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  1. Iron_Salvo921

    HMS Ark Royal premium ship

    Normally I would say T8 but at T6 it would be cheaper and we already have a T8 premium RN CV Indomitable. Also at T6 it can have the Swordfish which let's be honest Ark Royal has got to have. Also don't you dare disgrace HMS Ark Royal with stupid anime.
  2. Iron_Salvo921

    The edinburgh ship review bought by mistake.

    I feel the same way, I loved Edinburgh but everyone hates it and likes the Fiji which I thought was terrible and was one of the longest grinds on WoWs for me.
  3. Iron_Salvo921

    Daring Cpt Question:

    I have super-intendent on mine because the extra heal is very useful and can mean the difference between life and death.
  4. Iron_Salvo921

    Best Cruiser in Each Tier

    I don't have all of them but in my opinion it's: T1 Black Swan, T2 Weymouth, T3 St. Louis, T4 Danae, T5 Omaha, T6 definitely Leander, T7 New Orleans, T8 Baltimore. Obviously I've only gone up RN CL's and USN CA's but in my opinion the gameplay of other ships compared to these doesn't compare. Although I would like Hipper someday.
  5. Iron_Salvo921

    HMS HOOD: Battlecruiser or Battleship?

    A battlecruiser is basically a fast battleship that has weaker armour. Battlecruisers are closer to being BBs than they are cruisers. They don't have a battlecruiser category in WoWs so WG just calls her a BB.
  6. The Soviets wouldn't be able to get 1 shot off. They would be decimated and destroyed immediately. Seriously this is the Russian fleet were talking about, its like a bunch of transport ships with guns.
  7. Iron_Salvo921

    Hood: Mehbote Review That Nobody Asked For!

    Far from a Mehbote, it's my favourite ship and I do really good in it.
  8. Iron_Salvo921

    USS Olympia: Why is she not in game?

    More important premiums that need to be added in, like: the already announced Exeter, Renown, Johnston, Ark Royal etc.
  9. Iron_Salvo921

    British aircraft carriers.

    So excited! I already have 220k FXP saved up to through them fast.
  10. Iron_Salvo921

    Texas AA sucks???

    Perhaps it was a mistake with your sector switching or the Ryujo player was very good.
  11. Iron_Salvo921

    British Destroyers Opinion

    Anyone who says Daring is a downgrade from Jutland is wrong, but Jutland is just so good for a T9 that Daring isn't the extreme upgrade a lot of T10s are from their T9 predecessors. If you like Jutland you'll like Daring because they are very similar.
  12. Iron_Salvo921

    British Destroyers Opinion

    I completed RN DD's a few months ago and really wanted to share my opinion on the line for anyone who's deciding whether to go up RN DD's or not. RN DD's are so worth playing, they have awesome guns, really good concealment, decent torpedoes, and they're super pretty. I only played about 10 matches in total of the first 3 RN DD's so I can't really judge them, they just seemed like scaled down versions of the later ones like most low tier DD's. But Acasta is AMAZING, its hard to get a bad match in this ship, it's got fantastic guns with 8 single fire torpedoes at T5. The large number of them as well as the ability to single launch them, in my experience, makes Acasta just as effective as a torpedo boat as a gun boat. However I still use its guns more because the torpedoes only have a range of 6km so it can't stealth torp. Icarus was, in my opinion, the lowest point in the line. It was decent but not as good as others. Its guns are the sames as Acasta's but they seem less effective at T6, and you still only have 4. However 10 torpedoes are very nice, even if they do have a long reload and bad angles. They can be single launched which is one of the main reasons why the RN DD line is my favourite DD line. Jervis was very nice to play, grinding to Lightning didn't seem like I was grinding. I got many arsonists in Jervis because its guns have very good fire chance. Its guns are also very powerful and there's 6 of them. Lightning had great guns, and although it only has 8 torpedo tubes, it has better torpedo angles than most RN DD's. Lightning's concealment is also very, very good. Jutland was my favourite part of the line. Super fast gun reload, with 8% fire chance and DE is great for withering away large ships. However Jutland is when you really need to invest in IFHE. Its gun caliber is too small to do any damage with HE without IFHE, I tried playing without IFHE and I couldn't do much damage. Jutland's AP is also very good, if you land your shots nicely you can take out a broadside enemy DD in about 5-6 salvos. Also with upgrades and camouflages and commander skills, a 5.7 detectability range is nice. Daring is basically Jutland but with a faster reload on guns and a little worse gun angles. Daring also gets the RN AP of death and the heal which Jutland gets, which is so nice on a DD as RU DD players should know. My optimal commander build on RN DD's is: Priority target, Last stand, Superintendent (only on T9-10 just to get an extra heal), Demolition expert, Inertia fuse for high explosive, concealment expert. I don't have a 19 point captain for RN DD's yet, highest is 17. I highly recommend RN DD's, they are my favourite line in the game and I'm a BB main. However your opinion of them might be different because of your playstyle. RN DD's playstyle in my opinion is: stick close to islands barrage enemy ships with a never ending storm of HE rain, hunt DD's down and decimate them with AP, and use your smoke a lot. The main reasons I like RN DD's is because of their single fire torps, their great disengaging smoke, which allows you to almost never get into a tight situation where you wish your smoke was reloaded. However this all might not matter because of the CV rework, but I played a few matches in RN DD's after the rework and I still do okay. However I'm a less than average player so I don't do amazing in them, but I do have a lot of fun which at the end of the day SHOULD be what games are about. This is just my opinion, if you have played them and disagree, I guess they just don't suit your playstlye.
  13. Iron_Salvo921

    Why Remove Bogue

    They didn't it's just T4 now.
  14. Iron_Salvo921

    First game in Fiji

    Not only you. Fiji was one of my longest grinds. All it was worth was getting Edi and the credits I got when i happily sold it.
  15. RN AP (especially on Daring and Jutland) is OP, you can kill another DD in about 5 salvos. Also if you don't have IFHE get it, it's so useful. Take advantage of the awesome gun angles as well and don't even bother trying to get your torpedoes off in a close in brawl.