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  1. Vanth_Dreadstar

    NA server connectivity

    and here I thought it was my fault =)
  2. Vanth_Dreadstar

    NA Community time with Mademoisail and Hapa_Fodder

    I still think it was debatable what liquid was in her cup. All joking aside I figure this is as good a place as any to thank you and the staff at WG for Your work with the community, and the game. It is rather personal to me, as I was hit by a drunk driver while riding my GSX-R home one night and suffered quite a severe head trauma. In fact I was dead for about 25 minutes before being revived. The impact was enough to knock fillings from my teeth, but enough on that. The end result was that I had poor motor skills, much like a person who had to much to drink, I slurred my words and often had one hand on a cane and the other along the wall so I didn't fall down. This was my reality for about 2 years, and about when I had picked up this game. My win rate was abysmal, as to be expected, but my love of the historical content kept my interest. The platform or game play was more of what you say a thinking mans game, so this was particularly challenging, as much like chess involves strategy and a bit of using what I had lost. Today I looked at the charts in wows numbers, and the graphs, and a smile came to my face as my recovery is documented in those simple lines and numbers. Yes it is taking time, and no my stats aren't that great looking at the big picture, but they are improving, and this gives me hope on a level beyond words. I also have made friends here in the community, so a thank you goes out to them as well. To sum up, the work you do has more meaning than even you realize, well at least to me. Thank you.
  3. Vanth_Dreadstar

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    357 yup im a whale, but even I have my limits, no purto rico =) not sure why i dont have access to the gold emblem though.
  4. Vanth_Dreadstar

    Japanese Carrier Submarines

    Combine subs and planes in one tight neat package, good idea, this is just what the game needs. Surely you are smoking the good stuff =)
  5. Vanth_Dreadstar

    Kidd Useless now..

    First game of the day finds me in the Kidd after initially selecting the Cossak due to 7 carriers in the que. I end up dropping in a game with no carriers 90% of the time if the ship has decent anti air defenses. I also find myself up tiered, something Destroyers handle quite well if played intelligently. There was also a metric ton of radar, and I was playing the only destroyer on the team. The Kidd is not as strong in regards to anti air as she once was, and late game makes less difference due to the lack of torpedo power, but playing the objectives yielded all 3 caps solo and a third place in the game. Like most American destroyers she is showing signs of power creep, but can still make a difference, and be enjoyable to play.
  6. Vanth_Dreadstar

    Did WG do enough to delay CV initial spotting?

    No, they didn't.
  7. Vanth_Dreadstar

    Ranked, How's it Work?

    Rental ships have thrown 3 matches in a row. Not a big fan of them what-so ever. Also of note, the delay in cv's launching planes makes little to no difference.
  8. Vanth_Dreadstar

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    I am OK with cv's, they are historically accurate and played a large role in naval warfare of the time. However 2 per team at tier 8 when I am in a t 7 cruiser 4 games/losses in a row has me logging out faster than a fat kid reaching for a dropped box of smarties. Kudos to removing this from tier 10, the devs are trying to be fair. I do agree with having more than 1 per team in tier 6, but not tier 8. I play a tier 7 match to get away from all of this, not be thrown into the meat grinder. I do appreciate all of the work being put into the game, and for this I have and will continue to support war gaming best I can, there is however no counter against 2 cv's working together and being up tiered at that. Many of my div mates also play tier 7 and share a similar view, albeit some are a little more salty. Only dd's ive played below 10 has been the Kidd, and the Haida, even that is a struggle when there are 2 per team, as consumables are not limitless. Something should be done about spotting mechanics vrs dd's. Perhaps rocket planes being fighters don't spot dd's at all? dono just trying to be constructive on a topic that seems quite volatile. The only thing you should come out of my post is simply that I am thankful for the work being put into the game, and 2 per team per game/spotting mechanics is not quite there yet in regards to concealment becoming a fairly useless skill at tier 8. The removal of spotting torps was definitely a step in the right direction, and wanted to let the divs know it does give us dd mains a fighting chance.
  9. Vanth_Dreadstar

    Honestly, the UK DDs are pretty crappy...

    Usually have a ca follow me for the bump, but allowed myself to be out of position and things had gone rapidly downhill from there, few things had conspired against me, first I was on the weak side pushing/spotting the contested cap, and the red team death balled the push so had everything and the kitchen sink targeting me. Your right, the daring would not have made a difference, though have killed many gearings with almost no effort in a daring. The leg mod on gearing slows down rate of fire, but i got tagged so quick felt rather stupid, rpf did show the dd's approach but not the rest of the entire team behind him. The gearing smoke does lay a nice curtain for American ca's tho. I do watch your content Kuro, and send my regards to you through your clan mates when i see them in a match. You would know me as Lord Zortak on You tube. Do give the dinosaurs a bag of cheesies and say they are from me =) Do post more clan matches with you in support instructing as you go in your usual style. Thanks big guy take care.
  10. Vanth_Dreadstar

    Honestly, the UK DDs are pretty crappy...

    Took me some time to figure Daring out. Originally hated it. Now it is my fave. Was in Gearing during clan battles caught broadside and got nuked by Daring, trying to talk the caller into letting me play the big D instead =) tho less utility due to short smokes. Even if a Stalin is spotted from the moon when firing from smoke, go figure.
  11. Vanth_Dreadstar

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season

    by the 3rd game my ping was over2.5k. Unplayable.