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  1. MajorEnglush

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    Pepsi is hot garbage. Not my fault your taste buds are broken. (Apoligies for the derailment. )
  2. MajorEnglush

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    https://www.boylanbottling.com/product/cane-cola/ That price is garbage, btw. Walmart carries the stuff. -- ON TOPIC: I own the Cesare and the thing needs a nerf and I'd be okay with it tbh. Reload and speed, perhaps...? IMHO, balance is more important. YMMV, offer not valid in all areas, etc.
  3. MajorEnglush

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    Excellent point about the options. They should have released it as a new product line vs full replacement. Oh, and I, too, was there and 14 at the time. My issue wasn't that it tasted bad -- it was better than Pepsi, IMHO -- but that it was...too much like Pepsi. Blind taste tests also proved people preferred it over the original (read the article -- it really is interesting IMHO). I prefer Boylan's now, as it is better with Sailor Jerry's.
  4. MajorEnglush

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    Per the EULA, they can change whatever they want, whenever they want. Now, that doesn't mean it's a smart business decision, but legally yeah -- they can nerf them into oblivion if they want. (Oh, and all the folks mentioning New Coke: people actually liked it better. A small group of grifters resistant to change, however, ensured its demise. Linky to Mother Jones. )
  5. MajorEnglush

    This WILL happen if they remove TK and TD!

    Sorry -- I was talking about World of Tanks. (I edited my post to reflect that.) I agree that the system boats has works and should be kept. Again, apologies for not making my initial post more clear.
  6. MajorEnglush

    This WILL happen if they remove TK and TD!

    I have 16,000+ battles in World of Tanks Console where there is no team damage. It is no big deal. At all. In fact, it's nice -- no arty team killing by shooting a tank you're face hugging, no shooting people trying to cap, etc. It takes literally nothing away from gameplay while removing the opportunity for some tool to troll teammates the whole game. I really don't get the complaints. NOTE: I like the way Warships handles team damage now and have no issues with it. I was more talking about tanks.
  7. They are doing this in World of Tanks Console and...it's not going like everyone thought. Games are over in 3-4 minutes, blowouts are more common, and none of the tanks were balanced to fit +/-1, so lights and OP premiums are wiping out everything in sight. Hell, the Gulio Cesare is already considered wildly OP. Now imagine that it never sees above tier VI. There is also player population issues on the NA and SEA servers, I'd imagine. So, basically, it's unworkable without them rebalancing literally EVERY ship and doubling server populations so queue times aren't absurd.
  8. MajorEnglush

    The NTC reset ( asking for clarification)

    I'm still trying to figure out why they thought NTC was the best way to get folks to play lower tiers. How about allowing missions to be done for tier III and above? A Ranked season at tier IV or V? Special events for tiers II through V? I can literally come with a dozen better ways, so not sure why the brain trust at WG didn't.* (*My suggestions don't involve whales spending hundreds of dollars for free xp conversion.)
  9. MajorEnglush


  10. MajorEnglush

    PSA: There is an actual ammunition limit!!!

    So, basically, you have the same ammo count in botes that the PZ V/IV has in tanks. Good to know.
  11. No, that is your choice and not a single person is forcing you to grind anything. If the Biz and TX are your fave ships, then just play those over and over and convert the XP. Find ships with similar styles you like and play those. Oh, and if you have ships in your port you don't like, why keep them? You can sell them, ya know? You honestly seem like someone who has no idea what he wants, tbh, other than have every ship you want just handed to you for no effort.
  12. So...he plays a ship he hated grinding for despite it having the exact same playstyle as the ones before it, and does so despite sucking at DDs and knowing X is unforgiving in terms of silver earnings. He then mentions the ships he enjoys playing -- Bismark and Texas -- and says he can't because...he has to grind ships he hates. Um...huh. Alrighty then.
  13. Um...not a single, solitary person anywhere outside of yourself is forcing you to grind anything. If you want to play the Biz and TX morr, then...play them. What's the issue here?