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  1. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    And this is precisely why Brazilian players are relevant in this situation. Wargaming has basically given the middle finger to citizens of less wealthy nations. Many of us in the United States and Canada are fortunate enough to at least have the option of obtaining Puerto Rico via paying for it, even if most of us find that idea a horrible use of our money. What is a person in Latin America to do? Or better yet, a person in Puerto Rico? They have no means whatsoever to obtain their own namesake ship and it is simply a travesty.
  2. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    Unbelievable. Cyber bullying is a serious problem, an actual global crisis in our time. And here you are trivializing this innocent man's plight. Pathetic.
  3. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    I've been getting bullied in game for playing PR

    Shameful. What next? "If you wear that flirty top that shows your shoulders and some of your back in public, you're basically provoking, you're inviting the sexual assault." Also, OP, if you see anyone harassing you for playing Puerto Rico, I'm sure Wargaming's fantastic report system will deliver them the appropriate consequences for their actions if you just click on the "report player" button!
  4. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    An Open Letter To WG Concerning Recent Events

    I absolutely think there is a strong case to be made against Wargaming for false advertising in this event. By law, even giving consumers the wrong impression about the true nature of a product, or failing to give consumers all of the information they need to make an informed choice, is false advertising. It is undeniable that Wargaming gravely and intentionally misled the entire community about the feasibility of the Puerto Rico grind. Such an admission was about the only useful information that came out of Sub's "apology." You can see how they retroactively removed words like "entirely possible" and "simply complete the directives" from the official news article once everyone realized how absurd the directives actually are. Wargaming watched as many popular community contributors made exciting videos praising the new dockyard system that was in testing and telling viewers that a new tier 10 premium cruiser could be earned for free. We know they saw the videos because Wargaming employees even commented about them. Any one of them who knew what the grind was actually like could have said something about the ship being impossible to actually grind for free and they chose to say nothing. Wargaming was fully aware that an incorrect impression about the Puerto Rico grind was being spread around and they let it persist. The nature of the event was designed to get people excited for what they believed was a realistically attainable tier 10 premium, then have them pay as early as possible before everyone realized just how impossible the grind is. When you make the doubloon boosts only have maximum value if you buy them before construction starts, that is simply how it goes. Yes, you could make the devil's advocate argument that the directives were technically visible with their true, ridiculous numbers once the patch went live and that everyone could have seen them before they bought the doubloon boosts, but this honestly would not even be close to enough to save Wargaming from the false advertising complaint. Regardless of the fact that Wargaming obviously made sure to make this information as hidden as possible by making you click on each individual directive in order to find out that they are mutually exclusive, this does not change anything about the way that they purposely misled consumers.
  5. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    KotS is a great example of what CVs do to competitive, and the difference between 8 and 9 was night and day. My particular favorite example of this realization was (I believe) after the second or third NA vs EU game on the last day when two of the Wargaming commentators in between the games basically said something along the lines of "I am really enjoying all of these surprising and complex strategies! It's so fun to watch!" *other guy:* "Yeah, this is all possible because there aren't aircraft carriers in this season of KotS and we wouldn't be seeing any of this if there were." And those are Wargaming employees. At least pre-rework CVs, while being arguably more broken, actually had some elements of counterplay that could make watching them still a bit enjoyable in competitive- fighters that actually did something and could deny enemy squadrons from spotting or striking a ship, plane reserves that could actually run out and AA that was actually threatening. While it was still overpowering for competitive, there was at least some teamwork involved with them. These days, reworked CVs would add absolutely nothing in terms of entertainment or enjoyability. In fact it would be one of the most boring things ever to watch.
  6. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    Tired of cruisers

  7. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    CV Deplaning -- See it for yourself!

    So exactly how many planes does one need to shoot down in order to counter a CV? AA defense expert medals don't even mean anything anymore because CVs can still be sending out full squadrons even if you got one lol. And how exactly are you supposed to "not make yourself a target" against a ship that can literally target whatever it wants unless the person playing it has brain damage? Your proposed "counterplay" essentially amounts to telling everyone to form a massive blob and completely abandon the idea of any sort of good map play or positioning. And that's fine by you, apparently. "Just give up having fun and blob together with literally everyone on your team and you won't die to the CV in the first 5 minutes." Is that really how you believe the game should have to work?
  8. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    CV Deplaning -- See it for yourself!

    Maybe they will, maybe they won't. There are plenty of excellent players out there who can perform extremely well in any ship class (and by the way, pretty much all of them agree that CVs are a broken class lol). The problem lies in that there is one out of the four ship classes currently in the game where many more people than just unicums can smack you with zero counterplay.
  9. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    CV Deplaning -- See it for yourself!

    There is nothing to feel bad about at all. I have no issues with anyone who plays CVs to win more games or just enjoys abusing a broken class. At this point, honestly why wouldn't you play CVs? It's the literal embodiment of "if you can't beat them, join them." Now of course, even many of those people would find it boring to play only CVs, and would probably switch it up from time to time for the sake of variety. That's fine too, but there's really nothing to feel bad about anymore. You may as well play the broken, counterless class. Now, defending CVs as being balanced, that's something people should be very ashamed of, lol.
  10. Sweaty_Anime_Girls


    Players from that certain country that rhymes with Grazil need the automatic DCP for fires because they don't know how to deal with fires, as you can tell by what's going on with their rainforest right now. I agree though. I really just can't stand them. Seeing them in my game, you just know it's going to be a horrible experience.
  11. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    Ranked Sprint Season 10 to be 1 v 1?

    Oh French destroyers would be among the strongest picks available for a tier 8 1v1 if CVs weren't an option, but yeah, unfortunately, Enterprise says hi
  12. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    Ranked Sprint Season 10 to be 1 v 1?

    Matchmaking is not mirrored. And unless you spawn within 15km of the carrier, you will not make it in time.
  13. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    Ranked Sprint Season 10 to be 1 v 1?

    This is only a slight exaggeration unfortunately. The battles being 1v1 is just a perfect opportunity for all to see just how broken of a class aircraft carriers are.
  14. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    Ranked Sprint Season 10 to be 1 v 1?

    Problem with just spamming destroyer is that carriers are playable in this sprint, and why would you not play one if you own them and are good at them. Destroyers are gonna get trashed by carriers in a 1v1.
  15. Sweaty_Anime_Girls

    Really Tired of CVs

    First off, hell no? My dislike for CVs has nothing to do with anyone else voicing their opinion on them, which yes, the overwhelming majority of people have a negative one. That's not anecdotal at all. There have been polls by high profile streamers which got a very sufficient sample size of responses. Over 70% of players said that having a CV in their game made it either slightly less enjoyable or way less enjoyable. But even that is besides the point you are trying to make. My dislike for CVs comes from them being a complete joke of a class. They are hopelessly broken and have no legitimate gameplay counter whatsoever other than everyone blobbing together for AA and completely disposing the possibility of any sort of interesting map play. That has nothing to do with anything anyone else says. I don't know what exactly you are considering "frequently", but yes, there have in fact been people who have tried to defend CVs. And as I clearly said, these people either do not understand how the game works, or are defending them because they enjoy abusing a broken class. Find me one example of a player who is actually good at the game defending CVs and then I'll admit that this is a fallacy. Oh I sure did add something to the discussion. You, on the other hand, are the one who added nothing. You just want to sit there and claim that everything is a fallacy, flaunting the misplaced and unfounded sense of self worth like some edgy preteen middle schooler who's feeling full of himself for being elected president of the chess club. And no, the high ground of the anti-CV side has nothing to do with morals. You, in fact, are the on trying to claim the "moral high ground" with your silly little post here, but I really could not care less about who is more moral. Our "high ground" comes from actually understanding the game, which you very clearly do not, based on your stats. Yes, as a matter of fact, using islands to shoot enemies without being spotted is something that all surface ships can benefit greatly from and should look to do. Contrary to what you probably believe, this requires, wait for it, skill! In order to achieve consistently good results, unlike CVs. Being shot at by an enemy who is behind an island also has the very simple and effective counter of turning and sailing away. Counter to CVs? None. Should a cruiser spend the entirety of the game behind an island? Usually no. Most cruisers benefit the most from being "island hoppers", sailing around between islands, not camping at one for too long, but using different ones frequently. This requires a very respectable amount of skill to consistently execute well on, and even if a cruiser decides to sit behind an island all game, this still does not change the fact that he must at the very least put his hull in the vicinity of the battle in order to do damage, which a CV does not need to do. Comparing the two just goes to show how shallow your knowledge of the game is.