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  1. T-61: Potential Super Ship

    Almost through February ... still not available. I really hope it comes out next month, when my financial aid for school finally arrives. I've missed enough destroyers, not going to miss this one.
  2. Any chance of tier T6 or T5 Ranked again?

    I'll vote for T6 as well. I also have six destroyers to use, so I can cycle through them. Why not use the T6 ranked to seed the T8 leagues? Then, a T8 ranked season can feed into a T10 ranked season. Keep the structure of 22 ranks, but break it into three sections: ranks 22-16 for T6, 15-8 for T8, and 7-1 for T10. Reaching the top rank for each tier is an auto-invite for the next highest level. Seems like a good way to encourage players to improve their skill and to unlock higher-tier ships. Say you run a month of ranked at a time; space each month of ranked apart a bit to give players time to reach the next tier. Also, I love T6 gameplay. There is so much variety between ships and play-styles. The Kami triplets are left out; as are Belfast, Atlanta, Saipan, Flint, Leningrad, Hood, Duke of York, Scharnhorst, and the Blyskawica. There are a good few premium T6 ships out there, but none draw the hatred I've seen for the T7 ships. T6 Cruisers: Aoba, Cleveland, Nurnburg, (HSF) Graf Spee, Budyonny, Molotov, Makarov, Leander, Huang He, Duca d'Aosta, La Galissonneire, De Grasse, and Perth. T6 Destroyers: Fubuki, Hatsuharu, Shinonome, Farragut, Monaghan (?), Gaede, T-61, Gnevny, Gallant, Fushun, Anshan, and Aigle. T6 Battleships: Fuso, Mutsu, New Mexico, Arizona, Bayern, Queen Elizabeth, Warspite, Normandie, and Dunkerque. T6 Aircraft Carriers: Ryujo and Independence. Lots of variety. The Cleveland changes to Pensacola & Dallas after the USN cruiser split happens, and we are looking forward to a RN DD line. 13 cruisers, 12 destroyers, 9 battleships, and two carriers. After the split and RN DDs, it totals out to 15 cruisers and 13 destroyers, plus whatever else WG has in store.
  3. Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    If there is one thing that WG could do to get more money out of me, it's bringing this back ship as a Premium. Whether as a high-cost FXP ship or for a high cost in the store. Hell, maybe even as both. I would gladly save up a ton of FXP, work through a mission set like for the Vampire or Aigle, and still fork over doubloons or real dinero for one. Here: 500,000FXP, five-stage campaign with three stages each at T8+, and $50 at the end. Even with that series of barriers, I'll grind the living hell out of the game for the opportunity.
  4. Gnevny to Minsk Grind

    How bad is it? I've been grinding my DDs by tier (all to T6, then all to T7, and so on), and finally unlocked the Gnevny. I hated the Podvoisky (hereafter the Pod), and am not seeing much to encourage hope for more enjoyable gameplay until T8. So just lay it out: how hard is this going to suck? I'll probably do every other DD in my port first, then just do the band-aid thing and grind to the Minsk before going for T8.
  5. It is near criminal we don’t have a British DD line

    Hell, let's say that a fully fleshed-out DD hull requires only two-thirds the design time as the Hood. That's 740 man-hours of work, or 31 man-days of work per ship. Sure, they can cheat a bit and use a few other hulls to make their lives easier. Nine ships in the tree, maybe three hulls that just need some tweaking. You're still looking at no less than six months, probably more like eight months even if they do cheat a little. Add on internal testing/balancing, then closed-server testing, then open testing, then more adjusting before release, then release with a ramp-up from their marketing team to get some hype for the line. They JUST released the Pan-Asian ships, and are releasing the French BB line soon. I get it, we all want the RN DDs. Just, give WG a few inches of slack on this.
  6. It is near criminal we don’t have a British DD line

    What is the usual release schedule for WG to release a ship line? Perhaps, if we break it down, we could predict when the RN DDs will come out. I thought I saw that their Cruisers came out in Oct of 16, with Battleships released in Oct of 17. We've seen a handful of RN DDs come out in the PA line and in the Vampire (which is actually a modified version of the original V-class leaders, there should be a second three-tube torpedo launcher) and Campbeltown premium ships. Maybe the RN DDs will come out next October, that's not too far away. If WG showed us a release schedule, even a tentative outline, it would probably ease the rage on here. They just need to show one player, one time, and it'll hit the interwebz in seconds. One thing I haven't seen in this thread is what the schtick for RN DDs will be. For US DDs, it's Defensive AA. For IJN DDs, it's Torpedo Reload Boost. For KM DDs, it's Hydro. For PA DDs, it's DWTs (screw that line and whoever came up with it). The Russians don't seem to have a schtick that makes them particularly unique, and thus why I hate working that line. The British do have their weird HE shells, special smoke, and healing. RN DDs with a heal seem OP, though the Kidd seems to have proven that a DD can have Repair Party and not ruin the game. Mofton will recall the thread I put up theorizing about the line, it's something that I want just as badly as so many other people on here.
  7. @Reymu Whoever that DD captain was, it wasn't me. I can't accept your apology because I wasn't the player deserving an apology. I'm at T5/T6 right now, not even close to the Shimakaze. I made that comment as a DD main who has taken fire from friendly players and said in the team chat "do that again and I'll gladly turn pink". I don't tolerate players shooting friendlies, or using them as shields from fire, or pushing them into torpedoes, or any of that. It's a team game in the end, even if some players are morons.
  8. how to DD?

    It's certainly a slow grind. Going from 30k XP per ship to 60k XP per ship will take me into next year for all my T7s. One good thing is that I get far more personal experience at each tier. I went from being terrified of T7s to simply respecting them, especially once I got to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the ships I'm in as well as enemy ships. T8s still make me sweat a bit, but that'll pass in time. Plus, by the time I get to T10, I'll have spent a long time getting there. I have a hunch that I'll be a better DD captain than the guys who only went up a single line. I would have a T8 DD by now if I had just gone up the one line.
  9. Your anger was entirely unjustified. You fire on me for "not doing my job" and I'll turn pink with a smile on my face. The actions you laid out here are trolling in the extreme, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for being so smugly certain that you were right to fire on a friendly ship for not doing what you wanted them to do. Also: your grammar is atrocious.
  10. how to DD?

    I've been grinding my way up all the DD lines. I have five currently, end goal is six (Russian line split). I would have saved you a good chunk of change had I the chance to talk you out of dropping all that cash on ships you weren't ready to play. I'm about 8k XP away from my fourth T6 DD (Hatsuharu) and I'm still learning how to play DDs. Even after earning the Gaede, Fubuki, and Farragut, I am still having important lessons beaten into me by red ships. Just today, I tried to dodge when I should have smoked up. Cost my team the game, as I was halfway to capping their base and winning it for us. Sure, there were some other things that went wrong (like the cruiser that used my BB division-mate as a torpedo shield), but I still feel bad. Once I get them all to T6, I'll start grinding to T7. Once they all reach T7, up to T8. And so on until I have five T10 DDs and one T8. I'm middling-to-not-terrible right now on the scale of "potato" to "super unicum". If you want to get very good at DDs, it's a rough grind like many others have said here. I do have a BB for when I need to clear my head a bit, but that's one out of the six ships in my docks.
  11. The trick is implementing it for the 60-odd torpedo types in the game. The trade-off of range to speed for each type would take some time to code, then for a closed test, then an open test, with the result of making the game more complex for torpedo-armed ships. It would be rather nice, but I don't think it's really worth the effort. If I recall correctly, the speed of each torpedo could be adjusted just before the spread was fired. Adding thirty seconds to adjust range feels about right.
  12. DD/CA/CV Division Tactics

    Most of my gameplay recently has been while divisioned-up with my clan-mates. I play DDs, another plays CVs, and another plays CAs. I'm usually in an IJN/KM destroyer, the second guy is often in an IJN carrier, and our third guy drives a Cleveland or Graf Spee (we're enjoying T6). I've been rolling around ways of playing this lineup more effectively. Usually, I'll move out ahead and scout, with the cruiser trailing in case I run into trouble. The CV will provide air cover, since we tend to protect one flank while the rest of the team goes elsewhere. In terms of priority, we try to kill enemy destroyers first. If we can deprive the enemy of their spotters, they will have to rely on their carrier to spot targets or push cruisers forward to compensate. Once we eliminate the destroyers on one side, we can sink or drive off whatever else we encounter. The real fun comes if a lone enemy battleship ventures into the zone we are covering. Between my torpedoes, the guns on our cruiser, and carrier-based bombers, they tend not to last very long. The real weakness in this strategy is if we run into the enemy main force. One destroyer, one cruiser, and a supporting CV isn't going to do much of anything against 2/3 of the enemy team. At best, we can fight a delaying action and pray for backup. At worst, we are sunk and that flank collapses. Any suggestions for alternate strategies?
  13. Caption the profile image above you.

    There was a Royal Navy Midshipman at Trafalgar who would beat the hell out of his sailors. The little prick had to stand on a gun carriage to reach high enough, as he was a little kid. Picture a 12-year-old doing his level best to give a grown man a black eye, but the grown man can't hit back. I think he caught an 18-pounder ball during the battle. Don't know the kids name, but he did exist.
  14. On the Bizarro World of Co-Op Players

    I rarely ever play PvE. When iI do, it is for one of two reasons: taking out a new ship to get used to it, and/or just to screw around. I'm usually on voice comms with at least one clan-mate, so we can practice our teamwork a little bit as we get used to new ships. That and we can get away with doing otherwise-suicidal actions in ways that you just can't do in PvP. Co-Op lets me do things like torpedo three enemy ships all sailing in straight lines, then nuke an enemy DD, and farm about 80k points of damage without nearly the difficulty of Random. It also lets me do things like ram a parked enemy CV. Why? Because screw it; I'm fighting bots and we're going to win anyway.
  15. Caption the profile image above you.

    Kid whose father bought him a commission as a midshipman. Death is celebrated by his division after being cut in half by a French cannonball during the Battle of Trafalgar, due to his being a tyrant to said sailors.