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  1. MajorEnglush

    Alright Squids, test time!

    Mr. Conway's password...?
  2. MajorEnglush

    Alright Squids, test time!

    Inb4 "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine." Might related to the ship or its history (like the Cesar salad on the GC). Regardless, it should have been "Epstein didn't kill himself."
  3. MajorEnglush

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    MajorEnglush NA Bote of the year: Well, the Smolensk is the only one I have other than the Zep B (which is H I L A R I O U S in PvE thanks to those lol secondaries) and I just got it like a month ago. It has been a blast in PvE so far, and makes good coin there, too. Can't wait to take it into randoms (which I will once I get a tier X tech tree ship; seems wrong to play a tier higher than I have earned, ya know?).
  4. It's a coal ship. How is it a cash cow?
  5. You will either come up 300xp short in what should have been the last game in a ship, or get 6x the xp you actually needed to finish the grind.
  6. MajorEnglush

    Abysmal at the game.

    The Operation of the week can be done solo. The others require a div of at least 4, IIRC. Most are tier VI, but one, Narai, is tier VII (and is a freaking ATM machine for my Atlanta -- I can clear nearly a million silver with a really good match and nothing but credit flags and camo, lol. ) Note that DDs are a poor choice if you don't know what the op is, so stick with a cruiser or BB. You can play them more than once, but note that you only get the rewards once for each star level. Example: you won't get a day of premium or captain or whatnot each time you five-star an operation.
  7. MajorEnglush

    Abysmal at the game.

    I have about 1,500 random battles and STILL feel clueless a lot of the time, lol. A tip that helps me: I run the first few games of every new boat in Co-OP (a.k.a. PvE) mode. It let's me earn some cheap XP and silver, though a lot less than randoms, and get used to the way it handles. In fact, Co-OP in general is good practice, a great way to complete ops that require wins (just ensure they allow co-op for completion), or just a nice chill and relax mode. Co-OP tips #1. Don't run premium consumables. Games are too short most of the time, so the cost-to-benefit is poor. #2. Avoid playing high tiers unless you have silver camos or flags to burn. Repair and service costs seem to be the same for co-op as randoms*, so you can very easily lose money unless you absolutley wreck face. (*Can anyone confirm this?) #2 Caveat: Premium ships at tier VIII can make good coin. (I play mine in PvE since I won them in 2017, way before I was ready for higher tier randoms. Still don't feel comfy taking them out, lol.) But less than randoms by a factor of, oh, probably 50-60% maybe a bit less. 3. Bots have Torpedo Sense and will start to dodge the second your fish get wet. Yolo torps are both necessary and hilarious. 3b. Friendly bots will send torps whether or not you're in the way. Let them YOLO. And one will ALWAYS ram an enemy ship early in the game. A.L.W.A.Y.S. It is absurd. And, since you didn't have enough to read already ... General Tips: 1. Division with better players. They can teach you so much if you're willing to listen and admit mistakes. 2. While most folks will main a class (i.e., 50% of my games are in cruisers) make sure to play all ships types eventually. It keeps your mind fresh on how to play the class so you can counter it in the other classes. 3. To reiterate what others have said: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT RUSH TO TIER X. I learned playing Console World of Tanks that X is not the end goal of a WG title. There is no end goal, other than to play and have fun. And if you're not having fun, stop playing for a while. The itch will return. Best of luck.
  8. Since you are a new player, a few tips when dealing with Wargaming: 1. Read the News page regularly, as it will explain things like the difference here between Premium crates and standard ones. 1a. Those crates are loot boxes. You are not guaranteed to get a ship. Only buy them if you are okay with the worst thing they offer. If you truly want a certain ship, just buy it and save yourself the disappointment. 2. Read the descriptions in-game carefully. For example, there are several captains available in the Armory for like 3k+ doubloons, and they have different ship names attached to them. THEY DO NOT COME WITH SHIPS. It is just the captain and whatever else they threw in there. 3. Search the forums before making topics. This isn't in reference to your posts, but more of a general rule of thumb that will save you time and flaming down the road. I'm sure others have more suggestions, but those are a good start. Welcome, and hope your enjoy your stay.
  9. MajorEnglush

    Ships you love playing ATM

    I'm digging the Mogami with the 155s. Not sure why, but I just enjoy the heck out of it. Just...feel right, ya know? The Ishizuhki (sp?) is like a baby IJN-flavored Conq at tier IV. Granted, the shells go all over the place like a bunch of drunken toddlers, but the HE on it is hilarious. And while I should probably feel guilty for playing it, the Charleston is fun, though there are a LOT of CVs down at that tier range. I average like 40k damage a game, which seems a tad silly at tier 3 and only 9k less a game than the aforementioned Mogami, lololol.
  10. MajorEnglush

    FINALLY got my first 19 point captain!

    I'm gonna ban you from the clan for getting one before me. Honestly, though, congrats!
  11. MajorEnglush

    How many crates did it take you?

    Same. The only CVs I've played are up to tier VI in the US line, and I am EMBARRASSINGLY bad at them. It's why I keep it in co-op, as I am a huge liability to my team otherwise. Played the GZ a few times last night and, wow, its planes just melt. The DBs are hilarious when they hit, but that assumes the planes survive.
  12. MajorEnglush

    headphones w/ mic - does it work?

    Yes. We use it all the time because we don't have a Discord and/or people I div with don't use it. It works fine, tbh.
  13. MajorEnglush

    How many crates did it take you?

    We need to get ahold of someone at WG and make this happen.
  14. MajorEnglush

    How many crates did it take you?

    Opened two crates (the two at 250 dubs). Stuff I wanted? 0 Stuff I got? The Graf Zeppelin. Wanna trade? I'll take your Sims and you can have my GZ.
  15. MajorEnglush

    Bonus Code - Black Bundle - Working Out

    Except the fact the black ships are cheaper than their standard counterparts. At least they didn't so what console tanks did and release black versions with a 75% crew XP bonus each game.