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    On the CCTP&Missouri

    We would understand your delays of fixing game breaking bugs like the curving torpedo bug in the game if you prioritize on fixing the bugs in your business conduct first.
  2. Lord_of_Edgelords

    FPS Bug 0.9.9

    The patch did fix the stuttering problem for me however, im experiencing large ping spikes constantly
  3. I remember when @novko138 and I met in another game called warframe. We used to play a lot of it until a certain gamemode(Raids) got removed. I was then introduced by her to this. I kinda feel sorry for her since i was absolutely terribad and complained a lot when i first started, being out of position and yolo rush out for no reason then died in a spectacular way. (Im still one dumb potato btw) Every time we played, the sarcastic remarks she made about my foolishness and the ship really make me want to improve on my skills towards the certain ship. That was what drives me to play this game more and explore the tactics and mechanics of the game. Come to think back of it this is the thing i like (and miss now that she sorta plays sparsely) about then we played. As for my number. My number is of course, the answer to life, the universe and everything. 42.