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  1. Aardvark_1

    Three straight Supercontainers.

    I felt sorry ... but at the same time my favorite post of all time. Oh the pain ...
  2. Aardvark_1

    Three straight Supercontainers.

    My favorite is the guy who got a Super Container full of 100 Ramming flags ... he responded Yeah Me!!
  3. Various lines feature ships with a play style (Camping, Radar, AA etc). Few players understand your ships play style (let alone theirs) so the flank you hoped to support next to an island with your Russian Cruiser collapses and the rush of Red ships flushes you out where you wind up doing what the ship was never meant for. Twenty or so battles of this kind not only makes you hate the grind but the ship. Keep Grinding ... that is all
  4. Aardvark_1

    Viral Ingenuity

    Oh no .... try this ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PcbeTRXdnc&feature=emb_rel_end
  5. Aardvark_1

    Viral Ingenuity

    Here's how Panzerknacker see's it using the captain on the Grosse Kurfurst while holding down an entire flank. Flamu has a new Work in Progress video of a FRG Cruiser where the main guns are so abysmal they're ignored and he let's the secondary's which are the same as the Graf Zeppelin's with Lutjen's on board go to town. Someone will probably give a better technical answer but the use of secondary's with this captain has potential.
  6. Aardvark_1

    Viral Ingenuity

    Ingenuity ... (noun) the quality of being clever, original, and inventive. In the short time the world has been on viral lockdown a handful of players have found a maniacal use for Gunter Lutjens abilities with secondary guns turning them into chainsaws evaporating enemy ships; while another group used air and sea power to obliterate the Carrier in the opening minutes. Brilliant !!!
  7. Aardvark_1

    Should I wipe my account?

    Just apply to a few Clans. If you get in one take part in Naval Battles and grind oil for the Clan. Play every week and keep bringing the oil by running up your Container count. Once you're in a Clan each container gains 10 barrels of oil for them. You can wipe your Win Rate but you'll still play like 250 games. The Clan will see that if you Division with them ... so just keep it real and as they say .... Git Gud!
  8. Aardvark_1

    Salem or Yoshino first for coal?

    Two fine ships but ... The next 6 months might have some nice surprises for the CA player. Coupons for "Ships for Resources" happen 6 months after you use it and if you've saved a little steel that and your coal stockpile might net you both ships. But if coal is burning a hole in your pocket go with the one that fits how you play.
  9. Aardvark_1

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    This blanket sentiment NO new player can catch on quickly doesn't fly. Maybe better to say the biggest limiting factor in a players growth in Random Matches is where no players outside a division can talk to each other and develop strategy. Until then new players are left with trial and error.
  10. Aardvark_1

    A suggestion to fix the IMMENSE drop in player skill

    New players want to get in and blast away. Skill Check modes turn off new players. COOP is our Skill Check area. WoWs amped up the new recruits and that is most likely the source of many new players without the concept yet of team play. The Premium Shop is full of high Tier ships anyone can buy and a new player with enough Doubloons can power their way to high tiers converting ship XP. All this combines for the blowout soup you describe.
  11. Aardvark_1

    Public Test - 0.9.1 - Bugs Report

    [Thursday Day 1] Sticking screens in Port such as commander recruited, Speed Flag Added or Battle report after a match bug appears to have been noticed and fixed .. these mini screens would not go away if you went to Armory, Combat or ship module screens until you entered a new match. A new series of these screens would show up and not go away after the next battle. I did not have this problem on Friday.
  12. Well put ... It might be added that new players might want play a year or two before landing on this Forum. Suggest watching YouTube and TwitchTV learn the strategies and ship lines of the Nations. In short get their feet wet before adding a comment. Just play the game for now ....
  13. Aardvark_1

    WG Please Read From a Concerned Player

    What's being described is some form of Magna Carta between WG and its Players aimed at limits of change for what exists in game.
  14. Aardvark_1

    wargaming needs fixing

    COOP match right? Snowflake disasters ... someone sailed into your torps in one instance and you fired while rubbing another ship in the next. Join the club ....
  15. The Community Contributors did their job. Those that report to the player base on behalf of WG might not want to just go with the flow in the future. There is nothing wrong with any member of the WG Team adding to those players hoping to try for Puerto Rico .. Heads Up this is the toughest grind we've ever introduced. A little less Wall Street and a little more Main Street couldn't hurt.