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  1. Potato_Farmer_

    How do you like your GPU?

    You could make a nice cup of coffee on that GPU.
  2. Potato_Farmer_

    leg mod changes

    With range mod and Halsey, you can offset the reload penalty by farming hella fast
  3. Their niche is the consitent damage and best in class survivability they have. You always have something to do in most situations.
  4. Potato_Farmer_

    I love Cruisers!

    Cruisers are the ultimate potato Farming archetype.
  5. Potato_Farmer_

    Where are all the CVs?

    Playing CV got boring after the first few matches of 8.3. Friendship ended with CV, Radar Minotaur is now my new friend
  6. Potato_Farmer_

    Please fix 3 man divisions.

    Or actually be good at the game? Even an above average player can maintain a positive winrate easily.
  7. I was in the video lmbo If you spend five seconds at the start of the match convincing your team to meme they'll generally do it
  8. Just communicate with your team lmbo It's not that hard.
  9. Potato_Farmer_

    Give Kleber Black torpedoes

    Don't you already torpedo yourself every night?
  10. Potato_Farmer_

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    Your fetishes are somehow worse than your ingame performance.
  11. Potato_Farmer_

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    Congratulations, you're a necrophiliac.
  12. Potato_Farmer_

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    Moved on from what? None of the clans you were in were top tier.
  13. Potato_Farmer_

    Tips for Henri?

    Go fast Set fires Eat [edited] Henri requires either a very aggressive, or a very passive sort of farming play style. Your main asset is your speed, which you can use two ways. Dodge-tanking damage and Re-positioning to get broadsides
  14. Potato_Farmer_

    Eurobeat How To Smolensk

    The Supercruisers [edited] it hard. Stalingrad, Alaska, and Kronstadt will yeet it if it gets spotted.
  15. The wargaming api is publicly available I'll just pull the datasets of public account that own CVs. Surely theres no "garbage data" if every single datapoint can be verified back to it's old account, right?