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  1. MajorEnglush


    Am I the only one who doesn't mind being bottom tier? I mean, dont get me wrong -- I get the complaints. But coming from tanks, being bottom tier in this game is soooo much better, IMHO. (That being typed, definitely going to run some VIs tonight and see if I, too, can be blessed. )
  2. MajorEnglush

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    I play my Tirp like a DD in co-op. Gonna need to learn how to play it correctly in randoms at some point. The Atlanta is also a blast thanks to the dakadaka and lack of range (the latter of which is tougher to deal with in randoms, especially since you become target #1 once spotted).
  3. "Alexa, show me people who have apparently never read, or don't understand, Wargaming's Terms of Service."
  4. MajorEnglush

    Admiral Hipper: what can I expect?

    Won't be on tonight -- wifey gets the PC for Tropico Thursdays. Will most certainly be on tomorrow. Oh, and seems like you'll be fine in her.
  5. MajorEnglush

    Admiral Hipper: what can I expect?

    I actually like mine, tbh (and have kind of a comical win rate in it somehow). You're gonna see tons of Xs, so it really depends on MM. When bottom tier, don't get aggressive, of course -- be where you can use it's good range without being the juiciest target. Top tier you can certainly help your DDs a tad more, but still want to use your range when you can -- shell arcs are decent. You can brawl other same or lower tier cruisers a bit if you angle, but I haven't had much success with that. I could just be bad at it, though, so your mileage may vary. :-) It is surprisingly maneuverable with just a speed flag, and that hydro is great for both rushing DDs and screening for your BBs (especially bottom tier when you know a red DD is lurking--usually a Shima flanking ) Built in IFHE lets you get good raw HE damage on BBs, and the AP is OUTSTANDING on broadside cruisers -- I blapped a Kutozov for 28k in one salvo, then finished him with the next. (If chat was any indication, he was...displeased.) It is even good on broadside BBs who are damage saturated, so keep that in mind. Expert Loader is really great for your captain for this reason. Again, I have found it enjoyable and hope the Roon is similar. (And lemme know if ya wanna div up -- I can run my Benson. )
  6. This is the most I've earned so far -- decent Molotov game. Have yet to get a cool million, but I don't play my tier 8 premiums from 2017 Xmas in randoms yet (though I will do so more now that I've gotten to 8 in the tech tree). Overall, my Cesare is my most consistent earner. Probably average about 500k net a game in it, even though I'm horribly average in it
  7. MajorEnglush

    WG smoke is the dumbest idea ever!

    Did someone say smoke? Oh, wait...
  8. MajorEnglush

    Now I remember why I sold my Nurnberg

    Good to hear you're doing better in it. She's great a kiting away and burning everything to the ground. As you know, just don't get shot. I averaged more than 50k damage a game in mine. No idea how.
  9. MajorEnglush

    Best ships for ranked t6

    Gonna give it a go tonight cycling through: T-61 -- Does nothing exceptional but everything well. Plus, lol torp reload. Farragut -- For lolibote funsies. Would be #1 DD if T-61 didn't exist. Molotov -- Not 100% sure it'll work due to being soooo squishy and only YOLO torps, but I adore mine and have like a 70% win rate in it. Plus, 180mm will poop on everything it meets. Leander -- Smoke + heal + hydro is good, and it is strong against DDs. But it gets citadeled by sideways glances and the AP against BBs is tough. Will really only work well with, like, maybe one BB per team. Not sure it's a good option. Warspite -- Can wreck all it meets, gets RN print-a-ship heal, and cruiser repair. I'm just not very good in mine. Still gonna try it, tho. In the end, the 61 will probably get most of the work. Just wish I had a 19-pt captain for...well, anything.
  10. MajorEnglush

    Grats on best Youtube add for games WG!

    "Have fun playing a survival minigame." *thinks back to a Thursday Benson game in which I was radared/hydro'd behind an island in a cap for LITERALLY 5 straights minutes* Can confirm: ad is accurate.
  11. MajorEnglush

    DD's in coops

    I'd suggest 2.5 - 3 km given that bots are captained by Miss Cleo -- they're so psychic WG should have them spit out lottery numbers. Oh, and I just got a Sims and have been playing with the torp options in co-op. Turns out, if you launch those 49kph sea mines from long range and while unspotted, the bots don't seem to have any clue and will eat a rather comical number of them. Try it. It's hilarious.
  12. MajorEnglush

    Do not ask questions!!!

  13. MajorEnglush

    Is it real?

    Please do some research on the U.S. Patent system and how it is used on products/services/concepts that companies have no intention of ever using. It is called protecting intellectual property and it happens *all the time* -- not as rarely as you claim. In fact, IP makes up a ton of a company's value in a lot of cases, which is why they will happily file as many patents as they can (it's not as hard as you think). Would be nice if folks stopped spouting off about things they know nothing about, all while acting as if they do.
  14. If this game is pay to win, why hasn't OP tried paying to get some wins? 🧐🤔
  15. Noice! The DeGrasse is one of my faves. Kinda need IFHE but it can work without it. The T-61 is also fun -- turrets turn stupid slow, but lol torp reload makes up for it. Enjoy!!