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  1. See full video here: https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships I'm curious if they will stick around after the event.
  2. You guys thought Wargaming was expensive

    I bought into the game in 2014 .. spent $160 on a ship.. but after waiting for a year.. I got bored and uninstalled the game.. Maybe once its releases in 5 years I'll check it out again.
  3. Winter Mystery?

    Reset worked for me .. I was wondering why it randomly showed up today..
  4. Neptune Sucks

    Sounds right, still have 5 years left on my student loans :/ Out of State tuition sucks
  5. It was around 1am this morning .. just finished playing a bunch of randoms in my Shiny Horse and figured what the heck I'll buy 20 more $3 crates for fun. Since starting WoWs I loved reading about the Atlanta and the Tirpitz so I was completely floored to find out I won both in the Santa Crates today. Completely made my week .. Although I'd say 95% of my battles are in BBs (Shiny Horse #1 go to ship), so I immediately took the Tirpitz into coop to practice .. and will likely keep her in there for another week or two until I feel confident about pulling her into randoms. I haven't played with the Atlanta yet, but look forward to trying it out sometime next week. Yes now I'm done with Santa Crates .. This was my 1st year doing them (since I started playing Sept 2017) .. I think I spent $150 .. but I'm very happy with everything I got - Thanks WG Screenshots below:
  6. Yes I bought the Shiny Horse during the Thanksgiving sale, and its now my #1 ship I play.. I try to do 5-8 randoms a day, and 100% of those battles are in my Shiny Horse. It's definitely the most fun I've had in a ship, and was my 1st premium purchase. You'll love her.
  7. Yay Rank 1

    Sweet great to know .. I usually only play BBs .. lately been taking the Bismark into Ranked.. I don't have the Amagi but I heard its a fun ship.
  8. The music thread

    I'm mostly a fan of heavy metal / death metal .. Good music to work to Here's one band in particular that's pretty good .. and of course .. Demon Hunter:
  9. Yay Rank 1

    Congrats, what ship did you do most of your battles in?
  10. I was bored tonight and decided to buy 20x of the $3 crates.. Walked away with 4 ships including the Tier 8 Tirpitz BB .. I'm so Fing amazing I got it.. have been wanting that ship since Day 1. Other items were tons of dragon flags, some camos, 1k doubloons. Very happy with my purchase.
  11. CV vs CV

    That's actually one of my dreams .... to see this in a battle I'm in .. maybe one day.
  12. Ya I guess I'm so used to playing my Shiny Horse that I've gotten used to her fast reloads and maneuverability .. So far when I play the bismark my aim is off at times, and I feel like the reload takes forever (although to be fair when I play my Dunkerque .. I feel like I'm reloading for an hour .. especially in the heat of battle) lol.
  13. Scharnhorst Fanclub

    That's awesome .. Those torp hits are always so satisfying .. especially when you're brawling with enemies. I love getting up close and dealing tons of damage. I actually received my 1st ever Kraken a few weeks ago in my Shiny Horse .. and last night I came close to getting another (4 sunk) on Two Brothers map .. but alas as you're aware you become a magnet for plane torps
  14. Hey Guys, I just unlocked Tier 8 this week and have a shiny new Bismark .. playing with it will take some time to learn .. especially considering MOST of my battles are in my T7 Shiny Horse. For those that have the Bismark and Tirpitz .. Do you have any playing preference for one over the other? Is it worth buying the Tirptiz (ie: Do you believe it gives a somewhat better advantage over the Bismark)? Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks and Happy New Year!
  15. Scharnhorst...2 questions?

    Hi, I bought the Shiny Horse during thanksgiving and now its pretty much the only ship I play.. I love it. 1. Eh it would be nice to have, but I believe the ship is pretty good without it. 2. I actually only use the fighter plane, comes in WAY more handy than additional range. 3. When I first bought the ship I went with faster traverse speed but than re-speced to use decreased dispersion and very happy about that choice.