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  1. Until OP renames to "Province_of_China_er" long
  2. I don't see how this proves "the strong" are also leaving DDs in favor of other ships when "the strong" generally prefers to superunicum players who account for a statistical footnote anyways...
  3. WitchSakura

    Stalingrad the Clan Battle game breaker

    Wouldn't go so far as to say that. Some of the first clans that got to hurricane worldwide (and are still in the top 5) got there using 3 Stalins and a GK. Imitators fell short, of course, since it's the players and the tactics that make the game, not the ships.
  4. WitchSakura

    Stalingrad the Clan Battle game breaker

    There's no TX BB a Stalingrad can citadel at 20km In that case, Stalingrad can't deal massive HE DPM or spot or surprise AP salvos from a flank like Zao can either... or use torps to area denial. ... It's as if the "average" player has little grasp about in-game nuances other than "muh armor" and "muh guns"...
  5. WitchSakura

    Stalingrad the Clan Battle game breaker

    Maybe it's because Stalingrad is the easiest one to catch broadside?
  6. WitchSakura

    Stalingrad the Clan Battle game breaker

    only if they run range mod, and if they're do, they're missing out.
  7. WitchSakura

    Stalingrad the Clan Battle game breaker

    Stalingrad is balanced. People who argue otherwise are generally either intellectually dishonest or just likes to cause nonsensical arguments.
  8. Kiting is good. Underrated strat for BBs Most people, however, suck at doing it and would usually instead bugger off to a corner where they remain useless for the rest of the match
  9. WitchSakura

    USN BB Buff!

    It doesn't. What it has is better short range AA. The much better torpedo belt does make it the better ship for use in CV divs, however. I think the HE spam isn't much of a problem. I grinded through the line rather quickly and I found Colorado and Wyoming to be fine. New York and New Mexico were also "fine", but buffs wouldn't hurt them either.
  10. WitchSakura

    USN BB Buff!

    Well, when something started as a sidegrade suddenly got made redundant because its unique selling point was given to another ship (that really didn't need buffs), then I think that's backwards as hell.
  11. WitchSakura

    USN BB Buff!

    The heck? Do they even need the buffs? The entire thing is, IMO, bum-backwards as hell. The heal buff was crazy enough, but this??? They're buffing New York and New Mexico, which is good. They could use that. But then they also buff North Carolina, which is probably the best T8 BB, and now it's clear-cut better than Alabama with its improved heal and now similar handling. Are they serious?
  12. WitchSakura

    CV rework should be canceled

    Well I believe they are good mechanics that help separate the good CV players from the bad.
  13. WitchSakura

    CV rework should be canceled

    IMO, removing manual attacks on T4-5 CVs was what killed the class. I've seen so many newcomers to the class fail to understand strafes and manual attacks at T6 and simply giving up due to the difficulty spike.
  14. WitchSakura

    Stalingrad should not be made available for Clan Battles

    I think the "problem" is that you don't have experience fighting Stalingrads as much as other ships. The experience will be gained soon enough. I'm sure by the end of the season you'll feel less apprehensive of the ship.