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  1. ConnorGamingFTW

    Premium Ship Review #101: Kronshtadt

    I just got my Kronsh, and I had to look at it's Fridge size, and they've buffed that concealment. Like, HEAVILY buffed the concealment. It's used-to-be 17km detection range is now a tiny 13.6km. God bless that buff, ya know? Edit: Turns out my captain had CE on them... >-> I uhhh... rescind my comment, and realize my mistake
  2. ConnorGamingFTW

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod

    Having never installed a mod before, i'm still having issues understanding why it won't work. I've looked at the forum discussions for assistance, but it just doesn't appear to actually begin working. Either I have no idea what I did wrong, or my device is being an idiot. Or I'm the idiot, i'm not too sure. Anyway, if you can assist me in my issues, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks! *Edit: Nevermind, one of the nice guys on the Discord helped me out, but I should still say thank you!
  3. ConnorGamingFTW

    Premium Ship Review #110 - Cossack

    When I first read this: Wh.. What the hell does this mean? "Oskar from becoming a Sam", wha..? When I understood Unsinkable Sam: heheheh... Funny joke suffice to say, when I first read this, I had no idea what Unsinkable Sam and Oskar was, but after learning who it was, it got a good laugh from me.