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  1. Iron_Salvo921

    Jutland needs a gun reload buff

    The fastest you can get it's gun reload down to is 3.8. You can only get 3.4 with AR or in arms race but you shouldn't need either of those.
  2. Iron_Salvo921

    Jutland needs a gun reload buff

    There is no quick RoF, that's the point.
  3. Iron_Salvo921

    Jutland needs a gun reload buff

    When it first released Jutland was very well balanced. It's definitely not bad now but they nerfed its gun reload by almost a full second a while ago. It's been powercrept hard with ships like Sherman, Friesland, Kitakaze, Mogador, etc. Granted those ships have handicaps to make up for their faster gun reload but other jack-of-all trades destroyers like Chung Mu, Fletcher, Black and others have significantly faster reloads than Jutland. RN DDs are supposed to be gunboats and Jutland's reload should only be slightly slower than Daring's but it's over a second slower.
  4. Iron_Salvo921

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

    *breathes in* Petro, Smolensk, kronstadt, Worcester, Des Moines, Austin, Colbert, Seattle, Riga, Buffalo, Salem, Nevsky, etc, etc, etc. Cruisers by far are the strongest class in the game and definitely have the most OP ships of any class. Not all of the ships I listed are blatantly, disgustingly OP, but all of them need a nerf.
  5. Iron_Salvo921

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

    They fit the game quite well. And they're much more fun and engaging than getting ravaged by some OP cruiser every game and a submarine on the enemy team usually means one less cruiser. The only bad thing about them really is they're so weak, they have no noticeable impact on games and are usually just killed without doing much. I'm sorry that you hate this new gameplay mechanic so much but if you don't enjoy the game don't play it. It isn't good to play games that you don't like just because you once did.
  6. Iron_Salvo921

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

    Fun fact: Submarines are extremely easy to play around if you are even mildly competent :)
  7. Iron_Salvo921

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    Sooo many more historical lines that they could add in (aside from ITA DDs and kind of RN BCs but like really? Renown at T6? The ship that successfully fought off two of this game's T7s at once?) but instead we get more French and Japanese cruisers when pretty much all of their historical cruisers are already in game. Can't believe that there still isn't an RN DD split, USN DD split, Commonwealth Cruiser line, Commonwealth DD line, or CV splits for the three nations that actually had them. I guess I should just be grateful that it isn't more Russian or German ships lol.
  8. Iron_Salvo921

    New Ships Revealed at the WoWS Discord!

    Lol they put an Atlanta class at T8 but Dido at T6. Yikes...
  9. Iron_Salvo921

    Roadmap for 2022

    Why? They're unbearably underpowered even in a BB you don't notice them in a battle. I just see them as one less cruiser on the enemy team and they look friggin awesome to submerge, surface, or depth charge. Why do you play the game if you're so against them? It's a naval warfare game, submarines belong in it.
  10. Iron_Salvo921

    Roadmap for 2022

    That happened a long time ago when Petropavlovsk and Kremlin were released.
  11. Iron_Salvo921

    Naval Legends: Missouri – Trailer

    Well I mean all Missouri did was host the surrender of Japan and bombard a few shores, it's not Warspite or Enterprise levels but considering the past few dozen episodes it's much much better.
  12. Iron_Salvo921

    Weekly Combat Missions: The Story of Barham

    You talk about Barham but won't add it or any other cool historical ships into the game and you continue to add in stupid Russian and German ships that didn't exist irl. WG please just acknowledge those two navies were a joke and add in more British ships.
  13. Iron_Salvo921

    A Salute to History

    Saying you salute history is kind of insulting to history since we haven't had a historical line in over a year and you have made the Russian Navy the strongest and one of the largest when if you want to be realistic it shouldn't have any tech tree lines except their upcoming sub line and only a few premium ships.
  14. Iron_Salvo921

    Submarines in Random Battles

    Actually only incompetent players would play the first gamemode which is good because then the competent players don't have to deal with them in the actual game. And if they want to go seal clubbing they can just switch to easy mode and go in the first category.
  15. Iron_Salvo921

    Submarines in Random Battles

    I'm happy that subs are in randoms. Finally WG does something right. If you don't like the game then don't play it, simple.