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  1. XurMP

    Another German BB line buff?

    Would be awesome and it's completely needed but... It's WG so if they give German DDs another buff will take a very long while to get it, just look at Z-52... Completely powercreeped by Kebler (in AP power) and specially Daring in every single way and still not the slightest sign of love for the KMS Lolibotes? That already exists and it's called russian DCP but will the Germans get that, the fast reloading heal of the brawler US BBs or a improved heal? No, of course not. It's WG so for them to give them such a important buff would require a entire line of Premium German BBs so they can sell more of them.
  2. XurMP

    Yashima the new HE monster?

    To make it reasonably able to brawl Yashima needs this and a boost to turret traverse I'm a crazy hooman and tend to brawl with Yamato (secondary build) but it's incredibly risky and if you time the angling even a second late or too soon the a pretty nice dev strike is coming your way. It can be done but holy ship you need to be so incredibly good at brawling and not commit a single mistake or you are dead. 27 kts for a brawler is really bad as turning cuts BB speed by a metric ton so the speed boost would be quite decent although not a must. The superheal or at very least fast reloading one would be completely fine as Yamato hull is quite weak so its very easy to punish. 8km base secondaries may be too much as even German BBs have 7.6 base but I don't understand why it cannot have that, 7km seems like a completely arbitrary nerf that makes no sense.
  3. XurMP

    Yashima the new HE monster?

    Not really, Yashima has way lower fire chance than Thunderer (67% to 40%), two less guns, relatively similar accuracy, 100 less damage per HE shell AND 9 seconds slower reload If you want to use HE Yashima you are better off using Thunderer... If anything Yashima is a [edited] Musashi (not Yamato), 33% less shells with a obscenely slow reload that will overmatch every single cruiser and will only be decent against enemy BBs. Why do I say that it's more similar to Musashi? Because Musashi with the relatively bad dispersion also tends to overmatch cruisers instead of citadeling so you want to be closer to the enemy than what you need with Yamato laser guns. Also Musashi has more secondaries than Yamato so that's another reason. The ONLY good part stat wise about Yashima is the 20k AP damage and the relatively decent AA/Secondaries but does that offset the complete lack of DPM and total irrelevancy of the 510mm? Not at all, Yashima will need AT LEAST Yamato reload to be effective. Georgia and Thunderer get both improved accuracy and reload together with overmatching another threshold so it makes absolutely no sense that Yashima gets worse dispersion (due to the lack of legendary), insanely slow reload AND not a single advantage in overmatching...
  4. XurMP

    ST, New ships

    > Siegfried lost in development hell for having awful armor in a """""brawling""""" ship "Let's copy the same awful hull and put nerfed Alaska guns on it because muh German ships" - Probably the guy that came up with Agir
  5. Uh what...? It will overmatch 35mm wich means absolutely nothing as the next threshold is 38mm If anything it seems underpowered because you give up a metric ton of reload and 33% of the shells to get slightly better alpha... They NEED to keep or even improve Yamato's reload in the same way Thunderer and Georgia are both more accurate and reload faster than the Tech Tree counterparts with more guns. I don't see them giving it better accuracy than Yamato so they positively need to give it better reload or it will be just a joke. 35 seconds is REALLY slow and the only ship with that insanely slow reload is Emperor Nikolai at Tier 4 that has 12 guns. As is stands is just a worse Yamato (maybe even worse Musashi) because it just shoots way less shells into the enemies without being more tanky, accurate or real any other real advantage. It has better AA for sure but IJN AA breaks with just looking at it so does it really matter? Also when was the last time your Minotaur or Worcester AA stopped a competent Haku bomb run? Yeah, this ain't gonna be better.
  6. XurMP

    ST, New ships

    You are correct, it overmatches 35mm which means it can... Do nothing better than Yamato regarding guns They need to give it Georgia/Thunderer treatment and make having less guns be compensated with higher alpha AND better reload because slower then Rusky BBs with only 6 guns is so dumb... If the armor is improved (mainly the cheeks with additional armor or the citadel shape gets fixed) it would be fine to keep Yamato's reload but any higher than the 9 gun legend would be so dumb... Like for real... Thunderer and Georgia get to overmatch 30mm while Conqueror and Iowa cannot and they both get the faster reload AND improved accuracy so really makes no sense to slap a 35 seconds reload on this thing... I really hope this starts like Thunderer being just a worse Conqueror (Yamato in this case) but gets fixed to be useful because that reload really makes no sense... PLEASE WG NO MORE CRAPPY IJN PREMIUMS
  7. XurMP

    ST, New ships

    Wait is it? Guess I'm too used to see Yamato with legendary and the other accuracy module so I forgot the base value... My bad my bad But the 35 seconds reload is just too slow... Like come on it's only 6 guns that overmatch 35mm (they would need to overmatch 38 to be more useful than Yamato's). Sure it's higher alpha but Georgia and Thunderer also have way higher calibers and better reloads compared to Conqueror and Iowa because they both have less guns... Cannot see why A-150 cannot get the same treatment... Hell, Thunderer and Georgia get overmatch advantages but A-150 doesn't compared to their tech tree counterparts so it only makes sense to have even faster reload...
  8. XurMP

    ST, New ships

    Ay yis... It was around a week ago that some people and me where discussing how the promise to keep Yamato as the biggest guns was a miracle that still was not broken... Poor fool we were... So basically you lose 3 guns, lose reload and become less accurate to gain... Caliber? That's not how it works WG... If you want to remove guns give us accuracy and reload like you did with Thunderer and Georgia... The secondaries look pretty much the same but the AA... Holy cow I'm in love with that, IJN really needs a AA BB cof cof fix Kii cof cof Although I hope you incready the module HP or it will have the same issue Yamato has that the AA breaks with anything. Quite Yamato looking, no issue here Overall it's nice to see A-150 for the first bigger caliber than Yamato instead of some Russian sketch but the guns... Sure the caliber is intimidating af but come on, give it the reload advantage and keep Yamato dispersion... Also... if I'm not mistaken A-150 was even more heavily armored than Yamato class so PLEASE either add armor on the cheeks kind of like Soviet BBs or fix the citadel shape... If it's more tanky than Yamato then there is a argument to make the guns worse Radar DD at Tier 8...? I hope you balance this one right... This looks like a Cossack with less guns so might work So... More Cossack but with the usual Sweedish torpedos? No big issue here, could work 1 flak with no Smoke and removing the extra two flaks module...? You want to make this even easier for CVs than french DDs...? All I see here is Harakaze forced to use the Midway secondaries setup... Z23 hydro? This could be very interesting on a IJN DD... Could make for a very good ship if this is enough to make up for all the other bad stuff, definitely worth a look Soooooo... Two German sausages at T9 or Siegfried just got scrapped? Using same hull is really not a good thing... Why 22 seconds reload? The alpha seems quite low for both ammo types... 6km and only one launcher per side... Sigh... Let's hope for better firing angles than Siegy... Same issue as Siegfried... Too low amount to be relevant although this could be a bit more usable Not amazing, not awful... Guess this is just fine So same as Siegfried but without the choice for DefAA or any plane? Also why only 4 heals? The entire "durability" gimmick of KMS CAs is having 5 heals...
  9. XurMP

    ST, Upgrades changes

    Alright, fair enough Quite good, will make Benham torpedos even more deadly and hard to destroy 5% seems very crappy, 5kts would be WAY better This could be very interesting for German BBs with their AWFUL detection although this completely negates the advantage of deep water torps... Not sure of this is good or bad Cannot see it being very useful but might be decent on some specific builds, 10% faster cooldown would be way better Does this include fighters or only speedboost and heal? Uh very interesting... Nice to see secondaries and AA getting some love although will be hard to justify the lose of DPM for it Perfect, best chance of this all I guess? It would be very nice on Minotaur because those 76mm break just looking at them but Mino doesn't get DefAA so... YES! Finally a change that we have requested FOR YEARS, THANKS! No... Please don't destroy DD AA even more... Those 2 flaks made DD live a bit less painful against rocket planes and sector with DD AA does nothing and while already reloading very fast... Please don't... Keep the 2 flaks... So... Can we use DefAA upgrade on Yuubari now? I won't help much but just for curiosity
  10. XurMP

    The Azuma

    Well not really, her dispersion is MUCH worse than any other high tier IJN CA (hell, even worse than Yamato's). Azuma when she got nerf hammered to T9 got 1 buff: Zao accuracy but it later got removed because reasons... I REALLY want IJN CBs to be good but Azuma and Yoshino are sadly just bad, ships that can only fill one rol and even then they are HEAVILY outclassed by things that are not even long range HE spammers like Moines or Hindenburg... It's not only the armor... Azuma lacking torpedos, both of their horrendous armor profiles, complete inhability to push, incredibly bad AP, questionable dispersion and so much more just to get... Decent HE (Stalingrad gets better Fire Chance because reasons) and... Decent AA when equipped with DefAA? Yet again, it's a IJN prem on WG's universe so it's only natural for them to be bad, the painful and sad reality we have to deal with...
  11. Retrofit T7 Yamashiro ( to not have two Fuso) could be the BCV we have waited for so long, hell Ise exists in WoWs Blitz and works that way
  12. XurMP

    No news on Siegfried

    Meanwhile Georgia has the same number of guns but with a MUCH higher caliber which means WAY more damage per hit, Siegfried cannot run secondary build because she has too little secondary guns to be even remotely viable while Georgia get's best in game secondaries with German range, insane reload and accuracy. Georgia is also faster being a BB because reasons and has WAY better healing power... Did I miss anything? Oh! The armor is also way better. I consider Georgia a T10 ship with a T9 icon but comparing the two 6 gunned large ships (DDs obviously don't count) is like comparing Belfast to Emerald instead to Fiji, it just makes absolutely no sense that one get all the good stuff while the other has been awful since she came out. The issue is that Emerald is a T5 and Belfast is a T7 and to top it all, Emerald has the torpedos and heals over Belfast while Siegfried has... Better esthetics?
  13. XurMP

    No news on Siegfried

    Get your hopes down, she will sadly be another VU but more similar to a big Yahagi... WG simply doesn't care about making axis ship relevant, it took them YEARS to buff German BBs (that only affect ships with more than 8 guns aka GK and Scharn as with 8 shells the buff is almost impossible to notice), the DDs are worst in class specially at high tiers and the CAs have been also powecreeped... Be ready to an Azuma 2.0 when WG suddenly drops a clearly unfinished axis ship in the armory and expects everyone to be happy "because muh accurate German guns" SO MUCH THIS! SIEGFRIED SHOULD JOIN HOOD AND AMAGI UNDER THE BB ICON, NOT AS A FCKING CRUISER THAT SHE WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE! Cruisers are actually divided between CAs and CLs for the caliber of their guns and never for their armor... As an example, some Royal Navy CAs where incredibly underarmored for their CA status yet having 203mm guns they were Heavy Cruisers. Also PLEASE don't even think for a second the armor WG gave Siegfried is what she was meant to have irl, she had WAY better armor, specially a 50mm deck that is nowhere to be seen in game and a 179mm armor belt that was not specified but in game barely even reaches the waterline which makes absolutely no sense given how tall the armor belt was on similar ships like Gneisenau. It would be a good BattleCruiser for T8 but as is stands is like taking a Colorado, removing literally 75% of the side armor, giving it more accurate guns, slapping a Tier 9 tag on it and calling it a day, this is just fcking stupid... Wait what? They only two good things it had were the heal that she should have never lost and the 8km torpedos that she lost because reasons, she still had the massive issue of the armor being absolutely crap, being smashed all day on the nose, any AP fully arming her her sides and to top it all, very meh Bismarck guns that even tho accurate, they are still essentially worsened JB ones. The first version was underpowered as hell but it was the best we had in all the testing... Sounds familiar to when Azuma got her stats smashed into T9 but gained good accuracy and then she lost it because reasons Look what happended to poor Lutjens, WG just doesn't care about KMS or IJN, they have proven that over and over again over the years yet people still have faith on them...
  14. XurMP

    Your opinion about 1x1 ranked

    Short answer: Loved it, more of that pls. Long answer: Without taking into account all the variations of crazy torpedobeats and arms race modes we had, this is the best "realistic" mode we ever had. It's fun, you depend ONLY on yourself so team don't make you lose games and reversed. Very easy to grind trough if you are skilled and the best of all... German ships can finally shine like they did back in the very early days, except for Z23, every single German ship is the best in class choice... Tirpitz/Bismack just dominate everything, Eugen/Hipper finally get the chance to shine and Graf Zeppelin finally has something where she can use her strengths while her awful planes can work because it's just one ship to kill. PLEASE WG KEEP THIS FORMAT, YOU HAD COME UP WITH A TON OF GOOD IDEAS LIKE THE TORPEDOBEATS, ARMS RACE AND THIS BUT YOU ALWAYS TAKE IT AWAY FROM THE GAME, PLEASE KEEP THE GOOD MODES!
  15. XurMP

    Absolutely Loving Yoshino!

    IMHO this is the only true good about her, with DefAA even Haku will take heavy plane loses thanks to the awesome 100mm AA, I personally carry Fighters because DefAA likes to be in cooldown when planes come again, range is already quite good as it is Accurate may be a bit of a exageration... It's not bad but Yamato with or without legendary gets slightly better dispersion (not the number of meters, but she has more sigma and tbh feels more consistent), Stalingrad has more Fire chance and a absurd 0.6 extra sigma while PR gets the extra 3 guns (tbh PR guns are a tad worse than Yoshino's). The HE is not amazing, 1.7k damage per HE hit in a completely unsaturated spot is not bad but hard to call great... The 27% fire chance is decent but yet again things like Stalingrad have better with better accuracy and actually amazing AP. Overall, guns are a tad better than Azuma's thanks to the extra range and 1.5s faster reload but not enough to make up for the complete lack of armor... Good AP...? Play some more with it and you will start to get the WAY more common awful salvos of just overpening broadside cruisers and bouncing every single shoot on broadside BBs... It can work at longer ranges to hit some broadside cruisers with plunging fire and to overmatch RN CLs/Smolensk armor but won't be useful for anything else... You have to get under 7km to even have a chance to citadel the easy citadel BBs like Yamasushi and even then you will most likely bounce for some reason I cannot comprehend (89 degree Yamato, under 4km, AP with the 9 guns, 6 hits and not even pens, just shatters and a overpen on the 32mm nose)... I got Alaska B during the Black Friday and holy cow that's actual useful AP, after having a taste of that Super Heavy AP I haven't loaded AP with Yoshino or Azuma a single time for anything else that Minotaurs or Smolensk... Let's not even talk about Stalingrad's AP because that would be just making suffer too much the poor IJN CBs... Sheer speed is good, 34kts is as you said excellent. Turning circle is larger than Yamato's for some reason and the rudder shift is faster on some BBs... Sure you have 30mm armor but with so many 457mm guns out there it makes no difference whatsoever... Yesterday had a game when a GK camping (yes that's a thing) overmatched my stern 3 times at 17km+ getting 20k salvos each time with only his front guns... Is fast but not enough to dodge like a Mino for example. Hell I consider Azuma WAY more tanky just because of the fast heal that can keep you alive while fighting HE spammer cruisers while Yoshino simply burns down... Yet again she has the SAME concealment as Siegfried (another ship with A LOT of issues) at 11.9 making the way superior 12km torps (it's not actually Zao or Shima torps because they both get quintuple launcher and Yoshino gets quadruple for some reason) suicidal to take. To be fair the 20km ones hit a surprsing amount but not because the torps themselves are good, we all know that many people playing are very clueless and that's why they hit... I don't mean this as a critique to you at all, if you are enjoying Yoshino then HUUUUGE congratulations for enjoying her, it's not a easy task at all, really hope it keeps that way for a long time I LOVE IJN ships, they are by far my favourite nation but every single prem for that nation with a few exceptions and specially the two large CLs "SuperCruisers" are just too bad for their own good... They are long range HE spammers when every other HE spammer can do the job better and some AP ones like Hindi or Moines outclass them on the same task... They pay with armor, size, mobility and AP the price of having a decent HE and accuracy when that's the trait for IJN CAs... They both are missing the ninja torpedos and the awesome stealth to sneak on people... Yoshino was supposed to be a Mega Zao but she cannot even be a Mega Atago, she sadly ended up being Mega Yahagi...