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  1. Cicero__

    Report Triple Well Dones

    Well Done! Well done! Well done!
  2. Cicero__

    Tiger Cits Montana - Slow Mo Analysis

    Montana cit has been this way for while, this is almost certainly a result of that.
  3. Cicero__

    Warship T10 Tierlist

    We do a little trolling.
  4. Cicero__

    DevBlog 262 - Closed Test 0.11.1, New Ships

    Might as well add Nimitz-class at this point.
  5. Cicero__

    1 in 1000 losing streak

    What if you have no friends?
  6. Cicero__

    What a downer...

  7. Cicero__

    The Most OP Ship Type in the Game!

    Oh.... Well... I think that 'comparision' says all it needs to if you think that is at all a good way to compare class impact.
  8. Cicero__

    What’s That One Ship

    Probably DesMo. Or Radar Mino. Not so much in damage but in WR.
  9. Repulse on the other hand has very good firing angles for a BB.
  10. Use wowsft. Pretty junk firing angles. Lion for comparision, and we all know how bad Lion firing angles are: The cigarette BB also has a huge cit. Looks pretty bad honestly.
  11. By playing better. Seriously. It's that straigthforward Losing streaks (and ergo winning streaks) happen to everyone, super unis don't get "better MM" or "better RNG," they just are really good players. It can also depend on the ship, relative strength, how well you understand a ship and its role, how you can influence a match, etc. Like I'm a pretty okay player (57% WR and improving), but I have really good solo WR in Des Moines and Mino (67% and 68% respectively, and 400+ games in each). Does that mean I got really lucky over 400 games? No. RNG, MM, and such will balance out over long periods of time. The key to getting a good WR is learning how to influence matches overall. Some ships rely on high damage numbers to influence a match, others rely on utility and map control. Watch some tutorials, watch good players, etc. Another great way to learn is to div with good players. In this way, you improve your WR overall (not your solo WR), but also gain good experience and learn from good players.
  12. Cicero__

    Arms Race in Update 0.10.10

    Adding this to randoms will ruin almost all stat metrics. That alone is reason enough to not add it to randoms.
  13. To be technical and annoying :), you can full pen DDs in BBs. The pen icon will show up. However, each shell will only do overpen damage (0.1x), as hardcoded by the game. Though TBH those mechanics are kind of borked anyways. Like you can get two overpen icons, but do two pens' worth of damage. Which makes no sense at all.