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  1. CounterErrorism

    Back to School not worth the aggravation

    So you lost to the bots 5 times....Yikes
  2. CounterErrorism

    Just played my last 2 rounds in a Sub / CV match...

    No friend. The attack mechanisms, are again, the exact same. Lead the target, click, watch the ship go boom. This is the same with the CVs, surface ships and the subs. If you are honestly complaining about the mechanical skill required to do this, I am astonished. This is not some fast twitch FPS shooter. This is about as low on the mechanical side as it gets. The auto attack on RTS CVs was completely ridiculous and totally broken. You could click to lock Midways AP DBs on a DM and dev strike him with literally no chance of any other possible outcome. Should their not be some semblance of mechanical skill check in the game?
  3. CounterErrorism

    Just played my last 2 rounds in a Sub / CV match...

    Dude, are you playing this game with mittens on or something. You had the exact same problem with CVs. “I can’t control the planes and get them to work.” It’s basic ship controls with two added keys to control depth. That’s it.
  4. CounterErrorism

    Future Ranked Season Need to be Tiers 6,8,9, or 10.

    Upon review, your ranked experience doesn’t really look that different from your overall account performance or past seasons. This isn’t sprint remember. My suggestion is to put in on pause for a week and let some people rank out/move into 2-5 bracket. If your not winning games in ranked, it is a sign that the level of difficulty is a bit beyond you. You are not capable of making a significant enough impact to influence the outcome. Let the player quality degrade a bit and then go back in. I could play 2-5 bracket right now but why break my balls with the try hards. I have a career, a life and a wife. I will rank out next week when they leave the queue.
  5. CounterErrorism

    Best Guns in Game

    Very true! Excellent AP alpha as well and math ignoring HE pen. I think the AP pen, which is so so keep them out of the top 3.
  6. CounterErrorism

    Best Guns in Game

    Ha! Subjectively of course! But your right. Thunderer very strong case. I considered the Repub and very much like her. Plating that is trollish on boats like the Zao is just a catchers mitt for the Repub. All glorious pens.
  7. CounterErrorism

    Best Guns in Game

    NC with the MK 45 406's might be top 3 in her Tier VIII weight class. Somehow, with her plunging fire she feels so much more powerful than Iowa and Montana. That Montana broadside when the moons align tho...
  8. CounterErrorism

    Best Guns in Game

    Venezia has a strong case with the terrific SAP, under used/rated AP, good shell velocity and speed. Not sure too 3 though.
  9. CounterErrorism

    Best Guns in Game

    Nice! Definite omission. Versatility and accuracy with 457’s. Top 3 worthy.
  10. CounterErrorism

    Best Guns in Game

    Perhaps an honorable mention is warranted. Better initial shell velocity than the American 152's that do basically the same job. But significantly different gun performance? I am not so sure.
  11. CounterErrorism

    Best Guns in Game

    1. Yamato 460's - Excellent dispersion and sigma plus overmatch still makes this the big Richard in these parts. 2. Stalingrad 305's- Laser beam arcs, improved pen angles and nice alpha. 3. IJN 100m - Math ignoring pen figures and manic reload. Honorable mentions IJN 203's - Versatility and DD dispersion Groz 130's - Excellent pen and rail gun arcs USN 203's - Generous angles and heavy shells What did I miss?
  12. CounterErrorism

    Destroyer XP in T10 ranked

    Also, consider torpedo protection. I landed 7 Zao/Shima torps on a Yamato last night and he didn’t go down. 7 Fubuki torps will drop anything at tier 6. If you are playing Z52 and land a torp for 9-10k on a tier X BB, it’s really nothing. It’s less than 10% of the effective HP pool and equivalent to less than 1.5 full duration fires. Fire frequency for cruisers vs torp ratio for DDs is always going be one sided. Between the HP pools, heals, torp protection and smoke changes we have a lot of factors working against DDs at tier X. Just not sure about the elegant solution to this.
  13. CounterErrorism

    Destroyer XP in T10 ranked

    I agree it’s totally a problem. I think it’s linked to tier more than anything though. At Tier X everybody has huge heals and health pools. A team effectively has to kill 150% of a Yamato or 140% of Zao’s HP pool. That’s a lot of XP to assign damage wise. The preponderance of which is not assigned to DDs. Thus I feel this is really skewing the XP result in the end. Earlier seasons of ranked predate me. I’d be interested to hear from older players about the effect of the heals on XP. It seems like Lo Yang and even Sims were good save your star boats back in the day. Smaller health pools at those tiers with fewer heals. With my earlier post, I just mean to say it’s really hard to change the way XP is awarded without dramatically altering in game behavior. Some people say this will focus people on more team play. I find that unlikely. Gaming of the XP system will certainly occur. This is why WG keeps the system so opaque.
  14. CounterErrorism

    Destroyer XP in T10 ranked

    But what are you advocating? How do you increase DD XP within the current state of the game? Do you want to increase the XP awarded for capping? Then if I cap in a cruiser I’m guaranteed to save my star. Watch people run to the free cap at game start. Spotting? XP for sailing around while your torps reload? Ok, cruisers are going to get a lot of that too. You want a special XP modifier for DDs in ranked? Not sure I like that. Here are some points for clicking battle. I agree the XP currently rewarded is underwhelming. Not sure how to fix this though.
  15. CounterErrorism

    The Ranked Report

    So are we going to start a 10-5 group chat and 5-1 chat so we know if a game is running. I sat in one ten minute queue and had to bounce. It’s pretty painful and will only get worse in 5-1. Let’s not waste our own time here...