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  1. CptRigPig

    How to Access Training Rooms

    When Islands in Training Room take revenge for shooting at them this happens (joke of course) Just one of those interesting things that happen in training rooms lol
  2. CptRigPig

    Clan Brawl

    Were some of those maps intentionally added as an April Fool's gimmick lastnight ? The best was the enemy BB spawning in our group while ours spawned in their group. Then the other map where the two CV's were on opposite sides in the maps corner. Either way it made for some hysterically funny first minutes.
  3. CptRigPig

    Server down?

    lol Ping just shot up over 2000, I always run at 35. Playing out of control planes is a must, yeehaw
  4. CptRigPig

    Royal Navy Event Question

    So why would these be in the current directives lol
  5. CptRigPig

    Royal Navy Event Question

    Saturday ?
  6. What are these, commanders ?
  7. CptRigPig

    2020 Event not giving Base XP

    Thank you, yes it fixed the problem
  8. I have played 3 Ranked and 1 Random in the Lenin, the base XP continues to stay the same at 26868/27000.
  9. CptRigPig

    Well played WG

    Well drats, looks like my devious Christmas morning gift giving has come to a halt, suppose I'll go upstairs and have some breakfast now and sigh over a cup of coffee
  10. CptRigPig

    Well played WG

    Free Erie for all, yippie lol
  11. CptRigPig

    Well played WG

    Hmmm same thing just happened to me, server shows as up tho
  12. CptRigPig

    Radar Yueyang in Ranked

    This is what I like using since the YY was nerfed. I stopped with radar and use smoke. The 3.2 sec reload sends most dd's to the bottom before they can get out of range. IFHE tends to do enough damage to larger vessels so they tend to turn away. Islands are your friend in this ship. 13.5 KM Deep Water Torps catch a surprising number of ships off-guard if you manage to avoid radar :)
  13. CptRigPig

    Trying to get Exeter but no CVs around

    This Exeter Mission is only allowing DD's when I try it, not any of my CA's, why is that ? It shows both can be used. Their wording is usually messed up but just want clarification from someone to this.
  14. CptRigPig

    Funny Le Terrible replay

    104k damage and 3 ships in one game, other than that, this thing is so baddd! True against other DD's 1vs1 no big deal, but radar'd, air spotted by CV, and you're pretty much toast especially if not near any island. I hope they do something to help it out, currently the money spent doesn't seem worth a premium.
  15. CptRigPig

    Clan Battle status

    Thanks for the help guys, appreciated