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  1. I just discovered Boggzy -- decent player, super chill, funny, and my wife says he's my long lost brother (he and I look a lot alike...but he still has all his hair ). SeaRaptor is super chill and a good watch, too.
  2. MajorEnglush

    i do not think i am a good enough player for this game.

    The thing to remember is that games are supposed to be fun. So...are you having fun? If not, redfine what fun is for you personally. It might be meme divisions, playing a boat you love over and over, or making piles of silver. Find that, do it, forget the rest. Note that the game can become a bit too grindy and like work, so try to avoid that. (This is my issue right now, and why I've been playing the console version. I'm also MUCH better with a controller due to 25+ years of console experience.)
  3. MajorEnglush

    NoZoupForYou officially removed from the CC program

    Or, alternatively, consequences for being a moron.
  4. MajorEnglush

    So WG wth is this?

    There is a reason I find myself playing boats more often on console than on PC -- game is much more balanced and not chock full of idiotic gimmicks.
  5. MajorEnglush

    So WG wth is this?

    That air strike isn't from a CV. It is an air strike consumable on the new Dutch line. And it is clinically stupid as of now.
  6. I highly doubt you're carrying anything other than some grudges. Tier 7 has great variety and some very fun ships. In fact, I'm actually going to play some this time around -- usually avoid ranked, but like how they've set this up.
  7. If there is no team damage, WHY IS THERE A PENALTY? It should be like Warships Legends on console -- nothing happens. Just...nothing. Your torps just bonk their hull and die, shells do damage, and bumping hulls just slows you down (exactly like now, but with no damage). Why not do that? Why is that so hard to do?
  8. MajorEnglush

    PSA: FAT32 users soon to be SoL

    I got $10 that says anyone still using fat32 is also still using their AOL email account.
  9. Except his point is moot because the sample size is too small, did not involve multiple tiers, and did nothing but show he has no idea how sampling and statistics work. Play 100 games in each tier 4-10, in the same class and nation of ship, and then get back to me.
  10. MajorEnglush

    3pm to 8pm No Joy No Fun "Pros"

    My dad actually served on the Truxton and you sully the ship's name. You should talk to your doctor about Git Gud, the once daily enhancement for scrublords. It'll help you realize those "pros" find winning more fun than losing.
  11. MajorEnglush

    How can Rigas guns be so bad?

    Just got the Tallin and between what I've read on it and the Riga (seems that it's hot or cold), I'm starting to think I should've saved my free xp for the Petro vs using it on the Nelson...
  12. MajorEnglush

    When you hear "You are the last hope..."

    Made this a while back and it seems fitting for these occasions (which seem to happen to me more than I'd prefer).
  13. MajorEnglush

    Weegee MM is at it again!

    I'm not saying it wouldn't be an interesting battle. I just don't get why it does it, much like when it drops 5 radars on one side and 1 on the other. (Yes, I realize consumables aren't part of the algorithm, but given their impact maybe they should be...? I dunno. Just spitballing.)
  14. ^This (I'm an HE spamming cruiser main and even I think that AA mounts should be part of the repair party. It's dumb that they are permanently destroyed.)
  15. MajorEnglush

    Weegee MM is at it again!

    I'd love to know why MM doesn't just swap a few ships in these cases. Why all Kitas on one side and Yugos on the other? There were no divs, so it makes no sense to me why it does this.