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  1. AMERICANWaRshipper

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    She is already very difficult to play. Raising the citadel farther out of the water is even worse. Here are balance changes needed: Gearing smoke (without loss of any other consumable except DFAA) Minotaur heal Citadel well below the waterline 27mm bow armour They should pick three out the four listed. I would want the Gearing smoke, Minotaur heal, and Citadel well bellow the waterline.
  2. AMERICANWaRshipper

    Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    These destroyers are very stupid. They are unfair to play against in a gun boat role. Two Harugamos took out a Des Moines, two Gearings, and multiple battleships. They need both removing 1/4 HE penetration for 1/6 and a hit point reduction.
  3. AMERICANWaRshipper

    Would You Rather See Alaska as a T10 Large Cruiser

    It must be able to bought in the premium shop.
  4. AMERICANWaRshipper

    Would You Rather See Alaska as a T10 Large Cruiser

    It would be kinda like Kronshtadt/Stalingrad, an oddball. That brings diversity to the game. After Buffalo you can research both Des Moines and Alaska separately and have them both.
  5. AMERICANWaRshipper

    Yamato — Japanese Tier X battleship.

    Yamato’s anti torpedo defense should be nerfed massively because historically both Yamato and the Musashi had problems joining the upper and lower anti torpedo defense.