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  1. MajorEnglush

    Anyone else having more fun in Legends?

    Ahhh...gotchya. Apologies for misunderstanding.
  2. MajorEnglush

    Anyone else having more fun in Legends?

    Not much to add, as SailorMoon has covered pretty much all of it. Legends is fun and I have no intention of ever coming back to PC given the absurd state of the game. Only thing I would add is that there are, in fact, national voice overs. (Check your settings -- they are in there.)
  3. MajorEnglush

    Tier VII California Buff Discussion Thread

    She also gets the spotter plane, which doesn't increase range but can (but doesn't always) give god tier dispersion. And I skipped captain inspirations because I didn't wanna confuse people. (The captain system is just so different over there. I like it, tbh.) They could buff the PC version by simply giving it that 30-sec reload (mine is I think 28...? Will have to check) and maybe another knot or two in speed (she turns surprisingly well for being so thicc). Or, hell, just drop her to tier VI. Can't imagine anyone would complain, lol.
  4. MajorEnglush

    Tier VII California Buff Discussion Thread

    It is 9v9, not 7v7, and 15 minutes is correct on the match timer. Other differences that affect gameplay You spawn about two grid squares closer to the enemy, so you're essentially insta-spotted on some maps Torps are fully loaded at the start of the match, so you really have to know torp ranges lest you get pre-torped back to port Many fewer captain skills, and most are min/max types of skills (e.g., better dispersion but slower rudder shift) Gun ranges are lower due to smaller maps Threats are probably less due to not having to face two tiers higher and no 18" guns like the PC version can face (Musashi and Georgia)
  5. MajorEnglush

    Tier VII California Buff Discussion Thread

    The Legends version of California is borderline brokenly OP. (It's my most played ship over there.) It's a tier V so it doesn't have to meet that many 16" (and no 18") guns, the lack of speed isn't as big of an issue due to condensed maps and spawns, and the accuracy is light years better. It is easily the best tier V BB on console (West Va. and Warspite come close, but aren't as consistent IMHO). And it's free to earn, so there's that. (Side note: Legends is stupidly fun and the game more balanced overall. The captains are OP in some cases and kinda pay-to-win for the special ones, but overall it is sooo much more enjoyable, IMHO.)
  6. The fact is that it'll probably be a while before everything shakes out and we get any clue of how things will progress moving forward. This will be a huge loss of institutional knowledge and it'll be a bit before they can recover. (Including financially, given that RU was by far the largest WoT server.) This was mostly likely done due to the sanctions (some people not being able to actually buy anything from WG given their main site takes you to a Russian webpage if you pay online, which is why I used PayPal), the alleged (though not confirmed) loss of the Hot Wheels deal with Warships Legends, and the fact the company leadership doesn't seem real happy about the goings on right now and are at least trying to appear to take a stand (and the correct one). Regardless, expect a lot slower development across the board for a bit. Shame it won't include the removal of subs...
  7. Because it is and always has been.
  8. MajorEnglush

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    I have 20 years of experience in corporate PR and this is quite possibly the worst response I've ever read from a company. Seriously. This is like a first draft written by an intern. No real apology. No addressing of the core issues. No real strategy or purpose behind it. Just...meaningless drivel. I mean, sure, Russian culture is one in which people don't admit mistakes (for decades, that'd get you sent to Siberia). But this is pathetic, even for y'all.
  9. MajorEnglush

    Yuro calls CC's monkeys

    Ah yes, we should definitely respect the thoughts of someone who wrote about "purging the Jews." Clearly just a simple difference of opinion. Some of you should just admit you have no issues with the racist and homophobic crap he posted because the excuses you're coming up with to defend him are pathetic.
  10. MajorEnglush

    Should I go back to the other game?

    I've started playing boats on console and have found it a LOT more fun. No nickel and diming -- they go after whales -- and no gimmicks all over the place. Also no rocket planes on CVs at all and all stats are private. Recommend it, tbh.
  11. MajorEnglush

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    This is the most spoiled and entitled take I've ever read on this board. Just...wow, lol.
  12. So...like I said, you didn't watch the video.
  13. I'll file this under "Tell me you didn't watch the video without actually telling me you didn't watch the video."
  14. I just discovered Boggzy -- decent player, super chill, funny, and my wife says he's my long lost brother (he and I look a lot alike...but he still has all his hair ). SeaRaptor is super chill and a good watch, too.
  15. MajorEnglush

    i do not think i am a good enough player for this game.

    The thing to remember is that games are supposed to be fun. So...are you having fun? If not, redfine what fun is for you personally. It might be meme divisions, playing a boat you love over and over, or making piles of silver. Find that, do it, forget the rest. Note that the game can become a bit too grindy and like work, so try to avoid that. (This is my issue right now, and why I've been playing the console version. I'm also MUCH better with a controller due to 25+ years of console experience.)