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  1. Furia__

    How to deal with serial blowouts?

    I feel the same as above.. Sometimes.. it doesnt seem random.
  2. Hi guys, For all the talks about subs, cvs and (insert your pet peeve here), nothing gets to me like having back to back blowout games. Personally for me it's becoming more prevalent like several days and I just quit playing until it "goes away". I don't think it's me since I typically I see myself in the top places in performance (usually top 3), but I could be wrong.. maybe it is me.. I am not a unicum type player that can single handily turn the tide when 3 minutes in, you've lost 4 ships, many critical to match outcome (DD's, etc.) How do you all deal with this? Taking a small break is not enough for me. Do you: - Go down tiers where alpha strike happens less? - Play a type of ship? -Drink? It's a big enough problem (for me) that I have played significantly less and may stop all together. If I lose a nail biter so be it, I even like it. But games that blowout and happen with frequency seem like no fun. Thanks,
  3. Furia__

    King George V, grind or skip?

    Thanks all. In regards to the use of AP on KGV, is it used only on cruisers showing broad? anything else I am assuming is HE? She's quite the fire starter and I've devastated with 1 shot more than 1 DD with HE.
  4. Furia__

    King George V, grind or skip?

    Thanks all!
  5. I am having mixed experiences with the king george V Brit BB. Is it a good ship? Seems like its on the lower end of t7 BB's?
  6. What do the gift containers drop? The ones given for t7-9 ships.
  7. I really like the old premium boats. I have many of them. Lately I don’t have any that really appeals to me, any class. Constellation, Congress, Yukon, etc.. seems like line ships are more appealing?
  8. Furia__

    Subs speed

    Last time I checked both t10 subs speed was faster submerged. At any rate, sub speed was typically half when submerged. Chasing submerged subs be. Pain
  9. Furia__

    Subs speed

    Why do subs go faster while submerged than on the surface? This doesn't make any sense.
  10. I sense hate in you young grasshopper..
  11. Furia__

    Update 0.10.7, Clan Battles restrictions

    YES!! No more hiding in the smoke. Ryujo seems heavy handed, just ban to one cv? Now bring back the Graf. I double dog dare you..
  12. Furia__

    t6 DD for ranked

    +1 for icarus if you know how to play it with the short smokes. For sure.
  13. Furia__

    t6 DD for ranked

    I just ranked out with a Farragut with an 83% WR. Highly recommended.
  14. Furia__

    Subs in ranked your thoughts

    They are ok. CVs are still more bothersome..
  15. I'm at my wits end here. I can see the sub periscope, shoot my shells all around it.. POINTBLANK range, Can't hit. Ran over it to throw charges at it. Since he was at periscope I think i hit him. threw all my charges at him. All hit. took only 1/2 his life.