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  1. What are unicum players?

    Or, maybe, some people really are better at video games than others. Maybe not to the point of being unicum, but certainly enough for a newer player to be better than a more experienced one. Also: You dug deep for this necro. Wow.
  2. This is wonderful advice. It also allows you to get an idea of how different class and nations play so you can effectively counter them. (It's why I play BBs despite being a potato in them, though I only have premiums right now. It's also kinda cathartic when you citadel someone after having a crappy day at work . )
  3. I've become a cruiser main without really intending to -- they are just the ships I'm drawn to playing. While they are mostly unforgiving -- a single broadside at the wrong time will end your game quickly -- they are also the most versatile. Burn BBs, hunt DDs, shoot planes ... they do it all. I love the flexibility they provide. DDs are certainly fun, and my second main focus. They can carry games thanks to taking caps, devastating torp strike potential (well, unless Soviet), speed, and stealth. Well, they can carry when someone better than me plays them. But the point stands. I suck in BBs and have no idea why. I try to not play passive while also not going full YOLO. Just...yeah. I enjoy them, just don't do that well. CVs have too much going on and I'm not gonna bother. My old brain would freeze up.
  4. Roma: Who or what to trust?

    Had a clanmate buy me one a few days ago (because he kicks [edited]) and it seems like it will be fun for the most part. Full concealment is hilarious, but the dispersion is ... well, your shells are like having a bunch of Eric Cartmans flying all over the place yelling "WHATEVAH! I CAN DO WAT I WANT!" You'll plop a 20K salvo followed by three salvos that make you consider uninstalling the game. But I suck in BBs, so your mileage may vary.
  5. 0 for 4 tonight....

    +1 Last night was one of those nights where, no matter what I did, things just didn't matter. Finished top of the board in three losses, second in another ... and then would stink up the joint and get a win. Got like 4K+ XP (total, not base) in each of those losses, plus made a few million over the course of the night. Would I like more wins? Of course! But...I still had fun. And that's the point of a game, right?
  6. Premium Advice

    Only have the Molotov, so not sure how much help this is, but it's become my favorite ship. Armor is useless, as one would expect from a mid-tier cruiser, torps are defense/YOLO only, and you do see tier VIII quite a bit. But...it has tier IX guns. Soviet rail guns, too, and AP on broadsides will just wreck fools. And you can use it in Scenarios for captain training, which is sweet. Your mileage may vary, but she's a gudbote IMHO.
  7. I might have a 12+ point captain in my Clemson ...
  8. Pissed off player

    You really and truly should not stress with just a few dozen battles under your skipper cap. Heck, you're only a few games under 50%, so you've got a lot of room and time to grow. And as a 46 year old who has 16,000+ games of World of Tanks on Xbox, trust me -- this community is a freaking DREAM by comparison. Honestly. Ask questions, take up offers to division with others, and learn as much as you can (knowledge really is key in this game). Folks really will help, so give it a chance.
  9. Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    My feelings as well. I sooooooo want a KM premium DD, but ... I dunno. I want to be patient and just wait for the 61, yet this one has enough going for it to be tempting, depending on the price. And as someone whose first dip into tier VII DD gameplay has been the Mahan, your finishing point is so very...very painfully spot on. That thing can be detected on Two Brothers by a DD on Shards.
  10. Does anyone have any ranked tips?

    As someone considering dipping his toes into ranked, some great advice here. Gonna run out of upvotes. Good thread, OP.
  11. Thank you Wargaming

    Meh. She's a bit slow off the line and turns like a barge (my Alabama has a smaller turn radius, lol). But...7 guns + 12 YOLO torps = a really fun little bote.
  12. Pink - How you doin so far?

    I've been fine so far, but have seen a couple of bots in Co-op just...explode for no reason. No shells or torps hit them, and the kill feed says they killed themselves. I have no idea why that's happened in three games in the past week. Is it related to the new system, maybe ...?
  13. Tech Tree Premiums Updated

    I'm a sadist whose love of meh mid-tier premiums has followed me from console tanks, I guess. Tbh, depends on the price.
  14. Tech Tree Premiums Updated

    It's actually not too bad. Good: - Speed and maneuverability are excellent, especially at this tier - Base HE fire chance of 32% - Guns seems to be okay at hitting things, but that's probably because the maps you're on are smaller and, thus, you tend to be a lot closer to enemies than higher tiers - Surprisingly good secondaries Bad: - AP pen is hot garbage. Only use it on cruisers and broadside BBs. - It's not a BB armor wise. Any other BB will poop on you, as will smart cruiser players who fire AP into your broadside - Can be citadelled a lot easier than one would want in a BB. Ugly: - The thing has pretty much no AA. Like, none. So stay with friends if there is a CV. - Can be detected from space on a cloudy day. Overall, I like it and I'm not even that much into BBs, tbh.
  15. Tech Tree Premiums Updated

    Huh. The Atlanta interests me greatly...