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  1. Iron_Salvo921

    [WIP] RN Battlecruiser Arc

    Where did you get this picture of the RN tech tree? I assume it's fake. I like where most of the ships are situated but I don't think Kent should be T6 or York T5. I think if those two ships were added to the game they'd be up a tier.
  2. Iron_Salvo921

    Mino or Rooster im stuck!

    Wooster has a big citadel too but Mino has the RN super heal.
  3. Iron_Salvo921

    Italian Cruiser Lineup

    This is a pretty good suggestion. I think what WG should do is if they want to change a prem ship to a tech tree ship make a prem ship that's the same class as Duca or Abruzzi then give them those 2 ships for free and the tech tree ships for free, maybe throw in a perma camo. I don't think players would be mad about this, and that way the line can have the best suited ships rather then fill in the gaps with paper ships. I think they should've done this with the French BB's make Dunkerque a tech tree ship and add Strasbourg as a premium.
  4. Iron_Salvo921

    Edinburgh absolutely horrid compared to Fiji

    I like Edi much better then Fiji, Fiji was one of my longest grinds, worth it though to get Edi. I do think either Fiji needs a nerf, or Edi a buff because I think Fiji is a little too OP (For its' tier).
  5. Iron_Salvo921

    Single fire torps

    With other torpedo systems in the game it's all or nothing, you either devastating strike the target or miss all together. With the single launch on RN DDs you can modify your spread and hit 5, 6, or 7 torpedoes and cause a flood, then follow up with a fire from your awesome guns. I love the single fire torpedoes.
  6. Iron_Salvo921

    Italian Battleship Lineup

    I disagree with WG when they put Guilio Ceasare as a T5 I think in real life it'd be a T6 and Andrea Doria a T7.
  7. Iron_Salvo921

    Let's talk Torpedoes.

    The amount of torpedoes a ship can take is already unrealistic. Also I checked your profile and you mostly have low tier ships with only under 400 battles played, don't worry it gets easier at high tiers because of ship survivability and torpedo protection.
  8. Iron_Salvo921

    What free XP ship will get me cussed at the least?

    I would say Alaska because so many people want it but it does not look OP. However I just ignore the immature people who insult me on a video game. I got Musashi the other day (through the Arsenal) and it was totally worth the grind, it's so amazing, I recommend Musashi if you like lots and lots of damage.
  9. Iron_Salvo921

    Duke of York Still needs some love

    I like DoY a lot, in fact I think she can even rival KGV (not Hood obviously). Although I don't have Nelson yet.
  10. Iron_Salvo921

    Honestly, the UK DDs are pretty crappy...

    20k isn't that impressive either. Everyone in this topic saying RN DDs suck are wrong, they may not fit your playstyle and therefore you're not good at them but to me (and a lot of others) they're my favourite line in the entire game, and i'm a BB main. I also have all of them so i'm aloud to judge them.
  11. Iron_Salvo921

    Let’s Talk About "Halloween: Twilight Battle!"

    My gosh WG quit with the Halloween and focus on things that need fixing, or at least release the Christmas/new year event, Halloween is over let it go
  12. Iron_Salvo921

    russian premium cruiser line Part 1

    Look at all that Russian bias, coming soon, "Russian Bias part 2."
  13. Iron_Salvo921


    Got Daring recently but didn't have IFHE on it because I kept my good commander on Jutland because I love that ship, played 4 battles in Daring without IFHE and immediately transferred the commander to Gallant for training because I could not play Daring without it, IT WAS ALL SHATTERS!
  14. Iron_Salvo921

    I realize WG is throwing a ton of stuff out.

    RN CV's have already been announced.
  15. Iron_Salvo921

    Daring issue with Last Stand skill

    Is your commander in retraining? That might be it because some skills only operate at 50% in retraining.