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  1. Aardvark_1

    Maass or Z-31

    Close in a German DD? Best overall torp line is Z-23 thru Z-52 ...... Want guns? Chose the Elbing line.
  2. Aardvark_1

    Where is the USS Black?

    What happens to the guys who already own one?
  3. Aardvark_1

    I think my Harekaze is cursed.

    Harakaze plays upteired more often than not. Judging from the screen shot you posted most Harekaze players would love those results win or lose.
  4. Aardvark_1

    Tier Eleven? ... Nope!

    Interesting to see where the Tiers might be going. Tier XI .... Doubt it. With the PTS (Public Test Server) stuffed with new ships we can whip around in this may be the start of a new line of Tier X's. For example in the American line of HVY Cruisers the Baltimore might stay at Tier VIII, the Des Moines becomes the Tier IX heavy hitter while Annapolis is the new big boy on the block. Buffalo fans aren't out of luck ... you might pick it up for coal. The firepower at lower Tiers might be unreal ... afterall since every ship is balanced just drop a ship lower down the line and let every one move down a slot. Russia has a new super DD, Japan could get a souped up , Shake, Rattle and Roll Shimma. The Dutch would introduce Der Klobbereveryoneinsight while the French replace the Henri with the Viola. Yamato studs could see the big girl armed with better dispersion and a 15 second reload if the bug from a few months back is an indicator. This leaves all kinds of room for the refitted Kapow Zao and reworking the Pan Asian line with porpising torpedoes! Sorry to report the Hindenburg's replacement isn't slated until 2034. For the Battleship, Carrier and Submarine fans that's for another post. If there was to be speculation judging from the super BB's of a few months ago the HMS Burnswell can't be far off. On the business end this might be time to trademark One Shot KOTS. But for those who've asked ... NO there won't be a Tier XI.
  5. Aardvark_1

    Who will move in to fill the cc void?

    WG blew up the FREE business model for control. Brilliant !!! Control equals money .... if WG wants control write the check!
  6. Aardvark_1

    Curving Torps

    Interesting arguments in defense that torps don't curve. This logic suggests shells don't curve when fired from a turning ship.
  7. Aardvark_1

    Curving Torps

    Curving torpedoes where first discovered by Flamu. Then Aerroon made a video (see below). Neither have been able to come up with analytical reason for this phenomenon but the answer is quite simple. Somethings escaped from the lab. If you've hooked your ship on one of these new submerged rocks and you think for a minute it makes sense the Submarine torpedo AI system is lurking in our waters just waiting for a ping. On the NA server those familiar with baseball are marveling at the ability to hook a torpedo curve ball around islands and dig out Des Moines and other island huggers hung up on a rock. No Captain Skill points or upgrade required ... think of it as towing a water skier. Just pick the right speed, make your turn, use the little white aiming line and full sets of torpedoes whiz around the island and Kapow !!! Halland - Curving Torps!? - YouTube World of Warships: "Curving" Torps - Bug While Turning - YouTube
  8. Aardvark_1

    Has anyone looked at the Tier 10 Elbing yet?

    Sounds like it takes a lot of thinking. The players who seem to know what the new line is about insinuate it's the thinking man's/women's DD line. Wouldn't it be something if the German's became known as the "thinking man's " line. Nerf that !!! LOL
  9. Aardvark_1

    Marine Corp Birthday Patch

    No one here knows. Last November, WG gave out an Air Force patch, but completely ignored the USMC. There was an Air Force patch?
  10. Aardvark_1

    How Does 2 Hakuryu Torps Do 76k Damage To Kremlin?

    They've been meaning to fix that glitch.
  11. Aardvark_1

    Game is decided in first 2-4 minutes

    Thanks for bringing this up ... The universal tactic used to avoid being left high and dry when pushing is the Lemming Train. That's extends battles to 10 minutes.
  12. Balancing casts a long shadow. You wake up one morning and even the Premium ship you bought has been balanced or rebalanced but with what or to what? There may be only 4 or 5 people who can describe or justify the 360 degrees of balance. Outside of that select few balancing appears to the average Joe as a progression from effectiveness, to popularity, to nerf, to buff to player skill. If only we could balance player skill ....
  13. So its Flamu you really want eh? Flamu is and has been a world class player and I believe won KOTS twice (King of the Sea). Sure he can get out there that's his "schtick" and his followers love it. The same followers who do volumes of research. CV's are untethered to the rest of the game which has been his central point. We don't like people who think things out ... BUT you just can't discount all the good he's done.
  14. Aardvark_1

    Statistical Analysis of Captain's Skills

    Great question .... When the Capt. Skills Rework arrived lots of players contended going into battle without a Captain worked really well. Sooo ... with your Capt. Skills Spreadsheet maybe add a captain-less column.
  15. Aardvark_1

    Shhhh! Don't tell anyone...lol (PVE Thread)

    Poor Tier X has become Sucker Town. Nothing like the speedy Vermont changing direction abandoning a cap ... Shimmy's 25 miles out ... and some poor guy who hasn't played in a year finding an island by a cap with his Des Moines only to become a 3 minute punching bag. Carriers swoop from the heavens in their game of hide and seek. Bring your Thunderer and put spinner hub caps on your Yammy and fall in line for the lemming parade. When his flank collapses some guy from across the map yells in chat .. You All Suck! Thank heavens your three year old ship has some value in COOP.