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  1. mcboernester

    T10 AA, what ships surprised you as CV?

    Nicholas, Sims and Z52. Expecially the last one, the Flak Bursts are no joke
  2. mcboernester

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    The Plane Health and DPS felt more stable with the latest Patch . ok, not that suprising since was has been a very "special" hotfix, but I at least wanted to mention it instead of complaining all the Time. Some Downsides that IMHO should be addressed: - Expecially early game you will focus dds most of the time as 2 capital ships combined are enough to shred your squads in seconds - the cv fighters need far too long before they logon to a target (~7sec), so right now they feel kinda useless for what they are intended. I'm using them for spotting most of the Time instead.... - Making good DB / Torp drops , at least on T6, feels unrewarding. If I hit the Broadside of a Cruiser with a good AP salvo from a BB or land a Torp drop from a DD I'm seeing 20k+++ if i line up a DB run perfectly i'm getting 6k, maybe with a fire if i'm lucky. It just feels "meh". Maybe polish it up with some other Stuff like other Animations / Status Effects / Ribbons / Achievements. - to add something on top of it I often feel like i'm having no real impact on the Game. The numbers just feel to low to stop anything moving my way - The Borderline still works as a Rubberband, you can just bounce your Planes on it for a 1second 180 degrees Turn. This just feels like an easy exploitable Glitch ans should be fixed
  3. mcboernester Patch Seems to Work!

    Your Questions really confuse me as it's pretty clear.... Fixed the bug which resulted in huge damage spikes from AA explosions at tier VIII -> Calculation on Tier 8 was messed up ( too high, up to 400% more AA DPS then Tier 7) Adjusted AA explosions damage progression on all tiers -> As it says, TIER specific Resolved some issues with continuous DPS calculation. As a result continuous DPS was adjusted within 5% on all ships. -> The DPS Calculation for continous DPS was a bit off and has been adjusted.. How can you interpret all this Stuff into 3 short Statements?
  4. mcboernester

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    OK so I did some Math for the AA Changes. I honestly cannot tell what you Goal was but you just flipped the Switch to the other Side. Let's assume the following: I'm on my Minotaur And fight a Enterprise (t8) on the other Team. She went for Dmg Reduction but not SE ( I played most of the PTS and PT Rounds without SE and HP Module) So the Fighters enter the long Range Aura, nothing new here. A few Dodges will do the Trick OK, so maybe it's not as bad as everybody sa....HELLOOOO! 1492 dps * 1,5 makes adds up to 2238 DPS. After removing 10% from the CV Talent we are at 2014 DPS. What does that mean-> assuming I will enter the Midrange without engaging the longrange first, any other Ships arround or being hit by any flakburst (which basically never happens) the complete Squad will be wiped in 7,74 Seconds. ((1300*12) / 2014) So next i was thinking "how long does it even take you to travel this Distance?" -> 11,9seconds for 6.9km which is the complete aura range of a Minotaur. So moving on from the Midrange Calculation above we need to move 3500 meters to reach the short range Aura. At a boost speed of 216 knots this will take 6 seconds. The Squad will be wiped in 7,74... 3500/ (216knots *5,22aa speed modificator in WOWS and change up into m/s ) Happy Testing
  5. mcboernester

    You Killed the game!

    Honest Question: The Rework has been on PTS for quite some Time, haven't you guys tested it even once?
  6. mcboernester

    Hear me out.. As a DD main post patch

    Depends on how the AA will change with the next Test Build. TBH there was a Time where DDs got mostly ignored by CV Players early Game, but thats nearly 3 years back.... The Main Reason CVs started to Focus DDs early Game wasn't that they are far easier Targets to attack, you just weren't able to strike the Backlines anymore without losing all your Strike Planes. Personally, I'd prefer to pick out BBs with the 1 Squad i've left now as CVs where originally designed as BB Killers ( I think even the offical WG HP stated that) In all 3 Test Rounds and the first PTS, even a full AA DD wasn't able to hurt the CV Planes enough to let go of him. This will get troublesome when the CV decides to just park a fighter squad above you. they can't spot Torps anymore but yeah...
  7. mcboernester

    Don't buy the Steel campaign.

    Already waiting for the "wth Stalingrad hidden nerf" Topics to pop up :P
  8. mcboernester

    Alaska before 12/23? Salem or Jean Bart?

    I don't expect the Alaska for FreeXP before the Krohnstadt is removed from the Shop, so if you got some coal -> grab a Salem with the Coupon ^^
  9. mcboernester

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    I really want to believe in WG but honestly I have my doubts about it. They tried tweaking some stats up and down for AA / CVs over the last 3 Years and it didn't work out, so without a solid base gameplay it will most likely turn out the same Way it is right now on Live Servers. At the End of the Day i want a balanced game , believe it or not :) But I could pretty much do the same [edited] on PT as im doing on Live and therefore I'm extremly reserved about the rework, just replace 1shots with perma Plane Attacks (you need like 30 seconds from your CV to the Enemy you last attacked in early /midgame).
  10. mcboernester

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    348 knots on midway rocket planes with all upgrades and talents for speed + engine boost
  11. mcboernester

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    Yes, pretty much. But at least Wargaming States that most Players participating in the PT liked it. Can't really agree with it since at least all Players who participated and whom I know of said it feels dull and unfinished. But since nobody except WG can really prove these Statements we have to assume it is true ;) Another Point here -> there have been 3 test runs so far, each about 3 days and I think always on weekdays. How many Games would you think an average Player had the Chance to play and how refined a Feedback would become, expecially since at least on EU it crosses Paths with Clanbattles ? I mean, i got around 50 over all 3 Test runs and I won't say that's nearly enough *shrugs*
  12. mcboernester

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    Well the CV Road has already been bumpy for over 3 Years now ^^ Unfortunately I can't see how it will get any better with the Rework since all 3 Stages so far had some major flaws, and I'm not talking about Bugs or some tweaks on AA / Plane Dmg. Just speaking for T10 Content -> the Skillgap is still very high, Some ships simply dont have any existing AA, infinite Planes, almost no Counterplay for CV vs CV. Your Gameplay will pretty much just become a Dmg Race and the CV that can stiil Strike DDs on a regular Basis will win 90% of the time. So yeah, it pretty much comes down to a hastily pushed Console Version :) Which is kinda sad but i guess it is what it is. At the End it's all about the Money no? ;)