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  1. The Atlanta is OP

    My friend loves the Atlanta too, I'm very tempted to buy her. Although I love shooting at the Atlanta in my Shiny Horse
  2. Vampire Contest mission

    I finished the vampire campaign yesterday, I did all 4 parts in my T7 Scranhorst .. took only a few days so wasn't so bad. Here's what I did: Part 1: Focused on scenarios and randoms Part 2: Focused on coop (easy wins) Part 3: Focused on randoms + flags for bonuses Part 4: Focused on randoms + coops Good luck!
  3. I don't know how others play, but I really like to be aggressive and push into the enemy (obviously with some tactical sense) .. Most of the time when I do this, other ships will follow to support, and most of the time we will roll the enemies. Although I hate when we're pushing and some players get scared and run away .. than everything target focuses on me and I die :( I still have a fun time regardless, I don't play for stats, I just play for fun. I would say 100% of the time, I play with my T7 Shiny horse
  4. My friend told me about the awesome time he had last year with the santa crates.. I of course am new to this game (Sept 2017), but will eagerly buy some santa crates this year (pending an review by others of course)
  5. Dear Santa

    That's probably true .. I tried playing it a few times and there were some REALLY salty people in chat.. So that totally turned me off from playing the CV. Now I just play with my Shiny Horse .. :)
  6. I guess this is what nuked me the other night .. I was playing my Scranhorst and some planes nuked me for 20k damage .. my poor baby :(
  7. Fun Ships

    I recently bought the Scranhorst about 2 weeks ago.. (my 1st premium ship purchase) and its been absolutely amazing.. She's the reason I play this game more now.. Best purchase I've made in this game :) Although I am tempted to buy the Atlanta, maybe for Christmas :)
  8. I haven't been playing this game for very long (since late Sept 2017) .. but I love playing my Scranhorst .. although sometimes I think this game should be called "Island Simulator" .. Most of the time when I push into the enemy, my teammates either hide behind islands or run away .. so that sucks.. BUT when they do push with me.. we totally roll the enemy.. and its glorious
  9. I personally hate AMD .. I used to like them when I was building my rigs in early 2000s.. but after experiencing the Core 2 Duo in 2006 I never looked back. The system I just built can handle anything I can throw at it .. and than some.. Plus its not just graphic + video editing, I also play games on it ( of course ). Of course this is just my opinion.. I know some people LOVE AMD and hate Intel .. so I guess its a constant battle
  10. Premium Ship Review: HMAS Vampire

    Thanks for the awesome review :) I'm on Part 2 of the mission.. working my way up.
  11. Just upgraded my rig actually (I try to build something new every 5 years). Case: Corsair 900D (this thing is massive, can probably fit a small child in it) Processor: Intel i7-7700k Motherboard: Gigabyte Z270X-Ultra Gaming Ram: 32GB DDR4 Graphics: Geforce GTX 970 FTW edition Boot Drive: 250GB Samsung Evo 850 Data Drive: 2 TB Western Digital (7.2k rpm) Standard DVD Drive Power Supply: Thermaltake 1000w Windows 10 Pro With this new build, I opted to do just standard air cooling, with exception to watercooling the CPU via Corsair. I do heavy graphic and video editing for my job, which is why I opted for the 7700k+32GB of ram. Other games I play - CSGO, Sniper Elite 4, Tom Clancy's The Division, DOOM, Killing Floor 2. This build should future proof me for awhile... Only thing I may do in 2-3 years is upgrade the graphic card, but otherwise good to go.
  12. Thanks for the information, this is very helpful :)
  13. Well said.. I convert XP from my premium ships so every little bit of extra XP I can get helps :)
  14. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Another excellent review.. Even as a new player, I always look forward to your new reviews :)
  15. This thread is pretty depressing.. I'm still a fairly new player .. and would hate for my ship to be randomly taken over by somebody.. just because I'm not AS GOOD as the guy who plays this game MUCH longer than me. Even though I'm still "new" I do my best each game to sink ships, spot enemies, take control points, defend control points etc ..