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    Interested in Warships and ocean liners. Also a really bored gamer.


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  1. WoWs_RNG_Hates_Me

    what nation has the best cruisers

    For beginners, I think the Japanese and USN CA's would be good. The USN can teach you basic positioning and help you with becoming a team player (in my opinion). The IJN is a easy line to grind, and can teach you, like the USN, basic position, ammo choice, and kiting. Once you get better at cruisers, I definitely recommend going down the French and German cruisers. Those are fun lines. Maybe even try to grind the RU cruisers, albeit they can have a complete different playstyle at T10.
  2. [W_H_S] Warships Hunting Squad (NA) is now recruiting: Warships Hunting Squad was put together as a place where we can go to have fun, chat and play with others in a nontoxic environment. We are a newer clan of active players both experienced and inexperienced looking for others that are interested in a similar environment. Our goal is to maintain a place for people to teach and learn, field a couple teams for CB and have fun while leaving the salt in the ground or on your dinner where it belongs. We have very few player requirements for our clan: - Must have Discord (Point of contact) - Voice Chat capable – English only - One Tier 8 or higher ship (Prefer 10 but not a must) - Play actively Everyone is welcome to the channel and anyone interested can gather more information and apply there. https://discord.gg/6vZxvKt/ YOU'VE BEEN INVITED TO JOIN A SERVER [W_H_S] Warships Hunting Squad 23 Online30 Members Joined
  3. Doing this so I can get a post posted just fine

  4. This seems fun. I couldn't get into the Corgi and Pirate events, so if I get into this one, it'll be a lot of fun.
  5. WoWs_RNG_Hates_Me

    This next 2 weeks is going to be a dumpster fire for T8

    Dude, you could do operations to do the 4 million credits missions. That's not hard to do.