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  1. RN DDs announced by Dev Blog

    Sorry. I use the dark theme. Black doesn't show up well, so I used white.
  2. RN DDs announced by Dev Blog

    None taken. Nobody else had posted the actual stats as put out by WG. Even if they are ST stats, they needed to be put out.
  3. RN DDs announced by Dev Blog

    I didn't see any other threads on these news ... I must have not noticed them.
  4. RN DDs announced by Dev Blog

    The Royal Navy DD line is officially in development. Here are the stats as pulled from the Dev Blog Facebook posts: T2, Medea T3, Valkyrie T4, Wakeful T5, Acasta T6, Icarus Yep, I am very much excited for these!
  5. Clan GULAG is recruiting

    Hi, I'm John and my clan is recruiting. We are a casual clan looking for players of any skill level (30% win rate? No problem!). Here are the clan rules: 1. 50 oil per week after joining. It's not hard to get one container a day. We understand if your life is busy, so please let us know if life will not permit that much play. Just try, this isn’t an ironclad rule. 2. Discord applications. Your application to the clan must be accompanied by a request to join our Discord server. 3. 30-Day Boot. If you are inactive for 30 days, you’re gone. (One player has been given a temporary exemption due to an unusual work environment). 4. Weekly divisions. I can't track this, but would like to see everyone division up with a fellow clan member at least once a week. The current goal is to get 7-player groups for running operations together on voice comms. 5. Check the Discord server once a week. Even if you aren’t into playing in a division, just check in for updates. 6. Abuse, bullying, or otherwise poor conduct while playing with the team are grounds for dismissal. Nothing too crazy. Additional information can be found here on our Discord server. There is one player who has an exemption from the 30-day rule, due to his line of work (currently in Afghanistan as a contractor).
  6. How many ships do you have? Bragg a little

    34 DDs, soon to be 35. List in signature.
  7. Tachibana Lima Mission

    Just in case you guys haven't seen it: there is a mission to unlock the Tachibana Lima that just went live. Requirement: 15 wins, ranked or random, T5+. Reward: Tachibana Lima, 6pt captain.
  8. cockbote

    Did anyone else notice the little detail of Mouse pixelating the ship? Hey Mouse, can I buy you a beer sometime?
  9. Hello all, semi noob looking for a clan

    GULAG has some open slots. Not competitive, friendly and relaxed.
  10. Z-39 is Here

    I picked up the Z-39 a little while ago. I have other grinding to do, but am planning on using her for leveling captains until T-61 comes out. Then she'll probably sit in port and only see a few games a month.
  11. RN Destroyers - a forgotten line?

    The rumor I heard was October/November.
  12. Japanese CL line?

    Looking at the options in context with other ships at the same tier. The Nagara-class has only just enough in her main battery to probably not make a total fool of herself at T5, given that more than a few other CLs at T5 can bring nine guns to bear, frequently of heavier caliber. Give the Natori enough concealment to stealth-fire torpedoes, she could work. Sendai needs some real tricks at T6 to not be an embarrassment. The original hull is almost a carbon copy of the Nagara, but is now facing T8s in her MM spread. Take the 1941 upgrade and make it a B-hull for Nagara, or just drop the Nagara and make this the T5. Now, for an actual T6, the Agano-class can make it work as long as you can stay with the "stealthy torpedo-chucking light cruiser" schtick for as long as you can. Bring a barf bag, it'll be a rough ride. 3x2 152mm guns, 2x4 610mm torpedoes (long range, no less than 10km and preferably more) with a standard concealment radius of no more than 10km (+camo & CE). The IJN made their cruisers to be destroyer leaders and submarine scouts, so let's give them the role of being stealthier than their equal-tier fellow cruisers but not as stealthy as the destroyers. T7, Kai-Agano. I know, I know ... this horse has been beaten fairly hard. I have part of a plan. One extra gun turret is nothing to get excited about, certainly not when the MM will put you into battles facing a Roon or Neptune. Hear me out. This is a stealthy destroyer leader class that prefers to stay hidden; using its guns to hurt destroyers while relying on its torpedoes to damage/kill heavier ships. Sound familiar to anyone? Sounds a hell of a lot like the Shiratsuyu and Akatsuki and Kagero to me, but with a few more guns and a hell of a lot more HP. Here's the twist: What consumable is only ever seen on IJN ships at or above T7? DING DING DING, YOU GUESSED RIGHT, IT'S TORPEDO RELOAD BOOSTER BUT NOW IT'S ON A F*ÇKÏNG LIGHT CRUISER. Carry over the 2x4 610mm long-range launchers from the T6 Agano so it feels familiar, but add that twist so it can still stand on its own two feet. No other cruiser that I've found in the game right now has access to TRB, which is a draw in and of itself. The 2x4 main battery is pretty 'meh', but that's only part of the picture. TRB and CF/SA for consumables and you're halfway home. T8 brings us back to the Mogami and the schizo armament scheme that she has always had. No TRB here, and link it back into the CA line for the ride to T10.
  13. RN Destroyers - a forgotten line?

    Nice. I think the guy I have in the Gallant is at 7 points as well. I've been grinding through the other DD lines, so I haven't spent as much time on that captain as I should have. I also figure that the RN DD line won't be out for at least another three months, so I have more than enough time to get him up to a good level.
  14. RN Destroyers - a forgotten line?

    A few people talked about HMAS Vampire. I have one gripe about that bote: it's missing the second torpedo launcher. There is an obvious space for a second three-tube launcher, occupied in-game by a storage rack. As likely as it is that Vampire was a low-tier test bed for V-class RN DDs, they better give those ships the two launchers they are supposed to have. Vampire is wonderful, a "let's go have fun, forget winning or losing" bote, but the lack of a second launcher sticks in my craw. Vampire is great at T3, adding a second launcher may be cause enough to bump the V-class to T4 if the rest of the bote is left unchanged. If you have the Gallant, and are getting bent out of shape waiting for the RN DD line to come out, do what I'm doing and use the Gallant to train captains. I have a 6pt captain on the Gallant now. My plan is to train that guy up to 10-13 points in preparation for when that line is released. Getting used to the single-launch torpedo thing (which absolutely should the the RN DD schtick) has been fun for me, as well as the fun of Gallants main guns. And yes, I use the spelling that LWM uses. On purpose.