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  1. Kaigun_Chusa

    Yubari should really receive a buff.

    Yubari is one of my favorite ships, so I wouldn't complain about a bit of a buff here or there. Better torp firing angles would be my wish, because going to the 6-gun main battery would be an AA nerf. She's one of the few ships at T4 capable of making life utterly miserable for CV's. I love her.
  2. Kaigun_Chusa

    CV's at tier 4

    Running a Yubari with CE and Superintendant (for the extra DFAA use) is a joy in T4 CV matches. Perfect for supporting DD's at range and trolling hapless CV drivers.
  3. Kaigun_Chusa

    How to adapt to cvs

    I know, right? People have ports full of ships are no more than target drones now. Talk about planned obsolescence! Nice one, WG.
  4. Kaigun_Chusa

    You can guarantee a game with no CVs

    Bring in on, Skippy. Killing flying toasters is fun and easy. Oh, watch out for that nerf bat!
  5. Kaigun_Chusa

    A letter to DDs about trying to snipe CVs

    Best-in-tier CV hunter is full AA-specced Yubari. Hunting Langleys is fun.
  6. No, they won't. This ain't the only rodeo in town, pardner, just the one I'm riding in for now. When they send the clowns into PvE, it'll be time to sing "Happy Trails".
  7. Kaigun_Chusa

    Thought of a way to ease the CV tension a little

    I would love to see submarines as CV hunters.
  8. That is incorrect. The Co-op dance floor is blissfully glass-free. As long as there is Co-op, there is an escape. If that changes, that's another bridge to cross.
  9. As many times as it takes I guess. Fun is a unique personal experience. Some folks just can't understand that and try to argue, which is silly because noone ever convinced anyone that dancing barefoot on broken glass is fun. The whole "Adapt!" mantra reeks of Stockholm Syndrome. I choose to escape. I play only Ops and Co-op. My fun, my time, my money. Mic drop.
  10. Kaigun_Chusa

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    This is true, and it is fixable. If WG would make CV against CV interaction and fleet air defense more rewarding then CV would not have to spend 100% of their time just being a nuisance to everyone else.
  11. Kaigun_Chusa

    COOP No CVs But extra BB?

    Hunting down Langleys with a Isokaze in Randoms is good sport.
  12. Kaigun_Chusa

    CVs in Co-op

    Honestly, I don't waste my time on 2-CV matches anymore, especially if there are green bots too. I plot an autopilot course and go make a sandwich or check my email, and start a new match when the "Defeat" screen loads. Sad but true.
  13. Kaigun_Chusa

    There are no hard counters to CVs

    Nothing odd about it. This game is an arcade shooter with pretty boats, nothing more. We have dozens of ships that carried radar IRL but don't in the game. We have unlimited torpedo reloads on destrpyers that IRL carried none. We have radar that sees through rocks, all because it's a game. I can verify from experience the old description of real naval warfare: Days and weeks of boredom interspersed with moments of stark terror. It isn't much fun.
  14. Kaigun_Chusa

    How often do CVs die last, or at all.

    The dead players are free to exit to port and play another ship or walk the dog. They don't have to hang around if they choose not.
  15. Kaigun_Chusa


    You are absolutely correct. However, this is far from the first case of fantasy-meets-marketing.