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  1. Thanks! I've just hit tier 8, and things are getting expensive, so I need to develop some lower tier ships to make money. USN DDs it is!
  2. I was the Fubuki in that Mutsu ranked replay. That was a horrible game for me. I tried to divert to give smoke to our CV since he was too far forward and because C was too crowded, but he died before I got there. Then I tried to cap B, but the Guppy was there and outgunned me. Then I tried to run back to C to torp some battleships, but got spotted and deleted (I was only on about 600 hp at that point). Overall I was basically worthless. My major weakness is gunnery. I'm good at stealth and torps, but I need to get better at winning gunfights. That's why the Guppy took off so much of my health in B.