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  1. ChthoIIy

    Help with Bismark/Team Play

    If you are in a Bismarck and it is Tier X game. In the early game, use HE to burn the BBs. This is becuz almost all the CA/CL at tIer IX or X has 27mm + Armor Belt. When you are in a flotilla with you teemmate, use your hydro to help you team. In the late game, you can do some rushes and pushes. If you met a BB face to face, juts ram. If you met a CA covered with 27mm+ armor, use HE first. When is it close enough with good angle. Aim the A Turret.
  2. ChthoIIy

    D.T. is alone.

    I turned my stats into private. If possible, plz stop sending me messages inviting me to a Clan.
  3. ChthoIIy

    New to carriers? Things you should know

    cv is not fun...