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  1. CageyBee1954

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    If I used 1 captain to grind up a line using 500 gold to retrain at each ship originally, reset the line, and then use that captain again to research the line again will I have to retrain that captain on each ship? Do I have to purchase each ship again in credits? If this is the case that would put the price of the Colbert of at least $122.56. It will be even more expensive if I reset commander skills with gold.
  2. CageyBee1954

    Update 0.8.5. Feedback and Performance

    In battle the Clan Tag on the Clan Patch shows up as a knot. Same thing with an enemy patch that kills player.
  3. CageyBee1954


    This change is a step in the right direction.
  4. CageyBee1954

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.2

    Are we going to get free commander skill changes, because of the Radio Location commander skill change?
  5. CageyBee1954

    Premium Shop in February: Alaska

    If there was only two tiers per battle set up by matchmaker I might be interested in a T8 ship. A T8 ship is almost always going to be up against many T10 ships. I think WG would sell way more T7 and T8 premium ships if there was only 1 tier of separation in battle.
  6. CageyBee1954

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    Bring stealth back for DD's. This is a video game that should be fun not annoying. Make a limit to 1 CV per team. Fix the upper tier IJN CV's so they are not "seal clubbing".
  7. CageyBee1954

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

  8. CageyBee1954

    Cannot connect to WOWS

    Double clicking on WorldofWarships.exe connects. The WG console has the log on issue.
  9. CageyBee1954

    Take Command Tuesday - Your Warship

    Double clicking on WorldofWarships.exe connects.
  10. CageyBee1954

    Take Command Tuesday - Your Warship

    Can you guys check out the connection issue people are having.
  11. CageyBee1954

    Cannot connect to WOWS

    I cannot connect either. Web site connection to WoWS is slow too. My internet connection performance is working great but not to WoWS.
  12. Everyone should just go out in Minotaur's to counter all the CV players padding their stat's right now.
  13. Go to the container screen then click on the large Santa Claus containers button on left side of the screen.
  14. I bought 20 of the Big Container package and received a T5, a T6, camo, flags and gold. It had minimal value. I feel violated on the 5 Mega Container package that was flags and camo. WG has made this gambling if there is the possibility of no value being awarded. Everything in the Mega packages I received can be acquired in game for free, so there is no monetary value. Is that legal in Texas?