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  1. There is a lot of tactical middle ground between these two extremes, though. E.g. usually 2 CL/CA-level overlapping AA auras are enough to deter any but the most determined (or desperate) CV from attacking. Make it a group of 3, and you can mitigate most of the CV strike. In a normal Random match, 3-4 groups of ships could still spread across the map, exert map control and create crossfires. It requires more maneuvering skill and some knowledge about AA, but all in all it is just tactics. And imho forming groups for AA support is not less realistic than lone DD / CA plays.
  2. Last night I also had a match with 4 tier 8 CVs - they have become so rare that I now feel tempted to check if we were in the same match. BTW, I was one of the CVs. Still reading on? Thanks. :-) So let me try to give my perspective on your questions: Like all sane players, I play this game to enjoy it myself, not to make others not enjoy it. Griefing is not on my agenda at all. Playing a ship class I can play half-competently - is. I enjoy playing with the big picture in mind, which is easier in a CV than in any other ship class. I enjoy positive team interaction, and a well-timed air strike on a target already under surface fire is very effective in this regard, as is a good fighter drop. I miss the old RTS mechanics, though. I enjoy the variety CV gameplay brings to the game. While I like CVs most, I play all ship classes. So do I get annoyed when a CV picks out my DD as a priority target? Yes, maybe. But I would feel similar in a NY against a Kamikaze, or in a Kurfürst against a Smolensk.
  3. Apisaltans

    Premium Ship Review #149 - Ragnarok & Ignis Purgatio

    You are not alone. <insert double facepalm here>
  4. Apisaltans

    Premium Ship Review #137 - Indomitable

    Thank You LWM, not only for the review but for the in-depth research and visualisation of the t8 CV performance parameters! With her strong fighters and fairly survivable horizontal HE bombers I think she will can at least be fun to play in Random divs, like a Saipan with higher survivability. Not #1 on my shopping list, but after this review I am more interested into getting Indomitable than before.
  5. So much this. I plead guilty to still playing CV, but much less than before the rework. RTS CV skippers could choose and prioritise between three tasks: - strike (alpha) - reconnaissance - air superiority For several CVs, this included choosing between different hangar loadouts prior to each battle. Action CV skippers have two and a half tasks: - strike (damage over time) - reconnaissance - air defense with the first task significantly more time-demanding and the last task heavily simplified. I still hope CVs can be balanced AND exciting to play, but atm they are only the former.
  6. Apisaltans

    Yoshino or Georgia or Jean Bart

    Another perspective to consider: Do you like your premiums to support the tech trees you currently like/grind? -> Georgia Or do you like to have premiums in tech trees you *dislike*/do rarely play, but want to have a ship in just in case for divs, events etc.? -> Yoshino
  7. Apisaltans

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    After playing a few CV matches on all tiers I had to change my initial doubts about this update. While it still feels 0.8.5 nerfed CVs -especially the premiums- a bit too hard, I think WG is on a good way to balance CV and AA mechanics and effects. I do not like the new focus-on-one-plane mechanics, but I can understand that surface ship captains want to see the effect of their AA more clearly. In the near future I hope for some buffs to CVs' Alpha strike capability - not to the same level as pre-rework, but better than now. And maybe widen the AA focus on the lead Shōtai instead of the last single plane.
  8. Some elements of CV play are gone, namely the CVs' lead role in gaining air superiority, RTS-style map control, and the potential for matches where good teamwork and understanding between the CV(s) and the surface fleet created memorable moments. I know getting rid of the RTS gameplay was a stated goal of the CV rework. And I played the test server and later PTS extensively to see how I would like the rework. Well, now that it has gone live, I still do not like it. Still I do, albeit very reluctantly, agree with the OP's well-presented arguments. With some balancing, just as WG stated, CVs should find their new position in match rankings. The old CVs were not everyone's cup of tea, and neither will the new ones be. I sold some of my CV permacamos and will play WoWs less. Others may enjoy the new CV play and play WoWs more. Have fun! o7