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  1. CptRigPig

    Clan Brawl

    Were some of those maps intentionally added as an April Fool's gimmick lastnight ? The best was the enemy BB spawning in our group while ours spawned in their group. Then the other map where the two CV's were on opposite sides in the maps corner. Either way it made for some hysterically funny first minutes.
  2. CptRigPig

    Server down?

    lol Ping just shot up over 2000, I always run at 35. Playing out of control planes is a must, yeehaw
  3. CptRigPig

    Clan Treasury

    okay I'll check it out, thanks
  4. CptRigPig

    Clan Treasury

    Thank you. So once the clan finishes all the upgrades regarding the naval base, what happens to the oil next? We only have coal and steel to finish...
  5. CptRigPig

    Clan Treasury

    What is the certain CB level that needs to be reached to see anything added to the Treasury or did you figure it out yet ? We participate in CB's but not in a competition level like some clans. Our Treasury is currently empty. It seems like another waste of space within the game. Why wouldn't they use this space for an actual Treasury, meaning where members could be donating Credits, Flags etc. or a place to even donate ships for newer players. At least it would have some sort of benefit and actually encourage the player base to do more for one another. Just me being curious, good day
  6. CptRigPig

    Royal Navy Event Question

    So why would these be in the current directives lol
  7. CptRigPig

    Royal Navy Event Question

    Saturday ?
  8. What are these, commanders ?
  9. CptRigPig

    2020 Event not giving Base XP

    Thank you, yes it fixed the problem
  10. CptRigPig

    2020 Event not giving Base XP

    I have played 3 Ranked and 1 Random in the Lenin, the base XP continues to stay the same at 26868/27000.
  11. CptRigPig

    Well played WG

    Well drats, looks like my devious Christmas morning gift giving has come to a halt, suppose I'll go upstairs and have some breakfast now and sigh over a cup of coffee
  12. CptRigPig

    Well played WG

    Free Erie for all, yippie lol
  13. CptRigPig

    Well played WG

    Hmmm same thing just happened to me, server shows as up tho
  14. CptRigPig

    Why is this not working

    Thanks guys, I totally missed the Division part, just woke up at that moment, thanks for the help, appreciated
  15. The criteria doesn't give a specific ship type or battle type other then the usual T5 up and chose a battle. The battle button is non-clickable