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  1. Quality of play in ranked worsens as I progress

    What tier do you eliminate the rank 10 players? Or do tier 5 rank players also meet them?
  2. Is TA a must take on 19pt Asashio commander?

    I never considered BFT but since dds will yolo you to kill you it may be a great idea
  3. Game crash ever single night

    Yes once a day since the recent patch, ill probably do a ticket tomorrow. Same deal , critical error and I have to log back in to find my ship full of holes. Im on a modern, up to date pc, it seems to be a recent thing.
  4. Is TA a must take on 19pt Asashio commander?

    Good point, im probably going to put this captain in my Shiratsuyu where TA would not work with the 10km torps. I will probably just drop TA I guess.
  5. Is TA a must take on 19pt Asashio commander?

    Torpedo acceleration is what im thinking about keeping or dropping, I guess concealment on the torps is so good loosing a little speed is trivial. However cutting down the time to target from a long range strike seemed somewhat valuable.
  6. If i take radio location I cannot spec into both TA and SE. Current build Tier 1: PM,PT Tier 2: TA,AR, LS Tier 3:TAM Tirer 4: RL, CE Is the Additional speed worth trading off the juicy extra health you get with SE. Alternatively I could drop Torpedo Armament and get SE that way. Help
  7. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Nice job mouse! It is not the unrelenting juggernaut I expected, still a beast in the right hands and a whole lot of fun. I play the objective and cap, scout and support my team and it seems plenty playable when the bb count is low. Oh and the flooding, the endless flooding these torps bring
  8. To new Asashio owners

    is radio a location a must take in this to avoid enemy dds at all costs ?
  9. I run a middle of the road pc and I have hardly ever have crashes. You clearly have an issue with your machine, what steps have you taken to trouble shoot the issues? "players may get banned by the new system for WG's fault." This is clearly in issue with your machine, instead of placing blame why don't you attempt to trouble shoot it instead of smearing Wg for your computer problems.
  10. San Francisco Naval yard

    Good idea, both would be scenic and have a historical connection. Vladivostok and/San Diego Norfolk would also be cool
  11. Infinite fire meta has to stop

  12. Varyag SCs

    Wyvern flag 50 of em, I cant knock free
  13. What tier X for ranked

    After seeing the other thread covering tier 8 suggested ranked ships, what are you running for tier x ?
  14. Next premium in the shop?

    Any ideas when one might drop ?Might be one of the ships in testing or a re release?