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  1. for the first question: i think for the current number of ops that are available in the moment the by week format is fine for the second question: i would be interested in a random ops mode after the old ops that got removed returned, but only if its a complement to the ability of choose any op that you want, like you at any moment can choose any ops that you want to play or you can just pic a ship and let the game choose the op and in a extra note, then the removed ops get back, i would like to ask for removal the nation restrictions from the ops Cherry Blossom ( U.S., U.S.S.R., U.K., and French ships) , Dynamo ( T6 and 7 British, Commonwealth, French, Polish (this was before Pan-Europe was a thing), Soviet and American destroyers as well the T8 destroyer Cossack) and Hermes ( T7 French, British, and American cruisers and French Battleships Lyon, Richelieu and Gascogne), the thing is i can understand the class and tier limitation because the way the ops are balanced, but i think that there's no problem in letting any ship of any nation participate in this ops as long they meet the ship and class requirements especially after so long and the addition of new ships and even changes in the tree that removed a entire nation in the place of another, so the way of i propose is: Cherry Blossom: any T8 Cruisers Dynamo: any T6 to 7 Destroyers (the addition of Cossack can be argued but i think its best to just let be only T6 to 7 Destroyers) Hermes: any T7 Cruisers and any T7 to 8 Battleships PS.: sorry if this post is a bit confusing but English is not my first language and i also have a problem to organize things in my head
  2. Tabericos

    Dry Dock: California

    Sexiest ship in the Game, Now WG could you please buff her reload?
  3. Tabericos

    Wargaming Anniversary: Combat Missions

    you are confusing 2 things, this missions are to celebrate the anniversary of WG not WoWs.
  4. Tabericos

    ST 0.10.2, New ships

    Mainz reload is 6 seconds
  5. Tabericos

    ST 0.10.2, New ships

    i just want to point out that the 76,2mm Guns in the tiger'59 are missing in the AA stats, they are modeled in the ship, but missing in the stats.
  6. Tabericos

    [Tutorial] UI Mod

    after the atualization i was atualizing my ribbons and now i keep getting this erro menssage, and its not converting anymore
  7. Tabericos

    ST 0.9.5, balance changes to German Battleship Odin

    i don't belive WG have bias for or agast, i just belive that WG realy need a intensive school in How to balance a game 101
  8. Tabericos

    [Tutorial] UI Mod

    looks like it worked.... i passed neraly 2 weaks and the problem was just that
  9. Tabericos

    [Tutorial] UI Mod

    it not worked ffdec.bat: The term 'ffdec.bat' is not recognized as a cmdlet name, function, script file or operable program. Check the spelling of the name or, if a path has been included, see if the path is correct and try again. In line: 1 character: 1 + ffdec.bat -replace hud_lib.swf hud_lib.swf 84 84_ribbon_splane.png lo ... + ~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo: ObjectNotFound: (ffdec.bat: String) [], CommandNotFoundException + FullyQualifiedErrorId: CommandNotFoundException Suggestion [3, General]: The command ffdec.bat was not found, but it exists at the current location. By default, Windows PowerShell does not load commands from the current location. If you trust this command, type: ". \ Ffdec.bat". See "get-help about_Command_Precedence" for more details. ^translation via google
  10. Tabericos

    [Tutorial] UI Mod

    i am having problems to convert to the JPEG3 to Lossless2, every time it says that it not could find the ffdec but is in the location
  11. Tabericos

    Weekly Combat Missions: the Hunt for Bismarck

    where the 5 tokens and camo button is, i just find it in the news related to that and another one, and now theres no more
  12. Tabericos

    Results of Hayate resource voting

    So the basics you are saying is "I can ford this with premium and flags, so can anyone", did you talk to real F2P players? If you talk to them, you'll find it's easier to find someone with coal ships than FXP because it's not only easy to get coal with, it's much easier to keep coal, and it doesn't matter how many math accounts you make to justify using FXP. , because in reality when you talk to players who really pay nothing in this game for them the grind for an FXP ship is ridiculous and simply saying that you can get FXP in every battle is simply telling nothing. Coal has yet have the advantage of being a passive grind, when FXP you have to actively grind it and focus on it, coal you simply get the daily missions and the containers and you can do it at the same time you grind a line, level a captain, search the modules on a ship, etc. while FXP forces you to do an active grind and just focus on getting FXP and not spending it on anything which means you won't be able to do anything else or do anything else in a reduced way. And keeping coal is extremely easier to maintain than FXP as the ways to spend coal besides buying a ship are so minor and unimportant that you easily ignore them, while the various ways to spend FXP are so imposing that in the end If you don't have an exclusive focus on getting the ship as fast as possible you end up spending FXP on other important things like a captain, researching a new ship in the tech tree, researching a module for a ship (or all) which makes The ability to maintain FXP is extremely prejudiced, most of the things you can spend on coal are extras or things you just need in specific situations (either because the item is abundant in various other ways to get it or because the item is really needed in a specific circumstance), which makes coal accumulation becomes extremely easy. I for example only have 1 ship per nelson FXP, and i have 10 per coal being 4 are T9 and 10 because at the same time as I grated shrimps for these ships I was doing other things at the same pace as usual without interfering with my normal routine, while to get the nelson I had to for all the other activities in the monento to get the 350k ship or 375k FXP (I don't quite remember). and at the time i had flags and premium acount.