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  1. An evil payout..

    Dude. What the hell? That's disgusting. How can you expect to recruit evil minions without talking about benefits? Have you any idea how tight the labor market is right now? Honestly...
  2. Musashi... Via coal or Free xp?

    I have the same plan for Alaska/Musashi.
  3. Absolute garbage games.

    Are you bad? I'm bad and it can be frustrating. The cure is getting better, which I'm working on myself. It just kinda sounds like you're blaming poor play on everything else, instead of asking for help for the real issue. Maybe I'm way off, but I'm an old guy and I read people pretty well. Open your stats up and let these folks help.
  4. Should I sell tier IX ships?

    If you don't play them then you might as well free up the credits. It's not like you can't buy them back later if you get the itch to run them again.
  5. Massachusetts Secondary Build

    Your Massachusetts captain could be interchangeable with the American light cruiser. I run PT, AR, SI, AFT, IFHE, and CE. The extra heal you get from Superintendent is far more valuable than the marginal increase in rate of fire from BFT, especially if you're up close and bashing faces.
  6. That's awesome! The credits and XP you can farm against tier VIII ships is fantastic. I'm always a little disappointed when I take out the Grand Old Lady and it's not at least a tier VII soiree.
  7. Change USN Capt. John Doe name

    You know, as much as a fan I would be of a premium USS Washington, there are bigger holes to fill than a third tier VIII priemium American battleship.
  8. Pretty sure it's happened a total of one time. Turned out at the wrong time against an Amagi while driving New Orleans. Things got messy.
  9. Does anyone play Arms Race?

    If they make it so you can grind Legendary modules and event stuff, people would play it. Theres no point right now. Tiers IX and X require too much "work" to throw away game time in a mode that doesn't count toward anything.
  10. Best Secondary Ship?

    Massachusetts is arguably the best secondary focused ship in the game. Highly recommended.
  11. 300% Doubloon offer!?!

    Did they? What are the sales numbers for people who have previously purchased since the event ended? I'm curious to look over the data.
  12. Is the Boise good?

    I think you need practice and IFHE. I'm a garbage player and I've got a 53% win rate and 52k average damage. She's a gudbote. With IFHE you'll start to see those 5-7k HE volleys, and a reasonable rate of fire starting
  13. Any idea when Arsenal ships will change?

    I hope not soon. I want Musashi, but it's a slow process accumulating coal. My free xp is set aside for Alaska.