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  1. LoliBonk

    Montana or Venezia as first tier X

    Venezia is currently one of the most broken tech tree ships in the game, get her before she gets nerfed even further.
  2. Because it's a player performance problem, not a ship problem.
  3. LoliBonk

    Graf Zeppelin

    Rocket reticle was changed last patch and it seems to have heavily nerfed all rockets that relied on good vertical dispersion as a balancing factor.
  4. LoliBonk

    Getting the Stalingrad was a bad idea

    LWM's opinions aren't the gold standard for ship balance, nor for community opinion. It's fine to let your views be influenced by others, but you should always be willing to justify said views, instead of pointing to someone else. There's a reason why the server average stats of Stalingrad have been dropping as more players obtain her.
  5. LoliBonk

    Getting the Stalingrad was a bad idea

    No, that would be Minotaur. Stalingrad has a reduced ricochet check angle of 55° to 65°, which mean that she will have a slightly easier time shooting at poorly angled targets. Even then, her angles are worse than both Des Moines (60°-67.5°), and Minotaur (60°-75°).
  6. LoliBonk

    Is IFHE useful on the KIDD... DD?

    Concealment should be your first priority as it allows you to better control the engagement ranges with other destroyers. IFHE is worthless on USN 127, as you don't pass any penetration threshold and also gape your fire chance in the process.
  7. LoliBonk

    Are Divs a good thing in randoms?

    Probably potato divs, as there are far more potatoes than unicums.
  8. Radar. Also the new detection changes aren't even live yet, so will you wait until the patch is live to complain?
  9. LoliBonk

    matchmaking in CW?

    The public rating is to show everyone the current ranking. The private one is to prevent seal clubbing. Systems like these have existed in nearly every competitive game to prevent Smurfs from [edited]with lower ranked people.
  10. LoliBonk

    CV Isnt Overpowered

    At that range, you can physically react to the incoming shells and dodge accordingly. If you get hit by anything at that range, it's entirely your fault for not WASD hacking.
  11. LoliBonk

    matchmaking in CW?

    Matchmaking systems have always had a hidden MMR system to match teams with other teams around their skill rating. It prevents highly skilled teams from spending excessive amounts of time seal clubbing lower rated players.
  12. LoliBonk

    The Halland is B-R-O-K-E-N

    Ah yes, let me turn to avoid the CV strike and open my side up to the entire enemy team.
  13. A pity since the most broken part about carriers isn't even their damage potential, it's the vision control. You can't dodge straight LOS checks from planes.
  14. LoliBonk

    Possible CV Death Squad Meta

    Slava will just bounce of most armored carrier decks. You'd have better luck with range mod Conq/Thunderer as their HE can pen armored flight decks
  15. Then at the end of that road, it's purely a player performance difference. It's just about finding the way you can best influence the games, and naturally some players do that better than others.