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  1. So its Flamu you really want eh? Flamu is and has been a world class player and I believe won KOTS twice (King of the Sea). Sure he can get out there that's his "schtick" and his followers love it. The same followers who do volumes of research. CV's are untethered to the rest of the game which has been his central point. We don't like people who think things out ... BUT you just can't discount all the good he's done.
  2. Aardvark_1

    Statistical Analysis of Captain's Skills

    Great question .... When the Capt. Skills Rework arrived lots of players contended going into battle without a Captain worked really well. Sooo ... with your Capt. Skills Spreadsheet maybe add a captain-less column.
  3. Aardvark_1

    Shhhh! Don't tell anyone...lol (PVE Thread)

    Poor Tier X has become Sucker Town. Nothing like the speedy Vermont changing direction abandoning a cap ... Shimmy's 25 miles out ... and some poor guy who hasn't played in a year finding an island by a cap with his Des Moines only to become a 3 minute punching bag. Carriers swoop from the heavens in their game of hide and seek. Bring your Thunderer and put spinner hub caps on your Yammy and fall in line for the lemming parade. When his flank collapses some guy from across the map yells in chat .. You All Suck! Thank heavens your three year old ship has some value in COOP.
  4. Aardvark_1

    Flint Nerfed to Unplayable

    Maybe we need a "Balancing Czar" at Wargaming. One guy who can say "Nyet" to monthly nerfs and buffs.
  5. Aardvark_1

    Matchmaking Broken

    Whatever the cause "all systems are in overload"! How are you suppose to balance new Captain skills when you play 25 games where one team or the other loses all its ships in 10 minutes! For those who say "somethings wrong" I agree ... for those who say nothings wrong "I agree" too. Must be Aliens. I'll wait for word from the Mothership on what's going on.
  6. The Commander Skill jump should have been to 23 points ... When you're promoting Clan Battles and a new Commander Skill chart give the Michael Jordan's of the Clan Battle world the chance to dazzle us with skills we can only dream of. For the rest of us the 10 point "must take" trap has not gone away and those remaining 11 points still leave us playing Bingo with at least 3 points.
  7. Aardvark_1

    Rework side effect - depressing

    And you have 50 thousand battles .... I'd be discouraged too. But ..... Have you seen the Elite Commander XP return for 19 point commanders?
  8. Aardvark_1

    Rework side effect - depressing

    Thanks Burnsy for some hope .... Right now its tooooo much Barbeque.
  9. Aardvark_1

    Don't Play Afraid

    Notser made a profound statement a couple of streams ago ... "Don't play afraid". Try it and take some damage coupled with positioning and it will change your game.
  10. Aardvark_1

    German destroyer: what are their place?

    Almost anything on your wish list for a KM Destroyer is found on another line. You get the feeling it's a line with glued on replacement parts. The German positioning strengths make sense if you look at them being introduced after the IJN & US lines. A third place "try hard" line is dead on for a submarine based Navy. But ... the German's were working on everything that's found on the new Destroyer lines. Cheer up the German's won't be keeping the "participation" trophy much longer. The Italians will scoop that up the minute they hit!
  11. Aardvark_1

    Z-52 — German Tier X destroyer.

    I was hoping your post was the other way around and Z-52 is the better boat. I struggle with 46 and at least have come to a point with both ships where I make a few credits. I do agree the 46 is one smooth torping monster. There's a Yugumo feel to it. Thanks for your write up!
  12. I like the Mercenary idea ... lots of Clans don't field teams. If you make friends and have the chops for competitive with another Clan then go for it! There's the LeBron factor where the best of several servers might form up Super Teams but the idea is sound and just might be the boost competitive needs.
  13. Aardvark_1

    USS Seattle, Worst T9 Cruiser?

    Boy do I agree with you about the Buffalo ...
  14. Aardvark_1

    Three straight Supercontainers.

    I felt sorry ... but at the same time my favorite post of all time. Oh the pain ...
  15. Aardvark_1

    Three straight Supercontainers.

    My favorite is the guy who got a Super Container full of 100 Ramming flags ... he responded Yeah Me!!