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  1. RagingxMarmoset

    Atago or Alaska? What do YOU think?

    Alaska is really good all the time; possibly the best cruiser in the game. Not that Atago is bad, but the only time she gets one over on AK is when she can dump torpedoes. Having a big health pool, being able to bow tank 15” guns, radar stuff, and drop huge salvos from that super-heavy AP are just overwhelming advantages. I have both and if I could only keep one, Alaska stays without a second thought.
  2. RagingxMarmoset

    Edinburgh: JINGLES!!!!!!!

    You know he’s just going to call you Dave, right?
  3. Don’t the updates normally drop on Wednesday?
  4. Just wait, I’ll bring down the average soon enough. By the time I’m done they’ll have to buff the thing.
  5. RagingxMarmoset

    BF 110s on Carriers?

    I thought they weren’t intended to be recovered because they lacked the fuel to make it back. Sure, the whole thing is silly and impractical, but WG is guilty of far more egregious historical licensing.
  6. RagingxMarmoset

    BF 110s on Carriers?

    We launched B-25s from a carrier and those have a 68’ wingspan.
  7. RagingxMarmoset

    Thank You, Happa & WG!

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is an experience you will struggle to forget for the rest of your life.
  8. RagingxMarmoset

    What am I missing here?! This is stupid!

    Do you actually play the game or just worry about what everyone else is doing?
  9. RagingxMarmoset

    Stats do matter

    Who gives a [edited]?
  10. RagingxMarmoset

    Will Radar be re-designed to work as intended?

    As soon as they redesign torpedoes to work as intended.
  11. I guess I’m having fun.
  12. I used to be able to buy a pack of flavor-of-week camouflage. Now I have to buy the assorted camo pack or buy containers. I’ve never bought the assorted pack and I’ve stopped buying containers because the value proposition dwindled. Please let me give you this money I have in exchange for 25 or 50 or 100 of the current hotness. Please?
  13. RagingxMarmoset

    New combat sounds are pretty neat

    I dig it too. Got into a vicious brawl in Massachusetts and they steady clangs, thuds, and explosions were really immersive. Good stuff.
  14. RagingxMarmoset

    Ship XP no longer displayed in port?

    I thought I effed up my settings somehow. This is an annoying change when literally all progress in the goddamn game is based XP.
  15. RagingxMarmoset

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    USS Minnesota huh? Well, I suppose I have something to grind for again.