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  1. Potato_Farmer_

    [NTAI] - Not Trying Anything Important

  2. Potato_Farmer_

    [NTAI] - Not Trying Anything Important

    10/10 would shitpost again
  3. Potato_Farmer_

    Anyone else dropping concealment?

    Question tho, what are you dropping the skill for?
  4. Potato_Farmer_

    NTAI is Recruiting!

    10/10 would shitpost again
  5. The game mechanic is called damage saturation. Basically, each part of a ship (bow, superstructure, aft) have their own internal HP value. Once this value drops to zero any damage done to that section is reduced or negated.
  6. Potato_Farmer_

    First time passing 300k damage

    Welcome to the club
  7. Potato_Farmer_

    Venezia-a ship for bad player

    that's exactly how it works if you can aim.
  8. Minotaur is the highest skill cap ship in the game. It has tools for any situation.
  9. May I never have to permaspot a Venezia for minimum wage ever again.
  10. Potato_Farmer_

    People are getting the wrong idea of IZUMO.

    I wouldnt call your playstyle the correct way to play Izumo
  11. Potato_Farmer_

    How do you like your GPU?

    You could make a nice cup of coffee on that GPU.
  12. Potato_Farmer_

    leg mod changes

    With range mod and Halsey, you can offset the reload penalty by farming hella fast
  13. Their niche is the consitent damage and best in class survivability they have. You always have something to do in most situations.
  14. Potato_Farmer_

    I love Cruisers!

    Cruisers are the ultimate potato Farming archetype.