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  1. Yarrrr! The pirate crew be sailin'!

    +1 for Lazy Town.
  2. I'm glad someone is doing well in it, because I just cannot get it to work. The shells are floaty, the accuracy is garbage, the guns take a year to traverse, you get citadelled from any angle, the AP sucks unless right on top of them... I can't find a single redeeming quality and am tempted to free xp though it.
  3. +1. This is the only scenario in which I don't have five stars. Will give the Atlanta a try tonight. Guessing the New Orleans is a bad choice due to slow reload...?
  4. As a cruiser main, I don't personally find CVs to be much of an issue. But that doesn't mean they're good for the game in their current form. The biggest issues, IMHO, are: - Some low tier ships literally have no AA. Someone pleaae explain to me how that is a good experience for new players, and doesn't encourage clubbing by CV players. It's absurd that a ship can face another for which it has no counter. - The skill disparity between a good and bad CV player is M.A.S.S.I.V.E. A team can survive a bad player in any other class, but a bad CV player almost guarantees a loss. - I see no way to balance their actual gameplay without breaking the game. They are incredibly hard to play well as of now, which is a huge part of the skill disparity problem. But a rework that makes them too easy to play will flood the queue with CVs, probably giving MM a coniption fit and producing enough salt that the forums will be purchased by Morton. The only thing they could do is make it so boring to play that no one bothers any more (removing fighters, all auto drops all the time, buffed AA for all my merry botes, etc.). Given that there is no way to turn back time (just ask Cher) and never introduce them in the first place, WG is in a no-win situation.
  5. Who have you seen in game

    Ran into the ray of sunshine that is @OstwindFlakpanzer last night. We lost our DDs early, much to his apparent chagrin if chat was any indication, and he made sure to continually motivate us after he died by telling us what to do while we were in the middle of doing it. We pulled out a win despite being down by several hundred points about midway through, and I'm sure his helpful words in chat were a big reason why. Protip: maybe mix in some decaf.
  6. HSF Graf Spree

  7. HSF Graf Spree

    I didn't know I had the cat commander because I had the special camo thingy unchecked. So been there, done that. No idea where, exactly, that is in the settings, however, and I'm on my phone so can't give ya much help there. Just about 99% sure that's the issue.
  8. HSF Graf Spree

    Make sure you don't have the anime camo turned off in settings.
  9. Doesn't what you're describing already exist in the form of clan battles...? Honestly. Not trolling. That is pretty much exactly what you proposed. Also, this was tried with another WG property: World of Tanks console. They had a special queue for 7-tank platoons that would match up against others. And it was a hot mess, as everyone found a way to abuse it. We would take 5 TOGs and a pair of T67s (then called T49) to spot and abuse pref MM. No one could out DPM our insane HP pool because we would often face a tier V platoon. Once it was a IV. And that's assuming we ever got into a battle -- it took for.ev.er. The same would happen here: folks would find an exploit (hello, CVs!) or take nothing but broken OP botes, all while waiting forever and draining the main queue. TL,DR: Been there, done that, so no.
  10. Weekend spree

    Got the Yorck. I'd like a second or so shaved off the reload...which, it turns out, happens when you get two-thirds of your HP removed by a Missouri and AR kicks in. Honestly, though, seems like a bit of a sleeper at VII. Not as strong as the Nuremberg at VI (HOLY CRAP I LOVE THAT SHIP) but good.
  11. Because not everyone has tier X ships ... ? Why not have it at a tier where pretty much anyone can participate? Unless preventing newer players from participating is part of the plan...which, given the salt that ranked play already generates, I can kinda understand. Don't get me wrong--I can see the argument for Xs at the top, just think it is a tad exclusionary (which, again, might be intentional).
  12. Never done ranked before, but might flirt with it a bit this time. Well, at least until (or, rather, if) I make it to the tier where Xs come into play since WG seems intent on locking newer players out of the higher levels. Not sure why they can't make it tier VI, tbh. It is an incredibly balanced tier IMHO.
  13. My last post on this forum

    Is this now the new thread to discuss fonts...?