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    Public Test - 0.9.1- Part 2 - Bugs Report

    Not a serious one, but this happened last night: Description: After dying, I logged out of the game and then back in. My ship appeared as completely intact and floating at the spot that I died, flags fluttering and everything. I couldn't move or control anything, so this was only visual. How to Reproduce: Die in battle, log completely out of the game while still in the battle, then log back in while the battle is still going on. Results: Just a strange visual bug. You appear to be a spectator at the battle in which you died.
  2. MontyChan9000

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Bugs

    Most people in my random battle just now experienced a bug where the camera froze and stopped following the ship. Logging out and back in again didn't solve the problem. I think everyone was down except for one guy on the other team.
  3. MontyChan9000

    Public Test - 0.8.10 - Bugs

    I was in spectator mode, watching a BB on my team. He took a minor hit, but the graphic for his ship turned completely grey as if he had been killed, even though he had 80,000 hp left. He continued on and played as usual, so I think it's just a display bug.
  4. MontyChan9000

    Public Test - 0.8.9 - Round 2 - Bugs

    I also had the same issue with camouflage not appearing in port. I also noticed another issue: 1. Description: Hovering over enemy ships no longer shows the stats comparison between their ship and yours. You do get the comparison when hovering over your teammates. 2. How to reproduce: Before battle, go to the screen listing the ships on each team, hover over enemy ships. 3. Result: Enemy ship stats are displayed, but no comparison with your ship.
  5. Thanks! I've just hit tier 8, and things are getting expensive, so I need to develop some lower tier ships to make money. USN DDs it is!
  6. I was the Fubuki in that Mutsu ranked replay. That was a horrible game for me. I tried to divert to give smoke to our CV since he was too far forward and because C was too crowded, but he died before I got there. Then I tried to cap B, but the Guppy was there and outgunned me. Then I tried to run back to C to torp some battleships, but got spotted and deleted (I was only on about 600 hp at that point). Overall I was basically worthless. My major weakness is gunnery. I'm good at stealth and torps, but I need to get better at winning gunfights. That's why the Guppy took off so much of my health in B.
  7. MontyChan9000

    Public Test - 0.8.6 - Bugs Report

    Yes, I'm getting the same thing while playing a DD.
  8. MontyChan9000

    PT 0.8.3 can't access

    I was just booted out mid-game, and I can't get back in. Is the PT server down?
  9. MontyChan9000

    Public Test 0.7.11 - Feedback

    In the Twilight Battle mode a Ghoul can waste everyone's time by hiding in the filth and using consumables. Unless the enemy team ventures into the filth and gets lucky, this can use up the entire game period. I've tested it twice now, and survived the full 20 minutes. WG might want to change this.