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  1. RagingxMarmoset

    How to escape trouble in a cruiser?

    This happens to me often and usually in my post match analysis I think, “I really shouldn’t have been there.” I think that’s what it comes down to: staying out of no-win situations. Easier said than done, I’m afraid.
  2. This might be the worst post on this entire site. Well done.
  3. RagingxMarmoset

    More Victorian Camos in RN Cruisers Part II?

    Seems reasonable. I’d really like if they could be earned via the event.
  4. RagingxMarmoset

    Yes Yes At Last Finally Its Here

    Republique is damned by 32mm playing all over. Most IFHE cruisers don’t even need fires to melt her.
  5. RagingxMarmoset

    Yes Yes At Last Finally Its Here

    The Soviet battleship line is a super easy grind, you’ll have fun.
  6. RagingxMarmoset

    Is anyone else happy?

    I’m always happy. I went through some unspeakable tragedy a couple years ago; nothing happening in a video game will move me off of the small but important peace I’ve found in the world.
  7. RagingxMarmoset

    Albemarle - CS or SGM3

    I went with Concealment. Detectability falls to 9.8km. I’ll play another 10 or so matches and switch to SGM3 and see how I feel.
  8. If you look hard enough, you can see anything you want.
  9. RagingxMarmoset

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    It’s a cruiser not a missile boat. You’re thinking of krasnyy oktyabr.
  10. RagingxMarmoset

    What's the play style for Soviet DDs?

    Kleber got her concealment nerfed by a [edited]kilometer. I know she was strong but jesus, that seems huge.
  11. RagingxMarmoset

    What's the play style for Soviet DDs?

    Quickly dispatched the first four tiers. Having a blast in Podvoisky now. I'm running Ovechkin with PT, LS, BFT, AFT, and IFHE. The last two will be AR when I get them. People are desperate to shoot you and the speed, muzzle velocity, and range keep you out of trouble and a huge pain in the [edited].
  12. RagingxMarmoset

    What's the play style for Soviet DDs?

    Would you take IFHE ahead of concealment if you only have 10 points to spare?
  13. I've been looking for a break from battleship and cruiser play and thought the Red destroyers looked entertaining. I get that torpedo range is "suicide kilometers", so are they primarily a gunboat and harasser? They don't seem to have a lot of the normal tools for cap control either. Is a light cruiser mindset correct?