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  1. Fully agree with you. Sure, many people are freaking out for the 40 torpedo soups but every single aspect of the ship is beyong bad even by Tier 8 standards. The guns are bad to the point that even a Shimakaze will gun you down The AA is Tier IV levels of AA (although this is far) Less HP than SE Harugumo Armor that gets overmatched by Henri and bigger guns so only really works Vs close and medium range BB shells Awesome stealth for a CL but absotely garbage for a DD which she might as well be Torpedos that are litarally nerfed Yuudachi torps as these reload WAY slower Now, if she was right now a Tier 8 then MAYBE she would be decent but at Tier 10? She's literally the ship we had back in the day at Tier 8 just with worse torpedos and better smokes as all Tier 9 and 10 Cruisers get a heal. Not only that but in those 3 years the powercreep bad been insane and cruisers are no exception. WG seriously fcked up here. If they give her the Type 93 torpedos with a good reload (roughly 100 seconds base) and maybe a superheal she may be actually decent. The issues with that is at that point you are better taking off a Halland or Benham. It's a one trick pony and her single trick is absolutely garbage right now. However if they buff her too much we may have a Benham 2.0
  2. XurMP

    Enterprise ever coming back?

    She is probably going to come back VERY SOON 1. If you go to the news and to the Easter Egg contest. Then if you go to the reward for 1st price you see it's Tier VIII premium containers. The only removed ship that is in the price pool is the Enterprise. Belfast or Kutozov are missing 2. The recent AP bomb nerf is pretty self explanatory 3. 5th anniversary is next update so it wouldn't be weird to see Enti coming back as well Just speculation but if you don't own one... Well I think you will be able to get one very soon
  3. XurMP

    Ships you never see anymore

    Yukikaze is probably one of the rarest one to see... The only time I see one is when I'm feeling massochist enough to sail mine into 12km radars and Midway Tiny Tims with her 8km torps and 9km guns... Such amazing little ship that gets outranged by all radars except Salem's and Atalanta's... Even Vs Tier 6 ships any other Tier 8 DD would do better simply because if you miss your torpedos, you have to wait a stupid amount of time to get them back despite being short range weapons... Also... What's the point on the Type 3 torpedos when French torpedoes exist? Almost same speed, also high damage but the French ones reload way way faster and they all have more launchers so more fishes in the water... Kebler can be played as a pseudo Benham with insane firepower while playing Yukikaze, Yugumo or Shima with those torps is almost for extreme massochists only...
  4. XurMP

    PT 0.9.7, balance changes

    Not sure to what degree they are balance changes but welcome changes nevertheless, thanks
  5. IIRC it was near the begging of spring and they stated that they will come again in no less than 6 months so they should come roughly around October. It's not super soon but we are going to very likely have A TON of ships coming for Coal so better save as much as possible right now
  6. XurMP

    BF 110s on Carriers?

    Wait no I think you misunderstood... I was talking only about what you can do on that other tank / airplane / naval game developed by a company with a snail for icon for some reason if you type the name it gets hidden In real life it's obviously impossible to land at Mach 1, all I was saying is that it's a funny thing to mess with on tests flights with supersonic jets that have tail hooks on that said game
  7. XurMP

    BF 110s on Carriers?

    You can literally take a Phantom and aproach a carrier at near Mach 1, deploy the gear around 3 seconds before making contact with the carrier so the hook also goes down but the gear doesn't get destroyed by the air and after a few tries you can manage to not just crash into the carrier and get repaired. It's one of those absolutely stupid but nevertheless fun things to do on tests flights
  8. XurMP

    Azur Lane mod camouflages?

    As a owner of Kaga and Graf Zeppelin cammo in WoWs Blitz I can tell you two things: 1. They looks awesome as hecc 2. They sadly have very low quality even when maxed settings so if they were to add them to PC, they would most likely have to create them from scrap or HEAVILY improve them That said... It's sad that WoWs part of the Collab is always so pathetic and just a cash grab... You literally can have all the voices with a simple mod and the commanders can be also "added" through mods so paying the ridiculous price tags is beyond stupid if you are not either extremely wealthy or a extremely hardcore collectionist that wants every single byte of the game. Azur Lane brings 6 this time 5, RIP hopes of Hakuryu :( new ships with very very strong or straight out OP combat capabilities, new gears that often are best in class or top performers and lots of hype. All for free. Meanwhile from WG we get extremely overpriced [edited] Kagero clones, pretty much copy pasted Cleveland. Both have decent camos but nowhere near the amazing models of WoWsB. And just to finish off the awesome deal, we have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for duplicated voiceovers... Are you kidding us WG? These collabs happen once every year, you have PLENTY of time to create the amazing 3D models or just improve the visuals of what the WoWsB team has already done. You could also try and imitate Azur Lane and give the camos as a reward for playing enough certain classes of certain nations just like the PR Grinds on Azur Lane. Hell, if you want money you can just put a 6 month limit for the grind and if someone doesn't finish them in time, pay the 6k doubloons like any other special cammo.
  9. XurMP

    BF 110s on Carriers?

    If I leaned anything from playing What Thunder modified name because for some reason the name gets banned is that with a tail hook anything can be a carrier aircraft, you can land with jets going at almost Mach 1 and magically get accelerated in seconds without any visible catapult. Of course it's just a joke, as far as I know the Bf 110 could be used in naval fights but not deployed from carriers if Germany had completed the Graf Zeppelin. Also... Weren't Bf 110s responsible for sinking some German DDs confusing them for British DDs or am I mistaking them for He 111? Not sure, I'm very far from knowing anything more than the basics of the historical naval warfare of WW2
  10. Well yes but the rate would have to be MUCH LOWER Personally I have almost 600.000 coal and only missing the Marceau for coal so if it was a 1 to 10 I would get almost 60k steel and that's just not fair to the people who grind this lifes off in the hell that are Ranked and Clan Battles. That said, with a 50 coal = 1 steel then there is a chance that WG will do that Also let's remember that Black, Neutrashimi, Flint and Pommern are going to come for coal relatively soon so that's probably almost 700k coal if you buy them all. Also with Shikishima just being released and FRD probably coming soon, it's going to be either coal or more unlikely RB. Also Kitakami probably will come in roughly 4 months and it would be almost criminal if a ship so wanted for everyone and their mother was not released for coal so everyone can get it. TLDR: Just save your coal right now, TONS of ships with potential to be coal are coming relatively soon
  11. XurMP

    21 German containers and no CV.

    Same here, one day and 12k Free XP but no German CV and it's the only line I wanted to line since I grinded the Harugumo back in the release. I don't like CVs but it's German and the Tier 10 it's called like the Red Baron, that's enough in my book to grind it
  12. They were meant to be AP and AA DDs that could bully others in caps Yeah... That aged as well as milk... AP is an absolute joke with the extremely low pen, complete lack of improved angles / reduced arming time, overpenning most DDs and shattering on everything... What does Z-52's AP have over Kebler's or Daring's? Tiny bit better damage? Wow such good trade... AA in the early rework days was actually pretty decent, not any AA monster but the mid range aura had 9 flaks so if you lured the planes into your mid range before activating you AA, it was a nasty surprise for the planes but now? Yeah, as much of a joke as everyone's AA. Cap contesting can be pulled off with two conditions: 1. No radar near 2. No CV spotting you Yeah, not exactly common in today's T10 meta... Also those are the original things Z-52 was good at, now Daring has way higher DPM with very Minotaur AP and strong HE, fast reloading smokes, heals, more base HP because balans, more AA, also hydro that is far better for keeping you save from torpedos, extreme agility AND better concealment for even more balans... What's the point on Z-52 when Daring exists? It does everything Z-52 does but better. Also can we take a second to appreciate how extremely minimal of a improvement Z-52 is over Z-46? Almost same HP, same guns with different placement, 0.5km more range on the torps and... That's pretty much it... One of the main reason Z-52 feels so weak it's because it's a Tier 9 with modified gun placement, that's it...
  13. XurMP

    PT 0.9.6, balance changes

    Hakuryu and Enterprise nerfs are more than necessary (coming from a owner of both) and the general nerf to AP bombs is quite nice, it will make ships like German Battleships a tiny bit less painful because at least with cruisers in lost cases you can turn and make the bombs hit less. Overall a pretty good change However two things... 1. Why you are nerfing GZ? The Bombers are already the most unreliable weapon system in game, even Mikasa can land hits more consistently... The 15% reduction to the aiming time won't do anything because even if you drop it from point blank with the reticle fully aimed, the bombs tend to land on the sides of the ship even if you are dropping on CVs or Battleships... 2. So are you going to leave HE bombs as they are? Specially the American HE bombs that Lexington and Midway get that can deal 15k damage and set triple fires relatively often...? They also can hit DDs and if they are lucky delete a third of the HP in a single strike... Don't get me wrong, AP bombs are stupidly powerful but the American HE Dive Bombers are also quite stupidly broken... If you want to leave them as they are, make them like Kaga HE bombs, with less damage and fire change on top of the wonky dispersion. Hell, Kaga's HE Bombs are quite bad but way better to face as they often miss and when they hit it's not ridiculous damage or almost garanteed fire. It's like comparing Conqueror/Thunderer HE with Montana's HE, still annoying but not nearly as stupidly broken. Also HE carpet bombs are also quite decently balanced considering all other bombs, they do little damage and are "easy to dodge" with light ships but can set good amount of fires. TLDR: Please don't nerf GZ even further and HE bombs, specially Lexington's and Midway's also need a reduction in either damage, fire change or both.
  14. XurMP

    ST 0.9.6, new ships

    I meant more in the way of what is this thing in game as it's objectively a better Bufalo but a Tier lower, I personally don't care if they add paper ships or real ones but thanks for sharing what could be the basis for this ship
  15. XurMP

    ST 0.9.6, new ships

    What the actual f is the Anchorage...? Holy sheet that thing has American 203mm which are extremely good thanks to the totally not OP AP and very strong HE with 12 of them... That would be already stretching it out for a Tier 8 even with the Atago ish reload but then also Fletcher torpedos AND American Smoke? WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING WG That thing as it is would dumpsters most T9 Cruisers... Give it a heal, cut the reload a few seconds and it's a Tier 10... Please for all the vodka in the world, don't pull out a Georgia/Benham/Massachusetts/Ohio and nerf this thing right now, those stats are stronger than most if not all Tier 9 cruisers...