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  1. Major_HardTicket

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    Hmmm, thankful every day for "Life" and all that is good in this World! Thankful for the opportunity and ability (not necessarily good :)….) to play games such as WoWs, ...for free at that if ya want to! As for what I would be thankful for receiving, whatever the OP feels would be appropriate, after all, free is good! ;) PS...Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the United States, from us in Canada!
  2. Major_HardTicket

    811 xp!...Really?

    Thx all, most anyway, for the positive feedback!...um isn't the purpose of HE supposed to be for starting fires, not penetrating armor like AP? ...I know there'll be some pen with HE but I thought they make contact, exploded , and started fires in an RNG fashion on the decks/superstructures? That's what happens to me when I get spammed with HE, all the time, always on fire LOL!
  3. Major_HardTicket

    811 xp!...Really?

    Thx, but as mentioned, I've used AP in DD's enough to know that for me, HE works better...I've had people say to use HE before too! LOL
  4. Major_HardTicket

    811 xp!...Really?

    OK HERO....bye bye now...WTH is honest about your feedback?...actually, don't bother... same ol peanut gallery giving what they think is positive feedback by telling folks they are potatoes and stupid and wear tin foil hats....WHATEVER, clown!!!!
  5. Major_HardTicket

    811 xp!...Really?

    lmbo...both very informative...thx for that!!!....NOT...(Most of those hits were SS)….now be like the birds and, well you know!!!!
  6. Major_HardTicket

    811 xp!...Really?

    All day today (and most other days), no matter how well I do, we lose...and this is the average result of those losses, 52k damage and only 811 xp, even had a game today (T9) that approached 90k damage with 3 kills and only received 910 xp… and yet, we had a couple Mo's (both are well experienced players and active forum members) where I had 44 hits between them and 0 (zero...ZERO) damage, 1 was full broadside the whole time, couldn't even start a single fire! and yes I'm using HE, have enough experience with AP to know that I'll end up with mostly shatters, riccos and overpens, so don't bother !...the broadside Mo was straight line for about 45 seconds, and as soon as my torps hit the water, he turns, as usual (see this all the time with my torps), I had my torps targeting him for approx. 20 seconds before I fired ...... I just don't get it...what am I missing?....And why these crazy freakish losing streaks, nobodies luck with RNGesus can be this bad!! …..Tin Foil whatever, there's something amiss here and it's getting really old...REAL FAST!
  7. Major_HardTicket

    Money or Nothing WG?

    Yeaaaa, No thanks, I'll stick to my "military strength" kevlar helmet
  8. Major_HardTicket

    Money or Nothing WG?

    Footnote, my post is just a question/inquiry? I'm not saying WG is actually doing it! Just kinda looking to see what others may think of the subject! Thanks for the informative views and comments, and no thanks for the rude, obnoxious "tinfoil hat" etc etc from the usual peanut gallery! Cheers!
  9. Major_HardTicket

    Money or Nothing WG?

    Haha I knew that...was waiting for someone to correct me on it! I prefer "Sultans of Swing" myself
  10. Major_HardTicket

    Money or Nothing WG?

    Thanks for sharing....Hoping your observations and experience are the way it is!... It gives me hope that I'm not gonna be delegated to the "potato" class forever just because I'm poor lmbo
  11. Major_HardTicket

    Money or Nothing WG?

    yea I know, it's just my imagination, which I've been told many times I don't have one!!!... But, ya know, when you notice patterns, ya have to question the reasons why such patterns happen, it helps keep you from being left in the dark! ... IMHO, I think Wg'ing manipulates the servers to reward the "spenders" a little bit (who knows how much) more than the "non spenders" (the key words here are IMHO).... I could be right, you could be right! So tell me, how do you know that "none of the things I mention" are affected? It's what I've seen, and what I've witnessed in game!
  12. Major_HardTicket

    Money or Nothing WG?

    Happy to have picked up your spirits a bit, ... yea I've had good days and bad days too, ... more so than not, my good days happen when I have premium time and yea you guessed it, "most" bad days are on standard time
  13. Major_HardTicket

    Money or Nothing WG?

    Target's locked Sir! Fire Fire Fire! ... and it's not just the "brain dead teams", on occasion, I'm brain dead LOL… as I said, I'll keep on with the struggle and keep "trying" to have fun, for now!
  14. Major_HardTicket

    Money or Nothing WG?

    No not the song...and yea I understand that the Devs etc need to get paid...but c'mon WG...do you manipulate the servers (IMHO) to make it seem like we need premium time and ships to get anywhere? I've noticed the difference, with premium time most seems ok, dispersion, win ratio etc etc...without premium, holy snapping arseholes, win rate is horrendous, dispersion is all over the place, enemy fire is crazy good (and yes I'm talking random), teams are so unbalanced it's absolutely ridiculous (my last battle was a whole 7 minutes from start to finish in a losing cause, yes I said 7 MINUTES), and the list goes on... Can you at least give a break to the people who can't afford to spend hundreds of $'s, or as some on here have admitted to, even thousands of $'s on your "Game" if indeed this is the case? I'm happy with my 45 to 50% win rate (and I keep trying to get better), I can't afford these crazy prices for the premium extras you sell, as I'm sure many others can't either, so can you at least let us poor people play on a level battlefield, .. this dispersion and crazy good enemy fire etc etc [edited] has got to go! End rant...back to the grind, (for now) PS...I know there's better than me, I know some people are just "that good", but when you witness 6/9 or 7/10 shells from 3 or 4 enemy ships hitting your ship every salvo, every match, from minimum to maximum distance, and your shells can't hit the broadside of a BB at minimum range because they miss front/rear/left/right every salvo (maybe 1 hits, but it's an overpen or shatter or ricco) and your ship is spec'd and flagged for minimum dispersion possible...I mean seriously, never mind the 'GIT GUD", lets do the "GIT REAL"
  15. Major_HardTicket


    Should be PrtScr, unless you changed it in your key bindings/settings of the game!