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  1. Iron_Salvo921

    Black, Flint, Neustrashimiy for coal

    I don't like playing paper ships so when I see an actual historical ship available I usually jump all over that. I heard a while back when they removed Neustrashimiy, Flint, and Black from the armoury they'd return as coal ships. Just questioning the validity of this rumor and if it is true, approximately when will they be added?
  2. Iron_Salvo921

    German Aircraft Carriers Review

    In summary. Another paper ship line for a navy that didn't have enough material for two lines much less four IRL.
  3. Iron_Salvo921

    What line will Subs break off of?

    I want to grind either German BB's or DD's up to T6 so I don't have to after subs are out. Although IDK which type they're gonna branch off of. I would think DD's since the pattern with the lines is bigger ships on the left to smaller ships on the right. If anyone has that info or just an educated guess it would be appreciated.
  4. Iron_Salvo921

    Submarine XP

    I love submarines. Finally WG did something right. My only complaint is they seem a little OP against BB's but most of the BB's I've faced have been bots. I have been playing U-69 a lot since U-boats are the only line the KM IRL deserves in a naval game. But I was wondering, does anyone know if I will be able to keep the XP I accumulated on U-69 when subs are added into randoms? Because it would be great to have a jump start on the T8.
  5. Iron_Salvo921

    Naval Legends: Battleship Bismarck

    Although I agree with your beginning statements and the story of your uncle is awesome. Germany weren't the bad guys in WW1, pretty much everyone was kinda bad. If there was a bad guy it would be the Turks probably.
  6. Iron_Salvo921

    Naval Legends: Battleship Bismarck

    Well Bismark may have sunk Hood and exhausted RN A LOT of RN resources and Tirpitz I think didn't sink anything except some Norwegian transport ships. But Tirpitz kept the RN on their toes for the whole 2 years even if it was just sitting in the Fjord. Granted this isn't only a documentary it is also ment to be entertaining and I don't think that a Tirpitz documentary would be as entertaining. But I think it had more of an impact than Bismark. The British wanted it so bad that they sacrificed all of PQ-19 just to sink it and all Tirpitz had to do was return to port. However I think that a Hood, Enterprise, Ark Royal, or Warspite episode would be more entertaining and more informative.
  7. Iron_Salvo921

    Naval Legends: Battleship Bismarck

    Dang...24... yikes and you still act like that... lol. Bismark did the same as Tirpitz but the difference between them is Tirpitz did it for around 2 years. Bismark did it for a few days. Just chill bruh lol.
  8. Iron_Salvo921

    Naval Legends: Battleship Bismarck

    Yeah she had an impact but not enough for a Naval Legends episode. People just like the ship because it was cool. Personally I think it's really ugly but people can have their opinions. But don't say it had more of an impact than any of the ships I listed lol. It's sister ship had more of an impact sitting in some Fjords.
  9. Iron_Salvo921

    Naval Legends: Battleship Bismarck

    At least the reputation of the Tirpitz kept the RN busy expending resources trying to hunt it. Bismark had an impact for a few days lol. Gotta love 12 year olds calling other people ignorant just because they disagree very cool.
  10. Iron_Salvo921

    Naval Legends: Battleship Bismarck

    OH COME ON! This is a series about ships that actually mattered! The last few episodes were bad because there wasn't a lot of significant ships still in the world today. Making one about a ship that doesn't exist today is a good idea but the Bismark went on one mission and got sunk immediately. Why wouldn't you do Hood, Tirpitz, Enterprise, Warspite, Ark Royal, etc! Bismark didn't even see the convoy it was supposed to destroy. It doesn't deserve a whole episode.
  11. Iron_Salvo921

    Premium Shop: Admiral Makarov

    Yes but this game mostly consists of 1920's-1950's ships. In that time period they had approximately 2 battleships, no carriers, maybe around 2 dozen DD's and a some subs. Then take into account the might of the RN, USN, and IJN, even the KM had more ships than them lol. Imagine telling someone who had never heard of WoWs before about this game. "It's supposed to be a historical naval arcade game and it mostly consists of ships that were never made and the Russian Navy is the strongest and one of the biggest in game" ... lol.
  12. Iron_Salvo921

    Premium Shop: Admiral Makarov

    Or active at all. The Russian Navy was a complete joke. WG really wants to ignore that though and keeps adding in OP Russian paper ships that no one cares about and are just another bane to DDs.
  13. Iron_Salvo921

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    The subs and the ranked at T7 is good. But did we really need more blatantly OP Soviet paper ships? Also STOP NERFING RN DD'S! They are one of the FEW lines in the game that are actually balanced. Nerf everything Russian, and a lot of American ships and IJN Gunboat DD's! WG actually doesn't know how to make a game.
  14. Iron_Salvo921

    Dry Dock: HMS Hood

    Sexiest ship ever made.
  15. Iron_Salvo921

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    Are they ever going to stop nerfing Jutland and buff it like it deserves? There's ships like Mogador and Kitakaze that can easily outgun it, out maneuver and have arguably better torps. Jutland was awesome when it first came out and now they keep nerfing it. Also I get nerfing Daring but there's so many more ships that deserve nerfing. Why would you not nerf Smolensk, Stalingrad, Kremlim, and anything with radar into the ground, and then nerf IJN DD reload. A Mogador and Kleber nerf is warranted but really WG? nerfing concealment? That's the area that was underpowered for them. They still have their insanely powerful guns coupled with MBRB and their speed that allows nothing to hit them. WG nerfs and buffs all the wrong things nowadays and clearly does not listen to their playerbase.