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  1. RagingxMarmoset

    Jingles out as CC

    Edit: From his Twitter. Message was originally posted in the CC Discord.
  2. They’ve done a nice job weaponizing the grind. I’ll sit this one out.
  3. Everyone gets the same matchmaking as you. If it’s rigged, it’s against every player, which is dumb.
  4. RagingxMarmoset

    Mass or wujing

    Massachusetts is a must-have and will be gone soon. If they never bring Wujing back, you can grind up the French tech tree and play her for free. Not even a question, in my opinion.
  5. Did they announce it for a particular time? I didn’t see it in the wiki either.
  6. I know her acceleration was kicked in the teeth, but how has she fared since then? Is IFHE still recommended as well?
  7. RagingxMarmoset

    PLEASE don't learn to play new ships in Ranked

    Better ranked than co-op. I don’t want them torpedoing me.
  8. RagingxMarmoset

    Buffs for Vampire II

    I feel just slightly over 122% sure that she will be available for research bureau points.
  9. RagingxMarmoset

    What T10 BB has the best acceleration?

    The Kremlin feels like it really steps out. I don’t have Bourgogne so I can’t speak to that. Edit: Upon inspection, Kremlin delivers 280,000 shaft horsepower. The next highest is Republique at 220,000. Nothing else is even within 100,000 horsepower.
  10. RagingxMarmoset

    Why am I locked at 30fps?

    Laptop is plugged in.
  11. RagingxMarmoset

    Why am I locked at 30fps?

    Same. Set to 60. How odd.
  12. RagingxMarmoset

    Why am I locked at 30fps?

    Just downloaded the mod pack and set the limiter to 60. No change.
  13. RagingxMarmoset

    Why am I locked at 30fps?

    I’ve played at 75fps for a few years now. Today I noticed things looked odd and started checking settings. Everything looked right except that in game I see no higher than 30fps. What would have caused the change and how do I fix it?
  14. RagingxMarmoset

    Should I buy Massachusetts? Help with FOMO!

    If by “new thing” you mean “marketing tactic employed by literally every company (including gaming software companies) since things started being sold for currency”, then yes, that is accurate.
  15. RagingxMarmoset

    Woow I'm very suprise on my 20 mega crates!!!!

    Here’s the original post. Thankfully I saved it for 3 upvotes on Reddit: