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  1. wesman460


    correct me if i am wrong! but i thought torps can not be launched at point blank range and explode?????this has happened more than once .in real life they need time to arm!2 ships passing at very close range this should not happen???it is what it is but it is hard to swallow that within 100 ft you can launch and arm and bang!!! maybe i am wrong and so be it!
  2. the past few mornings i have been delayed getting into game. to the point that you cant effectively play the game! . controls and freezing are there and at times things happen and you have no control! getting into the game way after it has started etc!
  3. i enjoy this game but i am getting tired of the same maps even though it rotates from one week to another ! but the same 2 maps!!! is there a reason why?
  4. wesman460

    Chill With Us at Naval Gaming Day

    you know when i used to live out there many moons ago i would be there in a heartbeat!!! it was my backyard!!!! my backyard was Middleboro. but as an adult!! and living 5 hrs away and having responsibility!! i am in tears that i have to let this opportunity pass by!! as have an elderly mother inlaw and just can not up and go!and the winter job on weekends at night!!! i wish you all well and hope that you have a great turn out!!! maybe it can happen again in the summer time ??? wes wright (wesman460)
  5. wesman460

    Public Test 0.8.1 - Feedback

    ok my time on the server was fine!!! with one exceptoin!!!! the same map!!!! shards!!! even though i came from both sides! only twice in the whole time right up untill this morning!!! this makes it hard to want to keep going!!! and at the same time you get used to it you know how to react because you have done it so many times! i actully did a cv for the 1st time! made through but in the end! it is not my thing!!! but what i experianced it is a good ship with a high learning curve
  6. wesman460

    0.7.10 - Public Test Feedback

    i agree with the other players way to difficult to win way to many bots and not enough time to reload and o2 is a problem i watched a really good player last night and he had a very hard time but he also knew what he was doing!!! me well still learning how to use this sub. controls are not the greatest would like to have control of the deck guns!instead of them going off themselves! yes it needs work but thats why we are here!
  7. wesman460

    0.7.9 - Public Test Feedback

    well again you have out done yourselves!!! the operation is a success as far as i am concerned!!! great grapics good controls! just enough trouble to keep you on your toes!! this is another campain that proves once again that people have to work together!!! and they can!!! i have now played at least 6 missions! and finally got it! and the right bunch of guys to get it all done 5 stars!!!!!! thanks to all of you who have worked so hard on this!! well done!!! the story behind the real campain is somthing else!! as i am a history buff sort of! well done!!!!
  8. ok good morning! happy Fathers Day !!

    public test major bug this morning!! Cherry Blossom!!!!!!

    went through the 1st part well defending ships and bases ! then to next part going to dawn! no cv's  showed up!!! no attack from land bases . land bases already destroyed  flagship was there but very few other ships!!! ah a fathers day gift!!??? was very surreal going through this battle with very few enemy ships or planes!! even the amount of torps were less!!! as i do not know how to show you what we all just did! you will just have to take my word on this!

    1. wesman460


      ok time to vent! 

      how is killer whale a hard task???? you kill structures and ships and retreat! along the way you have ships to kill but half of the ships have to make circle!.that is it!!but everyone gets distracted!!! by trying to kill all the ships! again! we had a full fleet and lost because everyone went there own way!! and here i am out there   defending and waiting for others to show up!!we had a chance all ships coming out at the same time doing a great job!! and then! poof!!! they scatterd like the wind!!