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  1. Thinking of upgrading my laptop

    AMD Ryzen is great, and TN panels are also fine. Care to enlighten us on your thought process when casting off these items??? As others have said, the key is to build your own or, purchase a stand alone pc vs a laptop. More affordable, upgrades are easier, form factor is not important when playing at home. If you travel for work or are a student, I can see the appeal of a gaming laptop. Cpu market is a nightmare right now, a 1060 is far over priced and is the minimum for a pc build imo
  2. Did they fix this? I mean listening to them back to back Musashi sounds less meaty
  3. Is Yubari worth it?

    Wow man, thumbs up. +1 As others have said Yubari is a fun ship but more of a novelty. AA is good and torps hit hard but that citadel is going to get you punished if you show it.
  4. Nelson - Worth it?

    Yes, the Nelson is worth it. It is one of my fav ships, tier 7 is great fun and you are not subjected to consistent battles where you cling on the bottom rung of the ladder . The super heal, the HE, the AP, the ship is awesome. AA isnt anything special untill they get close in, than you can actually shred some planes. Your HE shells can cit cruisers , its pretty funny to nail them and watch the chat steam up lol
  5. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Thank you for the time and effort you put into this review and others. +1 and thanks!
  6. The quality is good, the aesthetics are a tad plain and the customization potential is nice. Cable management seems a little bad, but I’m not a pro builder and it could just be me. I considered Fractal Design Nano S and Core V1 for a mini itx build but opted for this because I wanted extra room
  7. Initial Santa Crate results

    6 big boxes frosty fir camo x3 ,type 59 camo x2 and 2k dubs. Underwhelmed a bit
  8. Hey all, I saw another Ryzen post so I figured id throw my hat in the ring with my current build. I am a casual gamer and this rig has been ok for me, I only mess around with WOWS and WOT. Runs both at basicly max everything no problems, my only issue is working all the time and never being able to do serious work on grinding ships. Ryzen 1500x oc to 3.9 MSI B350M Gaming Pro mobo micro atx Corsair 3000mhz 8 gb of ram Gigabyte Gaming G1 6gb GTX1060 Crucial MX300 275 gb boot and 500 gb SSD Noctua fans 200mm, 120,140 Corsair Cx450m 450watt modular PSU Thermal take Cpu cooler Thermaltake core v21 case Acer 144hz monitor 24 inch Red dragon mechanical keyboard, Logitech mouse TP LINK Archer WIFI card Mackie studio monitors Been a great, cool running build for a reasonable price. Since im not a diehard gamer this should suit me for a year or two