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  1. Season 2 clan battles suggestion

    pretty sure they got bagged before anything would be effected. Wonder if the EU clan that is doing it had any effects though.
  2. Season 2 clan battles suggestion

    you can find me in a discord and i will walk you through what they are doing. if they still try it they are pretty dumb since the cat is out of the bag
  3. Season 2 clan battles suggestion

    there is no legit reason to be clan hopping
  4. Season 2 clan battles suggestion

    The same people who are "setting the meta" it is not hard to go to wows stats and see the transfers that certain "overwhelmingly strong recreational players" clans are doing. They aren't even original. They got their exploit from the Eu server. Apparently said clan on eu wasn't able to overcome the odds of beating top clans there purely legitimately. Who would bring this shady stuff back to our side of the pond I wonder? I bet they dress like this.
  5. I think the ranked reward ships excluding flint will be more exclusive.
  6. It is all part of "setting the meta"
  7. What i find funny about this CB season is all the movement between sub clans. Why would a clan move a 7 man team to an empty sub clan? A) To farm it for easy points or, B) Artificially inflate their personal win rates by seal clubbing sub-typhoon teams. C) To fight teams without risking their points, but still chunking 30 points off top teams. Either way it is disgusting. Clearly "Setting the meta"
  8. DDs and AA

    so you are going to argue with me when i have 100 kidd games already and faced the same super unicum cv back to back? It works. I trust my in game exp over your assumptions. If you dont feed me your planes, then my cv will just kill at will. 100 games, 20 plane kills a game. What is your basis for your argument? Even if I only get 1 fighter squad, damage is done. We faced one poor CV 3 times in a row, guess what happens? He fed me planes. He even knew what was going on the very first game as he addressed us in chat. Don't matter. Either feed me planes of afk till the match is over.
  9. DDs and AA

    Nope AA is off until planes are 3.5 km away. At that range all your planes are dead. Even a sims will wipe t8 planes off the map this way. You cant bait it. Once you light the DD your planes are dead. Maybe an idiot will let you bait him.
  10. DDs and AA

  11. DDs and AA

    What is exactly wrong with CVs? I think the are fairly balanced currently. I also think CV should kill dds.
  12. DDs and AA

    DDs AA is too strong. DF needs to be reverted back to 3x. Do poor CV players really need to suffer like this? No. If WG has a problem with CVs killing DDs, the better, smarter solution would be to make CV torp planes only have deepwater torps. That is all.
  13. The GODenberg

    The best ship is clearly the sims...
  14. Can confirm works 100% of time.