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  1. Kaigun_Chusa

    The multiple cv games need to stop

    Which is perfectly fine. Sorry if some peoples' preferences don't coincide with yours. Deal with THAT.
  2. Kaigun_Chusa

    Cvs should not be in tier 4 matches

    Ha ha ha. I play only Hosho. I am still not very good player, but I like Hosho. AA no stop me. Boats are helpless. Me have big fun.
  3. Kaigun_Chusa

    CV's are Awesome

    I like play CV Hosho. Torpedo helpless boats, make them run away. Powerful.
  4. Kaigun_Chusa

    This video explains all...

    People who need to feel superior and were not born lucky have three choices. They can get gud in show business or Wall Street, they can get gud in professional sports, or they can sit in Mom basement playing video game. Games are just games. Life is not a game.
  5. Kaigun_Chusa

    A message to all CV-haters

    Wargaming is not going to remove CV. So sorry.
  6. Kaigun_Chusa

    Thank you Jingles.

    Jingles makes boring video. Yuro makes funny video. Yuro is CV unicum on Asia server (Stratmania) and N America (Eurobeat). Watch Yuro to see real CV video.
  7. Kaigun_Chusa

    A message to all CV-haters

    Does not matter. WG Company is not going to remove CV, so there will always be CV player. Too bad.
  8. Kaigun_Chusa

    A message to all CV-haters

    But ants don't rage in game chat when you torpedo bomb them or scatter like scared rabbits! CV more fun.
  9. Kaigun_Chusa

    A message to all CV-haters

    Ha ha, I'm only new now...but getting gooder. That why I play only T4. Does not matter, CV in game still panics regular boats. Fun to see them squirm when torpedo bomber comes.
  10. Kaigun_Chusa

    A message to all CV-haters

    I don't care if people hate CV. They make me lol. WG Company put CV in game, so deal with it. Complain all you want, but I will play CV and nothing but WG can stop me, and they won't. Too bad if you no like it. Bow down to the mighty Kido Butai or go play different game.
  11. I am terrible CV player, but I still play only Hosho only in Random because how else get gooder? Coop no help because bot AA and dodge is better than humans. So I play Hosho in Random every day. I spot and chase lolibote with rockets and torpedo BB. I sail everywhere and make enemy chase me whole match. It is fun for me and you can't stop me from playing. Too bad if other botes no like it. If no like it go play other games.
  12. Ha, moar fat targets for real aircraft carrier of Kido Butai.
  13. Kaigun_Chusa

    deadliest ships in the game**

    Mighty Nihon kubo Hosho! Scourge of all who dare defy Imperiaru Kido Butai. Banzai!
  14. Welcome to World of Kido Butai! Play Hosho, Hosho, and moar Hosho! Fill the skies with unstoppable torpedo bombers, and cover the sea bed with the bodies of dead botes and make them wish they never installed the game! Everybody play CV or die! Banzai Kido Butai!
  15. Kaigun_Chusa

    What's your most dis-liked feature

    Hosho need moar torpedo! Moar rocket! Moar bomb! Moar Hosho!