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  1. MajorEnglush

    Did OPS (Aegis) Exp change again?

    Lolwut Someone needs help with their comprehension, but it ain't me.
  2. MajorEnglush

    Did OPS (Aegis) Exp change again?

    My guess is that they are seeing a drop in numbers after the initial covid-rush and want people in randoms vs. any other mode. XP calcs don't get this totally borked on accident. They just don't.
  3. MajorEnglush

    Did OPS (Aegis) Exp change again?

    My guess is either that: a. The system is rewarding XP inversely. Now sure how that'd happen or work, and seems like it'd have to be a huge glitch in the coding given all the variables that go into XP calculations. b. Most likely is that damage to some of the ships just isn't being turned into XP. This seems most likely, as they can just set the value to that bot as 'null' or whatever. Thus, when you shoot it, sure it dies and you get the damage numbers, but the XP for that damage isn't applied. And from what folks are sharing, it seems like it's the last wave or two that is the issue -- if people dying early are getting XP, that means it is the later ships that have no XP given. And, yes, I am yanking this theory out of my bunghole. But...not sure what else would make sense. Doesn't seem like any player class is getting blessed (BB, CL, etc). Just not rewarded for the later-game damage. ADDING: The fact they have yet to respond makes me think WeeGee has no idea what, exactly, is going on...or does but knows it'll make them look bad.
  4. But how does that info give you an advantage? What guarantee do you have that a purple player will push with you (as someone else said was a reason to run this idiotic program) rather than turn and kite to farm more damage? I have seen a top-level streamer from a top clan literally throw his ship away -- and that of a rando teammate when they got focused after he died -- so that his division mate could farm more and improve WTR. But, per MMM, that purple player should have been trustworthy. If you see the purple players on the enemy team head your way, do you just turn and flee simply because they are purple? I am a okayish, blue level WN8 player in World of Tanks on console, and yet have a video of me outplaying the #2 ranked player on that system. If I had MMM on there, would i have even picked that fight? Do you YOLO a yellow player just because they are yellow? Refuse to help a teammate because they are red stats-wise? Do you see the issue yet with making up your mind on what to do based simply on MMM? While I agree that more info is almost always better, more of the wrong info is not.
  5. So having this info before a match does...what, exactly? Does it make you a better player? Does it teach you the skills you need to succeed at the game? Or does it make your mind up for you about a match, thus affecting how you play? Because that's what seems to happen most often: people will decide the game is lost before it is even played. It is why using them makes absolutely no sense to me. They are just more fodder for complainers.
  6. MajorEnglush

    Well the trial was nice... but I'm out

    Dude...you didn't come in here asking for advice. You came in here with 100% salty whining and complaining about how the game isn't Call of Duty with boats -- which you would have known had you done even 10 minutes of research -- and are now surprised by the reception you've received? Lol That being typed, some of us have offered you advice anyway, such as slowing down, learning your ships (i.e., keep your Brit cruisers in port until you learn more, as they are a high skill ceiling line due to AP only), and sticking to co-op for a while. Heck, if you stick around and want to division up sometime, let me know -- I'm a bit of n00b myself still and we can derp around lower tiers. Just send me a message. Remember: This game has no "end" or ultimate goals other than those you set for yourself. Good luck.
  7. MajorEnglush

    Well the trial was nice... but I'm out

    OP is correct that in-game tutorials don't really exist, which makes it difficult for those who just want to install and get right into a game. But, quite frankly, that's on OP for not doing his research about the game before downloading it. He (or she) also fell for the fatal flaw in this and other WG titles: thinking that racing up the tiers is the point. If they're still here, my advice is to slow the heck down. Derp around in lower tiers and co-op, get some free stuff via Twitch drops and loot, and don't be in such a damn rush.
  8. If WG doesn't have enough people to check reports manually, I've got some free time thanks to covid. Hit me up, Happa.
  9. As someone who played 16,000 matches on World of Tanks console -- which makes the PC version of tanks look perfectly balanced by comparison -- I don't understand the MM complaints in Warships. I really don't. Other than the concealment gap of DDs between tiers 7 and 8, and maybe HP pools, being bottom tier isn't bad at all. You can damage any ship you face, all while earning more XP. Would +/-1 be ideal? In tanks, 100% yes. In boats? IMHO, it really isn't necessary thanks to the mechanics of the game.
  10. MajorEnglush

    Another Week, another Chat Ban......

    What I got out of this: A mediocre player gets mad when teammates don't YOLO with him, so he gets toxic in chat and, thus, chat banned, but it is actually everyone else's fault. Suggestion for OP: Worry about yourself (especially getting more damage, kills, and living longer) and stop worrying about everyone else. Maybe, after a bit, you'll learn that you can have more than 7 reports a day (I get 9) and even enjoy the game more.
  11. The number of negative reactions to your OP prove that, no, sweetie, you've lost. The only reason you think you've "won" is because you've ignored the substantive issues people have mentioned that blow a huge hole in every argument you've made.
  12. This is how she operates on every topic. As far as subs go, they add exactly NOTHING of value to the game. DDs already have too much to do, and most are dead in the first few minutes anyway. Light cruisers have to over-expose themselves because of the idiotic way depth charges work, and most of them will die going after the subs. So once the only two classes that can counter subs are dead...what then? BBs can do nothing, not can heavy cruisers. I'm sure this will all make for some super engaging gameplay. Subs should stay in their own game mode if they are to be implemented at all. Otherwise, subs will finish what the CV rework started and drive away all but the most potato of players.
  13. You mean the "No BB" sign that seems to attract every damn BB on my teams? That sign?
  14. MajorEnglush

    A Bismarck with 250 Battles

    Thanks for reminding me of the forum's ignore feature, which I will now use to no longer see your C O N S T A N T whining on this forum.
  15. 1. You can equip det flags on literally any ship. 2. You're confusing being detonated with being dev struck.