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  1. HMS_Tamar

    Stats and thoughts on Killer Whale Sub

    Most of the subs are based on model of real design. Seelowe is obviously modeled after the type XXI u boat. 6 front tubes and mast mounted AA gun is unmistakable. (which can do 17kn underwater in real life, which much much better than others at the time.) Barracuda is modeled after HMS X1 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_X1 Unfortunately it is not the hilarious M1 with a 12" gun. Zipper only carries two tubes, the only match I could find are the WW1 vingate RN A, B, C classes or the IGN UB I The killer whale looks like one of the series of WWII USN submarine classes, of which 6 front tube, 4 rear tubes is typical. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gato-class_submarine Gerfalcon is just weird and I have no idea what it is based on.
  2. HMS_Tamar

    CV Rework Feedback

    The current CV is quite representative of how powerful CV was during WW2. That is to say it is dominanting, or more accurately, it is a force multiplier. Fleets with a competent CV can do 2 important things. 1. Vision control 2. Sniping key ships of the enemy fleet. Even an under strength CV can be incredibly useful ( e.g. Battle of Mattapan) One very important thing is that the combined effect is to force enemy fleet into air defense posture which further limits its ability to search and engage own fleet; Any lone scouting fleet could be sunk. In-game wise, there are some well known symptoms of this power. 1. Perma spotting of Torp boats 2. Tanking/charging BB getting murdered Even the counter to CV, AA cruisers, will have difficulty dealing with air spotting, which takes away some freedom of movement. Unfortunately that's the way it is in WW2. Just look at the long list of ship sunk by CV in WW2. CV is indeed OP, but it should be. That is why mirror match making makes sense. I don't mind playing CV or getting nuke by CV because it was how naval warfare works! The bad part of the rework is not really about the removal of RTS UI, it is about one squadron in air at a time, with idiotic attacking profile, infinite hanger size, and complete removal of fighter game play. It simply means that this rework is just a plain removal of CV, and replacing it with plane squadrons. I am particularly sad about RN CV being added after the bloody rework. RN CV was the pioneer in Fighter direction using radar, yet we may never see those Sea Spitfire, Sea Hurricane, and Fulmar as player controlled squadron. Anyway, it's WG's game, they can do what ever they want. lol