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  1. Skyspartan

    Road to US tier 10 Cruiser Legendary mode.

    please explain what you mean? you mean the legendary modules for the US cruisers?
  2. Skyspartan

    So long Neustrashimy, Flint, and Black

    what a waste of steel just bought the black 1 week before the announcement
  3. Skyspartan

    Destroyers Rely too much on concealment

    it would be if DDs low HP means instant death, many BBs with few guns are just fine a targeted DD without their concealment is going to port
  4. Skyspartan

    Destroyers Rely too much on concealment

    i am just saying maybe DDs need a better escape plan they should be able to disengage from most fights
  5. Destroyers are fragile and they depend on concealment to survive. that why any Class/Consumable that breaks that concealment is taken with a grain of a salt. if we added a better option for DDs to depend on when they have no concealment maybe the DD interaction with everything might lighten up. i am ok with DD not being able to choose all their engagements CV always break DD concealment so even if the DD smokes radar/hydro is a counter. For example the French DDs are the fastest ships so when they run out of concealment they got speed as another survival option in this meta better then smoke alot of the destroyers are fast but not fast enough to escape danger. its like not having a back up plan when your cover is blow. i don't have a solution without removing radar/hydro/CV however my only idea comes to mind is increasing MAX speed for all DDs by +5-10kts but french ships would be a BLUR Increasing Dispersion on all DDs can be a suggestion but overpowering a DDs survival might be in question i feel as DDs skill Ceiling is to high to preform correctly (kinda rely on luck too much) i just want to show a real issue for DDs as they don't really have the option to escape or disengage for many fights they know they would lose. so any idea's to Rework DDs since they have too much risk a little less risk on DDs could help
  6. Skyspartan

    "Sky Cancer"

    i dont get the debate about CV post its not like even if we came to some agreement we would never be able to change a thing because wargaming has the final say
  7. Skyspartan

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    why is breaking the meta a bad thing? heck what makes people think CV cant be killed. many people got killed in them before
  8. Skyspartan

    19 Point Captains - On the Rise

    2 19 pt captains 5 more on the way
  9. Skyspartan

    Too many CVs at low tier ...

    dispersion is increased against them too?
  10. Skyspartan

    Too many CVs at low tier ...

    monstrous Bots? do tell do they have better stats or just serious aimbot and dodging
  11. Skyspartan


    someone asked for it
  12. Skyspartan

    meaningful Kremlin nerfs

    could you explain the Kremlins short coming so i can take advantage of that Kremlin acceleration makes it easy to juke torps plus its belt tanks it all thicc deck that says no fires here how do you even brawl with it with the nerf as a CV i wont even know if it has AA
  13. Skyspartan

    If IFHE worked on carrier bombs and rockets

    but whats the point if your bombers are taking 100% losses by AA demolition is more useful
  14. Skyspartan

    CV's are so broken, its not even funny

    not every battle has a CV those that dont have a CV arent really different with a CV
  15. Skyspartan

    CV's are so broken, its not even funny

    but it isnt a serious fall it can still rise back up