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  1. wesman460

    Naval History in Photos: Thanksgiving Dinner

    as always we give thanks!!! for those who gave us the right to be together on this day of Thanksgiving! and again thank you for putting up such a wonderful montage!!!!
  2. wesman460

    The Story of Nobuo Fujita

    thank you for this story!!!!!! this just proves my point i not to long ago responded to a question why do i play this game! and i responded this way ! why do i play this game! 1 it is my relax time!!! why do i support this game! lets just say this article is an example why! wargaming does NOT have to put out stuff like this! but they do!!!and i enjoy it!! ok to those nay sayers! they could put their resources elsewhere! and put it into the game! well i agree with what i just said! i also enjoy the time and effort they do put into this game! from a historical point of view! WW2 has many stories ! and i am sure some of which have not been told! little snippets of history ! all part of our lives!!!! ships are a big thing in my family! the 2 battleships i grew up with the Massachussets! and the Constitution ! of which you all know where i grew up! and as well as my step dad was the founder of the Titanic Historical Socitey! so as far as this game goes i have the love of ships!but as this is a GAME! i am not a rivit counter! this is a game! can they do better in the ship building! i do not know! but this is a game!!!!!!not real life!!!! i have a life outside this game! there are some on here that play and i wonder if they have none! anyway i thank you for this game and all the other aspect of this game!!! Now my question to you all!!!!! Why do you play this game!!!! enjoy your day and this game!!!!
  3. wesman460

    how to play this game

    you are all right ! but!!! i guess being a team player helps! i have a habbit of going into the lions den! and often what i see is people are spread out to thin that things do not work the way they are supposed too! in an ideal situation what you all say is very true! with the right people ! look we all have played that mission lots of times and if you follow the mission breifing!!!! things work and you will get 5 stars! but a lot of the time that is not what happens!
  4. i have been at this for a long time! and i do not always follow i charge into the lions den ! sometimes way to fast!!! But there are times i am amazed by some people that do not play the weekly game and play by the rules or the goals!!!! how hard is it to accomplish this weeks ?of course i got my sinking do to my stupidity! but that is my fault! the rest!!! one ships heads south away from the engaugement !!!!! one heads north waiting for???by the time the transporting ships were killed minus 2 of ours elsewhere the convoy was so far south! IN ANY CASE the mission was a loss!!! sorry guys i hate to rant but i see this with a lot of newbies here but even when you give advice and you get snubbed it was fun to see what happens!!! remember i am not the best and can not complain about it ! but sometimes!!!
  5. wesman460

    The Attack of the Dead Men: Osowiec

    wow!!! this was very intresting! and thank you for doing this short film! i have said before and i will say it again!!!! this company is so much more than people give it credit! if they can do this and i see what they do for world of warships and all the other branches wow!!!! they take the time to make all this stuff and get it right historicly !!! and people wonder why i have invested myself into this game! they care about the gamer! and all that are part of it! thank you for the work you all do!!!
  6. look i know where you are coming from! i have invested heavily in this game! i have spent 4+ yrs here and have plenty of time on the calendar ! and as a central ny resident also ! it is nice to know that we are here! able to play during this time of crisis! my clan is me! nobody else plays except my daughter now and then!  i just want people to remember this is a game! we are here to have fun! releave stress in most cases! and also the job the people who try to do to keep us intrested ! is not an easy task! i am here because i enjoy it and yes like others i get frustrated because of things in the game! this is a game not real! and the amount of people who want real! or close to it! it is not going to happen!  anyways sorry for venting ! anyways nice to have met you through here! 



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      need a clan ?


    3. Smokeader


      Actually have one with a couple of members but apprecaite the offer.  Will keep this offer in mind.


    4. Smokeader


      I do now.  Sent you a LONG boring note.  Cool down expires in three days.  Wa11et

  7. wesman460

    Submarines: How to Play

    i think this might add a touch of realisim to the game? in real life they are out there ! so now the question is this?how to balance the game . and how to use subs as a part of a fleet!!! subs as a rule are not operating alone !!test is one thing to get them to work right how to make them work in the game! thats a whole differnt thing!! i am hoping that the time allowed under water is not look the subs in the Haloween game! the idea of both be killed by a sub and kill a sub should be tested until its done right and not put out there until it is right!! let us not rush this out before it is ready i am excited to see how this will work! and i know the nay sayers are out there one thing more!!!! this is a game !!!!!! not going to be as tech as real life !!!! just keep this in mind!!
  8. wesman460


  9. wesman460


    OK I understand maintaince on the servers and switching to another! but how many time do i get get kicked out due to this issue and not get penalty for leaving the game because if this issue ? this moring it has been 6 times i have been booted
  10. wesman460


    well i still getting crash twice in the same game!!!!
  11. wesman460


    correct me if i am wrong! but i thought torps can not be launched at point blank range and explode?????this has happened more than once .in real life they need time to arm!2 ships passing at very close range this should not happen???it is what it is but it is hard to swallow that within 100 ft you can launch and arm and bang!!! maybe i am wrong and so be it!
  12. i enjoy this game but i am getting tired of the same maps even though it rotates from one week to another ! but the same 2 maps!!! is there a reason why?