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  1. Skyspartan

    The "Fun Police" strikes again!

    Same I struggled with mine hard to play with its play style
  2. Skyspartan

    no zoup for you was absolutely correct

    i never play a game to win i play a game for fun.... if everyone went after having fun by having the best stats and wins....not many would be having fun to me the real fun in this game is getting shot at, brawling in close quarters, commacative teamwork, and my des moines throw hands at every BB that can overmatch it people should concider playing for that action not the results
  3. Skyspartan

    Wows storage issues

    anyone else having issues playing world of warships with every increasing update? the game's storage requirement has been increasing so much i need to reinstall just so my laptop can funtion normally when i first played the game i didnt need 35 GB to download the whole game is there anyway to reduce the weight of the game?
  4. Skyspartan

    Vermont or Kleber?

    this is all i can think of for reason to choose one Vermont PROS CVs will bleed attacking you Crusiers will fear you or get dev striked BBs can be farmed by you in between shots you can multitaks CONS if your team dies quickly so do you DDs farm you and other fire spaming crusiers your armor is only good at range Kleber PROS 55kts+ speedy cruiser with no cit decent to high fire chance fastest ship ever with great torping angles CONS many things can kill you dont overextend Crusiers scary CVs kinda mean you usally dont live too long just be carefull
  5. Skyspartan

    0.10.0 Drops in January

    pan asian CVs? when a pan american line is made yet? or italian CVs let me guess ap torps
  6. Skyspartan

    Black Friday Crates

    got my first ship a graf zepplin from black friday container the other day for haveing amazon prime my face made the exact one from my profile picture
  7. Skyspartan

    3 Best TECH TREE tier 9 ships and by type

    CA: i dont know any good tech tree ships BB: iowa is all that comes to mind DD: IJN is good and also the flecher the best Iowa is all i know has the speed to get in and out of engagments nice concelment powerful guns improved heals too
  8. Skyspartan

    The Iowa

    iowa isnt a sniper but it can be
  9. i been using concealment expert since i been playing CVs since everyone wants to shoot them,but more ship lines are poping out with increased AA efficency so my plane losses have been increasing, i did get the concealment expert for my captains, but should i concider switching equipment to flight control? should i be using this mod to maxumize squadron replinishment or do i use concealment to increase my dpm and aircraft carriers's safety?
  10. Skyspartan

    Halloween disappointment....AGAIN

    Halloween updated hasn't even started yet and here you are complaining before your food has even reach the table
  11. they dont actually die they leave just like patrol fighters do
  12. Skyspartan

    Anchorage- deeply disappointing

    anchorage is all right but it has [edited] torp angles... 8km smoke fire is basicly good for a CA its armor is nice too but AA sucks DPM sucks, maneuverability sucks too
  13. what is the top speed of subs i doubt they could catch CVs