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  1. CageyBee1954

    How are italian BBs?

    Not one good feature on the Italian BB's. Weak inaccurate guns. Slow and fragile. If you like to make water splashes near enemy ships these are the ships for you.
  2. CageyBee1954

    Armory. Italian Battleships

    This ship line is the worst in the game so far. I have wasted 3000 doubloons on them for bundles. SAVE YOUR TIME and MONEY!
  3. CageyBee1954

    Does anyone else feel ripped off lately?

    My Flint is trash now. I am pissed off about the Moskva camo. WG should at least give those of us that spent money on the camo on the replacement T10 camo on the tech tree for when we get the ship. Wallet is now closed for WoWS. People who don't spend money on the game get rewards and those of us who do support WG by spending money get screwed. Great marketing plan.
  4. CageyBee1954

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.3

    Any chance Khabarovsk will get a buff in 0.9.3 or 0.9.4? It really needs it.
  5. CageyBee1954

    clan battles bugging

    I put a ticket into support.
  6. CageyBee1954

    clan battles bugging

    Shows high ping rate error in the calendar. Shows more than 7 invited to division in right column of no division clan chat window. Is the connection from NA to EU down for Clan Battles?
  7. CageyBee1954

    Reporting SuperTesters?

    Today I had a SuperTester in a Smaland to closely shadow me and use my ship as a screen to stop shells as he drew fire from the enemy. I there anyway to report SuperTesters with unsporting behavior other than the Karma system or are they supposed to test cheating tactics?
  8. CageyBee1954

    Upcoming Schedule

    If the Italian battleships and destroyers are as bad as the Italian cruisers they should just cancel those projects now.
  9. CageyBee1954

    I can't get into battle to play

    Cannot connect to the server.
  10. CageyBee1954

    [ALL] ModStation

    Update gave corruption error had to install and reinstall.
  11. CageyBee1954

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    If I used 1 captain to grind up a line using 500 gold to retrain at each ship originally, reset the line, and then use that captain again to research the line again will I have to retrain that captain on each ship? Do I have to purchase each ship again in credits? If this is the case that would put the price of the Colbert of at least $122.56. It will be even more expensive if I reset commander skills with gold.
  12. In battle the Clan Tag on the Clan Patch shows up as a knot. Same thing with an enemy patch that kills player.
  13. CageyBee1954

    Cannot connect to WOWS

    Double clicking on WorldofWarships.exe connects. The WG console has the log on issue.
  14. CageyBee1954

    Take Command Tuesday - Your Warship

    Double clicking on WorldofWarships.exe connects.
  15. CageyBee1954

    Take Command Tuesday - Your Warship

    Can you guys check out the connection issue people are having.