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    PTS Update 0.10.2 Bugs

    1. Description In co-op games the bot DD on my team kept trying to torp my battleship. It was blatantly firing torps at me even when there were no enemies behind me. 2. How to reproduce I guess you could enter a co-op game and sail your BB near a bot DD on your team and see if you eat some torps. 3. Result I had to dodge torps from my own team twice.
  2. Thanks! I've just hit tier 8, and things are getting expensive, so I need to develop some lower tier ships to make money. USN DDs it is!
  3. I was the Fubuki in that Mutsu ranked replay. That was a horrible game for me. I tried to divert to give smoke to our CV since he was too far forward and because C was too crowded, but he died before I got there. Then I tried to cap B, but the Guppy was there and outgunned me. Then I tried to run back to C to torp some battleships, but got spotted and deleted (I was only on about 600 hp at that point). Overall I was basically worthless. My major weakness is gunnery. I'm good at stealth and torps, but I need to get better at winning gunfights. That's why the Guppy took off so much of my health in B.