the quest. And I got him assigned to my Tirpitz, making the ship's main cannon more accurate. Anyone have tried this out?
  15. I currently have 4 karma points