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  1. Major_HardTicket


    Should be PrtScr, unless you changed it in your key bindings/settings of the game!
  2. Major_HardTicket


    Well this is new to me! If you right click and hold on your Port screen, you get this for screenshot purposes! NICE!
  3. Major_HardTicket

    RNG WHO?

    Ranked, I got Musashi, come around the side of an island and WHAAAT?... lookin at a Seattle, sitting full broadside at 11 kms, stopped dead in the water, line em up, locked on, boom 9 shells flyin directly at him, he's not moving! ....Um seriously? 1 ricochet?....that's it? And then I watch him sail away, and we lose!...I seriously don't get it! I'm beginning to believe some of the rumours of MM favorites etc etc...how can you not?... AND YES I KNOW HOW TO AIM! even a blind man with a sense of direction could've hit that Seattle with a 50%+ result!...WEIRD, so freakin weird sometimes!!!!
  4. Major_HardTicket

    Welcome Back Contest!

    1) In game name, same, from many years ago, a Veteran who don't take no crap from anyone, military, on the ice, wherever! Because of this, I've been called a "hard ticket" for eons! So, I thought it would be fitting with a rank in front of it for a war game such as WoWs! :) 2) Started playing in 2017, but only for a short time, life happened...life settled down back in Sept. '18, so I've been playing regularly since! 3) War history, and fascination with ships, planes, etc etc (anyone up for a board game of Axis and Allies?) ;) ...and way back in um, 19??, I used to play a game known as "Great Naval Battles" and loved it, so I thought I'd try my hand at WoWs! (and now I have this crazy Love/Hate relationship going with it and can't stop playing!).. No intervention required though! LOL 4) I don't really have a favorite ship,...they all seem to have lots in common and then some things unique to set them apart! Some are quite tough get a handle on but I suppose if I were to choose, it would be an American DD...Mahan or Benson perhaps! I do kinda enjoy this Beast too!....Cheers!
  5. Major_HardTicket

    Potential detection bug

    yea bud, it's the Tirp spotting me in the 2nd pic (it says "detected"), he just happened to be backing up from behind the island after I was air detected!!! ... the 1st pic was 22 seconds earlier, it says "detected (by an airplane)"....Where is the airplane/spotter? The tirp driver said nothing when I asked in chat? But 2 others were quick to jump all over me for pointing it out, even got called a "[edited]" (whatever that is, because I don't use it in my vocabulary), they were saying it was a catapult plane (DUH)… So, again, I ask you or anyone else, where's the plane? or is it a bug? or perhaps, just maybe, something else unknown to the masses?
  6. Major_HardTicket

    Potential detection bug

    Same, not a plane in the sky, and if it was the Tirp, (who just happens to be reversing now), I should be detecting the plane also! Not the 1st time if seen crap like this...bug or whatever!!!
  7. I'm really getting to a point where I can't play this game anymore? It's like a major love/hate relationship! I feel there's no progress or accomplishment worth the frustration of trying! As much as I want to keep playing, I don't think my anger issues with it are gonna allow me to continue! It's like if you're not meant to win matches, then you're not gonna win! These shots are a fine example...95k damage, high caliber, and can't sink a ship! I did that much, but yet only finish 4th on the team in xp. We lost somehow, even with 3 people scoring higher xp than I did...I just don't get it!!! What in RNGesus am I missing?
  8. Major_HardTicket

    anyone else LOSE Credits today?

    Damn stock market crash again! lol...j/k...but um, "1.4 BILLION"? I'd be upset too! No probs with my "9 million" though!
  9. I, as I'm sure many others, would like to see the replay of this match you speak of...I want to see how you managed 100k damage without being detected, focus fired, and obliterated very quickly!! Could you post it?
  10. Major_HardTicket

    Cheating in ranked - WG please take action

    The life of mp online gaming, in 1 way or another, people will "cheat"! The same ones who will cheat a single player game just to get a win or complete the game! I've never been able to wrap my head around their thinking!!!...As for the OP's post, it happens in randoms also, I witnessed it about 2 weeks ago...3 clan members on the enemy team, 1 on our team...we were hunted down like rabbits, as if we were detected constantly, even DD's ( I was 1 of them) on our team, trying not to be detected, had enemy ships chasing them every where they went! At the end, we lost real bad, but guess who the "lone survivor" was on our team, the 1 clan member, with full health!...Pathetic!
  11. So by "adapt" you mean? Play other ship types? Or play dd's knowing full well you'll be done in 5-10 minutes? Not being "snarky"...just as frustrated as any other dd player!
  12. Major_HardTicket

    I have 4 tier 10 DD's and they're trash now.

    Yup exactly "dead"...I've been putting more time and effort into getting better with dd's, was actually sitting around 13 - 5 in my Fletcher before yesterday...I'm now 13 -12 and so close to saying "you know what"... dd's were hard enough b4, but right now it's just futile!!!... Before playing any matches yesterday, I bought my Jutland with the credits from the CV's...what a disaster with that, 0 - 6 so far I think! If only I had known/waited!
  13. Major_HardTicket

    Ghost Gun Salvo

  14. Major_HardTicket

    Mouse Spends 8,888 Doubloons Three Times (So You Don't Have To)

    Well I don't have any of these premiums, and as usual for me opening crates, "any crates", I've never gotten a ship...spent my last 8900 dubs on the 1st round, and I got 2 x 20k fxp 1 x 3 spring sky camos 1 x Anshan camo 1 x Huange camo 1 x 6 type 59 camos and last but not least, yea that's right, last but not least 9 x 12 lunar warrior camos...the "last 6 crates I opened" were these... 108 lunar warrior camos....UGH no dubs left and broke, with no new ships!!! UGH...so yea, I'll take dub donations, HAHAHA!...UGH
  15. Major_HardTicket

    Musashi Ghost Ship?

    Clearly, it states destroyed by bomb, but clearly, still alive...this was 1 of the weirdest games I've witnessed so far, our team was up 4 ships for most of the match, 5 at one point, and then KABOOM, we started dropping like terds down a johnny-on-the-spot at a hot chili festival....my aim was where it should be, or so I thought, but couldn't hit the broadside of a barn, especially the Henri, I fired 5-6 salvos at him, and hit him with 1 shell, That's right, 1 FREAKIN SHELL, he wasn't wasd'ing either, just a straight line at the same speed, 14-15 kms away...I'm at a loss as to what may have happened here, especially the enemy Musashi showing as destroyed, but clearly still alive! Anybody?