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  1. CageyBee1954

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.2

    Are we going to get free commander skill changes, because of the Radio Location commander skill change?
  2. CageyBee1954

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

  3. CageyBee1954

    Cannot connect to WOWS

    Double clicking on WorldofWarships.exe connects. The WG console has the log on issue.
  4. CageyBee1954

    Take Command Tuesday - Your Warship

    Double clicking on WorldofWarships.exe connects.
  5. CageyBee1954

    Take Command Tuesday - Your Warship

    Can you guys check out the connection issue people are having.
  6. CageyBee1954

    Cannot connect to WOWS

    I cannot connect either. Web site connection to WoWS is slow too. My internet connection performance is working great but not to WoWS.
  7. Everyone should just go out in Minotaur's to counter all the CV players padding their stat's right now.
  8. CageyBee1954

    Salem vs. Des Moines

    I really regret getting the Salem.
  9. Why is the Le Terrible in the RN Directives if it is not available?
  10. CageyBee1954

    Update 0.7.9 Bug Report

    I have found Nvidia updater crashes the game. If you have a Nvidia graphics card right click the green Nvidia icon in the Windows Taskbar and click exit before starting the game. Sometimes it comes on by itself and will crash the game. Just turn it off again. Lot's of people have this issue. Neither company seems to want to fix the issue. It has been going on for over a year and seems to get worse after updates.
  11. CageyBee1954

    Update 0.7.9 Bug Report

    The Ship Building Yard discount did not apply when I bought a re-searchable ship yesterday in credits. I did get the 3rd Anniversary discount in credits. Shouldn't have both discounts been applied?
  12. Basically players that never spend money are being rewarded. These are not necessarily new players. I'm putting my wallet away for a long time. My commitment to support the company is gone. I did not have to buy any of the virtual products in the past and I don't have to in the future. I am now a play for free customer.
  13. CageyBee1954

    Legendary Upgrade

    Shimakaze Legendary Upgrade is a severe NERF. 30 second traverse speed is really bad.
  14. CageyBee1954

    Are Legendary Upgrades Worth the Detriments?

    The Shimakaze Accelerated Torpedo Reload is unusable. It take 30 seconds to move 180 degrees. The spec says it should decrease the speed by 80%. If the speed is decreased or the time is increase by 80% it should be 12.8 seconds to move 180 degrees. How do you get someone at WG to fix this? Player Support says there is no issue.