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  1. Quantumphysics333

    Frame Rate Drop Since Patch

    Interesting I hope WG fixes whatever this is soon, making game really unplayable.
  2. Quantumphysics333

    Frame Rate Drop Since Patch

    Never happened ever before with wows I tried to reinstall game, update graphics drivers, etc.
  3. Quantumphysics333

    Frame Rate Drop Since Patch

    Yes, it did
  4. Quantumphysics333

    Frame Rate Drop Since Patch

    I've had a similar issue Every once in a while, my fps drops from 60 to about 5-10, at random times. I talked about it in length in my post.
  5. Hello fellow WOWS players, Recently (since update 8.11), I have been having major issues with FPS drops. Usually, the game runs fine (50-70 fps), with no issues. Then, out of nowhere, the FPS will suddenly plummet to about 5-10 FPS. This lasts 10-20 seconds. After that, it goes back to normal. Additionally, it will frequently stutter, jump, freeze, and just generally act weirdly for that 10-20 seconds, This is really disruptive (Ex. I was in a game w/North Carolina, I was trying to take out a broadside Chapayev, game went crazy, and I missed the salvo) Anyway, it has made the game really unplayable. Other details: It happens in port and in battles, wherever I am in the game I have never had an issue even remotely like this before (Therefore, I doubt it's my PC) Sometimes, I happens pretty regularly, like once minute, other times, it might not happen for ten minutes It is also probably not due to performance, since the happens regardless of how many objects are on the screen, whether I'm in binoculars, etc. My icon for rudder shift (at the bottom) seems to jump/skip, like its freezing (this is regardless of whether the game is "freaking out" or not) When I'm playing a CV, the speed indicator (for the planes) seems to also jump/skip numbers (i.e. Its not smooth), similar to the rudder shift PC Specs: -Laptop (ASUS Q534UX) -Intel i7-7500U @ 2.70 Ghz-2.90 Ghz -16 GB Ram -Nvidia Geforce 950m Graphics Card -etc. Thx, I'd appreciate any help/suggestions.