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  1. Good overview thanks! I just received the ship from a santa crate. I typically play Russian T5-7 DD and German T8-9 DD, so will be curious to see what she does. 15km torps are pretty crazy, but granted they are slow as hell at 57
  2. Tigershark87

    Where are my "Free" Santa Boxes?

    Wow I totally missed that.. man I feel stupid lol
  3. Tigershark87

    Ok let’s see those mega crates results

    Full Roll List below from my 20x Mega Purchase this morning: 1. 20x Large ~ $74.99 (12/11/2019 at 9:40am) * 5x Asian Lantern * 30x Scylla * 5x Asian Lantern * 20x NY Streamer * 5x Spring Sky * 12.5k Coal * 30x Hydra * 20x NY Streamer * 30x Red Dragon * 30x Wyvern * Ship: Tier 6 Huanghe * 5x Asian Lantern * 12.5k Coal * 30x Red Dragon * 30x Dragon * 20x NY Streamer * 5x Spring Sky * 2,000 Doubloons * Ship: Tier 6 Warspite * 12.5k Coal * 1x day premium
  4. Tigershark87

    Update 0.8.11 - Ringing in the New Year!

    Hopefully you're right, will save me a lot of time if I can buy directly.. like last 2 years.
  5. Tigershark87

    Don't buy the Steel campaign.

    Just bought, I though it looked fun :)
  6. I think I'm having the same problem.. I bought 6 things today, now it keeps saying "Payment Error" sigh
  7. Tigershark87

    Santa crate limit? Support broken.

    I actually have the same problem.. I tried to buy again and it says "Payment error. Please try again by selecting from the currently available payment methods.". Than when I went to go submit a ticket this morning about the issue it said "We're having technical difficulties" .. lmbo so that's cool. Spoke to Chase, card is clear to use, so I just assume its a WoWs side issue.
  8. Sounds like you have a memory leak or a ram issue, because the game definitely doesn't use 32GB of ram. I think at most it uses 5 or 6gb for me.
  9. As a Developer, glad you guys are finally making the switch.. I'd personally love to see: 1. Proper use of multi-core setups I see many people asking for a "new game engine", guess they forget that these things take years to build (if custom). Personal setup: Win 10 64 bit ~ 32GB DDR4 ram ~ GTX 1070
  10. Tigershark87

    Halloween Scavenger Event 2018 - Compendium

    You mean the TREATS text?
  11. Tigershark87

    Wargaming to Make Important Announcement

    See full video here: https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships I'm curious if they will stick around after the event.
  12. Tigershark87

    The music thread

    I'm mostly a fan of heavy metal / death metal .. Good music to work to Here's one band in particular that's pretty good .. and of course .. Demon Hunter:
  13. Tigershark87

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Wow .. Out of curiosity .. what sort of camo + flags were you running?
  14. Tigershark87

    Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Another excellent review.. Even as a new player, I always look forward to your new reviews :)