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    I love world War 2 history, especially German and Japanese side of things.

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  1. HeavensAuthority

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 1 - Feedback

    I think it would add more skill to the game :D
  2. HeavensAuthority

    Public Test - 0.9.4 - Part 1 - Feedback

    SUBMARINE FEEDBACK !!! Good Day to everyone! First and foremost, I really enjoyed the submarines! Most of the gameplay was fluid which I liked. Now, I suppose you want feedback? 1. Each of the submarines played differently, I *Find* this to be unique and questionable at the same time. The German is aggressive and ping seems shorter. The US is a Long-range sniper, ping seems to take longer to get off cool down. The Russians have horrible damage. (All experience here.) 2. I found the dive times vary with the Deep Dive consumable, sometimes it did not work on command. I found myself pressing T and diving with C in order to escape. It felt taxing to do this. Maybe take a look at it, please? 3. Islands still getting in the way of Pinging ships - very annoying. ---- The new stealth mechanic of subs is questionable at best. As others have said subs should not be detected by ships at 30meters. Another issue I have found with subs is that they have a hard time escaping destroyers. could subs have a consumable to deploy decoys to fool the enemy DDs and cruisers? Limit decoy consumable to 2. The decoy consumable will inflate like a sub with 2 decoy inflatable ships, the player could set them like depth charges, activating one then going 2 km and activating another. the ships will go at the same speed as the sub but cannot fight back giving the submarine a chance to escape. I think this is a good idea! ----- Cvs vs submarines were a nightmare. The only time CVs could kill subs could only happen when they were surface to recharge. That is it. Maybe add a separate cv brach specifically designed to counter subs or add a 4th plane squad with air born depth charges up to 40 meters. It is historically proven ( see link https://www.britannica.com/technology/depth-charge ) Caution: I will revise until final testing --- Other than that good!
  3. Hoping devs have t 10submarines ready for testing. The wait is killing me!
  4. HeavensAuthority

    The RNG Family is Looking for new members

    I think I was server banned. Not sure why. Did nothing wrong
  5. HeavensAuthority

    The RNG Family is Looking for new members

    What is the RNG discord. I can't access it
  6. HeavensAuthority

    French subs go faster in reverse

    Well detailed
  7. @Femennenly @Hapa_Fodder Can you guys please close this form as it's becoming a troll post for submarine /cv haters who are not **READING** The description of ONLY TALKING about SUBMARINE beta testing which clearly half of the people on here fail to do. Thank you kindly
  8. Can we close this? More. Crying will get us no where
  9. HeavensAuthority

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    You get the whole deal. Premium ships offer better benefits. Why would they add a ship just to remove it?
  10. HeavensAuthority

    PSA: Upgrade sale

    What do you mean?
  11. "Form Battle Lines!" Clan Battles are back, and Salty With A Chance of Citadels (SWACC) is looking for Captains who aren't afraid to get wet,(or blown to pieces; literally). We are a new clan, looking for new members who will help us to have loads of fun! We look forward to glory, coal (and steel). Dark sense of humor is highly suggested, salt in the blood, and sights on the Citadel are required,(some Tier 8-10 ships wouldn't hurt either). We game outside of WoWs too! , So come check out our Discord server!!!! https://discord.gg/fgvAAdt Our discord is open to all to join and chat! Message me on the forums, Discord or in game if you want to be apart of all the rage!
  12. I can tell you by looking at the posts it is the same people that are posting. I do not know how many people actually use the fourm. It would be nice if WG let us see who is online
  13. Fun fact. Half of the player base does not use the fourms. Stop crying