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  1. XurMP

    ST, Z-35, German aircraft carriers.

    Aw sheet please ignore this, I accidentally duplicated the reply
  2. XurMP

    ST, Z-35, German aircraft carriers.

    Do they really? Weaker planes than even Kaga at Tier 10 feels extremely bad and the damage output doesn't seem out of the norm either... Sure 30k POTENTIAL Rocket damage but is anyone expecting accuracy from a German ship at this point? I would be surprised if they even got one cit per attack run on a Minotaur... Even if the alpha turns out to be unprecedently high and they can rely on their bombers (as the torpedos seem to be literally no more than AA food and free potential damage) both Manfred and the Tier 8 seem extremely weak for their tiers lacking HP, speed and hangar reserves...
  3. XurMP

    ST, Z-35, German aircraft carriers.

    She has literally nerfed GZ planes (both speed and health) to get slightly better bombers (aiming reticle remains to be seen) and questionable rockets, I'm not impressed at all by them considering GZ's are actually quite decent and start a lot of fires... Torpedos are a very bad joke with the extremely low speed and super long aiming distances... Hell all T10 BBs except for Yamato can outrun them, even GK can reach half a knot faster with the spood beest flag... The secondaries are the only saving grace and even though we still don't know if they will get GZ dispersion, if the concealment stays like that it could be an actually viable secondary build, yes viable, not just for the memes The armor of the Tier 10 still has a ton of unanswered questions: will she get armored deck? Will she have Battleship armor on the hull? Hard to hit citadel like Enti? Turtleback? Outside of the hull... How is it even possible that they consider giving WORSE planes than what GZ has to a Tier 10? If you play bad with GZ you can get dangerously low on planes even on Tier 6 matches and Tier 10 ones you are almost guaranteed to run very low on planes by the end of the match if you actually want to do any damage... How can WG even think about nerfing the worst Tier 8 planes (just for example, Kaga DB have 300 more HP than Manfred's while having more than twice the reserves two tiers lower) and expect even Unicum CV player to reach any kind of reasonable damage not in a consistent basis, just once... This planes are beyond bad, they have less HP than even Furious' planes with not high speeds at all... This is a extremely bad joke
  4. XurMP

    ST, Z-35, German aircraft carriers.

    The only good part about this is that MAYBE German DDs will get their deserved 32mm HE pen Now the ship itself... Decent HP, very meh guns and extremely poor torpedos... Is this KMS AL Yukikaze? Does she have the battleship armor on her lower hull or just like Kaga she gets nerfed armor? Ooooh yes this is the interesting part, GZ here comes your bigger brother Fair enough, it even looks way stealthier than it should be Ouch that health and speed... That is NOT fast planes and the HP is even worse than Tier 8 planes... The armament remains to be seen but I don't have much hope for them with the very fragile planes and low reserves... Again below average Tier 8 plane HP with meh speed... In fact they have exactly the same HP as GZ's torpedo bombers but slower speed for some reason... The damage looks good but arms so so far away and did I read that right? 25kts? wth? How do you want anyone to hit something with IJN arming distances and the slowest torpedos in the game...? So barely more damage than GZ planes, slower speed and 300 less HP but always having to fight Tier 10s...? What on earth are this stats...? In fact having a look at all their stats, the Tier 4 seems to be Hosho 2.0 with faster planes and quite decent HP... RIP Tier 4s even more... The Tier 6 looks fairly nice without anything OP or too weak The Tier 8... Is this just a nerfed GZ? Less secondaries and far weaker planes... Also, can you please explain why on earth do they all get 25kts torpedos with long arming distances? Sure, for Tier 4 and even Tier 6 they MAY work but how do you expect people to use 30kts torpedos (taking TA skill as you need the faster torpedo module for the secondaries) vs literally anything at high Tiers? Sure, you may land them on a BB that has the engine disabled from a torpedo but other than that... Landing these with British super short arming distances would be quite challenging but with IJN armining distances? Yeah good luck hitting absolutely anything
  5. XurMP

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Would have been so incredibly awesome... German DDs need A TON of love and your proposed heal plus CL guns would be a good way to help them... Not replacing the 128mm but adding a second option like with Z-23
  6. XurMP

    ST, changes to test ships

    Now consider that it has only 6 shells in the air with average accuracy, 150mm of armor needed to arm the shells and nerfed damage Just by comparation, US 457mm AP has almost 16k alpha, get way way better dispersion plus supercruiser dispersion, a second base faster reload, way way better platforms to use the guns, fast recharging heals and amazing secondaries to deal with DDs... Yeah trading all that's to get a tiny bit more AP alpha and overmatching 32mm? No thank you. Shikishima should get the 27 second reload base without further modifications to the damage as ships like Thunderer and both US BBs get better accuracy, better base reload and crossing next threshold... Shikishima gets the better reload (now) but worse accuracy (due to lacking the legendary) and does no cross a single threshold that Yamato doesn't... Yeah excuse me but the 20k alpha was more than needed It's a shame to see yet another IJN Prem going to the sniper side... Many of us though that the reduced secondary range was just a very temporal thing and they would give her way more range to match GK of even Republique together with a protected citadel or a superheal like the old Yamato has but nope! Here, to all that though of a IJN Ohio we can forget that idea... We are getting a sidegraded Yamato but not Des Moines like, Z-52 like...
  7. XurMP

    ST, changes to test ships

    Well yes but not always Things like Georgia started as a Toyota (IMHO the very first version needed small buffs and would be ready) and ended up as a F1 race car with railguns that make Yamato look like GK in terms of accuracy. Sure that's a rare example and yes generally it's the case The exceptions being of course German ships period and Japanese Prems... They sometimes start testing as a little paper boat made from a 5 year old and end up released as what's left of the same poor folded paper after being in water for a few hours, sometimes is the other way around and go from the remainings to the folded paper... I'm obviously not talking about the looks, holy damn German ships always look extremely cool and the graphic team needs a raise no matter how much they earn but it's a shame that the balans team always ruin what the graphic guys so wonderfully recreated...
  8. XurMP

    ST, changes to test ships

    Not really, she lost her AP alpha and now it does just slightly more damage than US 457mm AP with worse accuracy AND a much weaker hull to use them on... The reload buff was a given as ALL ships that trade barel count for caliber have better reload than the original ship but not only that, all the other ships also get a overmatch threshold advantage while Shikikama does not... A less accurate Yamato with less guns, barely more sheer alpha and even less secondary range? No thank you, still very much Shittyshima
  9. XurMP

    ST, changes to test ships

    We don't have to, it's already in game and it's called *every OP Russian CA/Large Cruiser with the only balanced one being Kron* Yep, 220mm guns with same pen as 380mm guns, almost 3 times faster reload AND improved angles meanwhile Germany gets 305mm that cannot hit a barn from the inside and absolutely horrible armor despite being supposed to play up close and personal... Good meme WG, now just admit this was a bad joke and HEAVILY buff Odin, Siegfried and Ägir
  10. XurMP

    ST, changes to test ships

    I mean... The reload buff was extremely needed but the AP nerf...? It barely deals more damage than US 457 guns now with worse accuracy so yikes... Could you please be more specific? Just remove her from the game at this point, Siegfried was always utterly crap but now Ägir is even worse...
  11. XurMP


    Not really... Russian players as any other region would likely prefer game balance over OP patriotic ships... You can see it when people objectively complain about Georgia, Benham or Enterprise... Sure there are likely to be some "We WoN tHe WaR gIv StRoNk ShIpS" like some people complain about Georgia being underpowered somehow but most Russian players recognise that there is a high level of B S lately...
  12. XurMP


    You see comrade, we won the war against those pesky Germans so we have the right to be better on every single way with out pixel boats xaxaxaxa Joking aside anti axis hatred started to become crazy since Azuma WIP state... We got Azuma, Yuudachi, Yukikaze, Ägir, Odin, Siegfried and a lot other ships with interesting concepts being ABSOLUTE hot garbage... Hell, now that I think about it, it probably started increasing since the PeF... Not that axis ever had consultant good premiums like every allied country but it's just becoming insanely dumb...
  13. I was wondering the exact same thing today when playing, noticed the AA guns on my Smalland not turning but when I checked small objects and it was active... Not a definitive conclusion whatsoever but probably another removed feature like multiple in game noises, voice lines or things like the visible shells bouncing off your armor but could be just a bug
  14. Azuma is arguably tankier than Yoshino now thanks to the fast cooldown heal and "improved" armor she got with the IFHE rework. She still suffers heavily against big guns but at least she can keep herself alive in a Cruiser duel instead of just melting down like Yoshino does Also... How exactly did you bounce Yamato AP? The only part of Yoshino's armor greater than 32mm is that very small section protecting the rudder so it's very unlikely for the shells to hit there and even more unlikely to notice that around the 2 rear citadels you just ate... Not saying it's impossible, just very unlikely. The only reliable way to """bounce""" big BB guns with Azuma/Yoshino is literally using the 179mm citadel as the "armor" to get pens but hopefully not citadel'ed to hell Hindi needs to have her tanking role back... I agree if she was basically a mini GK with 203mm guns she could be a very interesting Large Cruiser but things like Henri IV fit way more in the category... Still, could be argued that Hindi and Moskva are a tad bit more than CAs Completely agree, Salem is a heavily underrated beast that has a Super Heal instead of 1.5km more radar... If you don't play her like a radartaur and use the radar mainly to kill smoked cruisers like Mino or Smol... My goodness she is insanely good. Also the passive heal of Ranks was extremely helpful, I did most of the grinding with her and Moskva and they both worked excellently The main issue is the armor and they have buffed armor in extremely rare occasions if ever (the only example I can think off is Moskva but it was after she got released so...) Also if buffs need to be applied is always best to get them during test phases, things like Ashitaka took over 2 years to get buffs and Azuma or Yuudachi are still waiting for much needed buffs that may never come... I had been saving FXP for a long while but when I noticed Alaska being in the Black Friday... Well no reason to waste FXP anymore. I own both Missouri and Alaska and would recommend the Alaska, they are quite different but overall I think Alaska is superior... It's weird because I have had 3 triple Dev Strike games and several Kraken with Missouri on very limited play time with her yet her horrible rudder kills all the fun for me... Although the best Tier 9 US ship is by far Georgia, that thing is INSANELY good... IMHO: 1. Georgia 2. Benham . . . 3. Alaska . 4. Missouri The dots are supposed to be huge steps in performance or fun factor, hope it's not too confusing Yeah we all know how awful it was handled and probably many of us expected WG to rectify and change it before the Xmas season ended but we all know what happened... That aside and focusing on the ship alone... She is strong as hecc, not OP as the guns can let you down a little bit but that SHAP and the tankiness are something no other cruiser can offer... Not even Alaska can get away with showing broadside to literally any ship and that AP... My goodness that AP is literally to die for
  15. How are you comparing Stalingrad to Azuma or Hindenburg...? Azuma and Yoshino have extremely bad armor, you get absolutely smashed from any angle from any BB gun (several times GK's doing over 30k damage overmatching my stern at over 18km away). The guns are decent enough but the AP even though it's decent on paper, fails miserably in practice... HE is also meh... Sure it has good damage but the WHY ON EARTH STALINGRAD HAS MORE FIRE CHANCE THAN THE HE LARGE CRUISERS?! They are basically the [edited] sisters to Thunderer as the latter has far better HE and AP, actual armor and extreme consistency. The only redeeming point of the IJN Large Cruisers is the surprisingly good AA, you slap DefAA plus fighters to them and they absolutely demolish even Haku DB Hindenburg... Is not a Large Cruisers at all but how is she compared to Stalingrad? Sure, from around 12km or closer she is quite tanky and has 5 heals but... Salem exists. Salem may has worse armor but shares the same 27mm bow to laugh bowtanking JB or Borgougne with twice as fast reload, extremely good AP with pretty good HE and to top it all the wonderful superheal... Sure, Salem doesn't have torpedos or turtleback but those are trades I'm more than willing to do, Salem is a underated beast Henri IV: She is the only tech tree Large Cruiser and she was extremely good against Stalingrad with IFHE but now? The engine boost shenanigans are finally gone and IFHE would ruin her fire chance so... She is more of a questionable check rather than a counter like before Siegfried/Ägir: Are you even joking? Those two ships are BY FAR the worst Large Cruisers, even worse than Azuma as the IJN one can at least throw HE at stuff. Siegfried is a extremely poor man's Georgia... For some reason the reload is the same even if the caliber is night and day, 380mm guns took a massive hit with the IFHE rework and Siegfried's hull is utterly garbage, eating citadels left right and center... Talking about the hull... Ägir shares it and know what? She also gets smashed from every direction... Also what's the point when Alaska exists? Ägir is literally a extremely nerfed Alaska, without the extremely good AP, much worse armor and complete lack of team utility, not even spotter/fighter... Oh yeah and now it has Konigsberg range so go figure Alaska: She is a good ship, insane AP, good HE, pretty decent accuracy and quite tanky, as many people said Tier 9.5 . That said, I would take Georgia over her any day of the week, Georgia is just a Tier 10 in a Tier 9 icon, extremely good guns, best Secondaries in game, 40kts, awesome heal, fast reload on all armament and the ability to delete any BB in game that is not German with extreme ease Puerto Rico: Not a bad ship AT ALL. Sure, her guns can be wonky at times but her 12 gun broadside with that extremely good AP makes it all worth it... You can easily chunk 18k from BBs at any range and citadel them from close ranges. The HE is a bit lackluster but only worth it on bow on BBs or to smash DDs. Her AA is very very solid with DefAA (the only ship I could reliably shot down planes in ranked after two or more heals for the enemy CV) and the armor is just wonderful. You won't get citadel, period. I have played a decent amount with her and I probably ate citadels once or twice. Sure, having only 4 heals is a bit though specially if you are like me and absolutely adore brawling but she gets the job done very very well. I would play PR over Alaska any day but not over Georgia or Benham...