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  1. AmanoHina

    Massive amount of sad

    Nope. Sure wasn't, guys. Some actual unicum clans totally didn't implode after CVs were reworked. Some other actual unicum clans totally didn't have some of their players take a half-year long break. None of that did ever happen. Nothing happened on 0.8.0
  2. AmanoHina

    Massive amount of sad

    It is, but how many games are there where the main reason as far as the vocal leavers give is "poor balancing makes the game unfun" Usually the reasons people seem to lose interest in a game over time is more boredom born of repetition.
  3. AmanoHina

    Massive amount of sad

    Does any of this change the fact that the game is becoming less fun, while actual unicums (both statpadders and those who are good at the game) are playing it less and less, with some retiring entirely?
  4. AmanoHina

    An early assessment of Clan Battles

    Because the German ships are trash The same isn't true for French, American and Russian ones
  5. AmanoHina

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    Not very likely It's not a good ship for CB overall tbh
  6. AmanoHina

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    This is actually [edited] and shows you haven't really run into really good CV players Kleber is only "balanced" in randoms because CVs exist.
  7. AmanoHina

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    Noted. Thing is, the best counter against Kleber (for us, high rank SEA) that we seem to find is to basically force it out with HP advantage (and to keep your DD alive), and teamwork, as you said. Most importantly, you need to stop going for the usual spots and strats too. One of the biggest problems is that Klebers work very well in coordination too thanks to their speed. This speed allows them to do more than just dodge; it allows them to reposition to the complete opposite side of the map within a few minutes, which means they can actually very possibly win games by just going around the map and capping caps you have no presence at, and try to drive out ships in the caps where you do have a limited presence at.
  8. AmanoHina

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    Guy whose clan never made it past Typhoon tells Hurricane players their teams are crap. EGIRL/YIKES/SLEEP/NO_CV/IH8CV/whatever has been in the top 3 on NA ever since they branched from CONQR. They're no.1 globally now. Surely they're not taking 4-5 Klebers for their health. Or the rest of the clans currently in typhoon that followed suit. Nope, it's because their teams are bad and this dude from a 57% reroll clan can tell us all. And I can already hear the "muh bad CB hours for AUS/NZ majority" excuses coming, so please just don't bother saying it, unless you'd like some actual valid rebuttals.
  9. AmanoHina

    AIMBOTS Iin the game

    There are illegal mods that function as aimbot and more, and I'd show you video examples of how disgusting they are (you'd think otherwise until you actually fight players that actually use them), but for some reason all the videos that I know of have since been taken down.
  10. AmanoHina

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

  11. AmanoHina

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    IKR? It's like the Dunning-Kruger effect is a thing Funny how a lot of "gitgud" comments are from people who never even got to Typhoon or made it to rank 1.
  12. AmanoHina

    Why NTC is fine.

    Some of the arguments against NTC so far are: -It widens gap between players -It will kill competitive -It rewards only no-lifers and whales -It will make players quit in droves Well here are some counterarguments: -It widens gap between players? And what difference would that make from what's going on now? Bad players will get killed regardless, and it's not like most of you can do much against a triple superunicum fishing div, NTC or no. Or do you think having more HP and slightly better dispersion or better fire chance will somehow guarantee you a win against a triple [O7] division? Or that some redstat potato will suddenly be able to outplay you with his level 3 NTC ship despite having dogshit aim and zero dodging skills? -It will kill competitive? Competitive is already dead. It doesn't matter if NTC is restricted to Randoms, Ranked and PVE only. Quite a number of people in top clans have expressed their opinion that Clan Battles have gotten trite and stale. They play it only out of obligation and because playing with 6 of their friends is the only enjoyment the get out of WoWS nowadays. If we look beyond Clan Battles, we'll see that KOTS is dying as well. For the past few seasons, the some of the top clans can't field their top players (or players in general) anymore. Look at ZR last season. They had to resort to fielding a bot Moskva -It rewards only no-lifers and whales WoWS already rewards no-lifers and whales? Don't believe me? P2W premiums reward whales, legendary mods of certain ships reward no-lifers. The steel ship Bourgogne rewards no-lifers who grounded steel for her, providing they have enough brains to operate her properly and use her strengths. Heck, grinding oil rewards no-lifers too. In spirit, there's little difference between NTC and the aforementioned. -It will make players quit in droves People already are quitting in droves. People have been quitting and selling accounts since the CV rework hit. People from all skill levels have been quitting. Quite a good number of good players from top clans have practically retired from WoWS for more than half a year. I can count, without naming any names, the number of players in hurricane clans who have quit WoWS or even sold their accounts that I know by name. Wargaming finds that this is acceptable because (according to them) the rate of new arrivals signing up is greater than the rate of old players retiring. With all that said, it's abundantly clear that this game was already heading down the gutter. Do you think implementing or stopping WG from implementing NTC will change a thing about the current state of the game?
  13. AmanoHina

    King of the Sea VIII NA vs. SEA Server Clash

    Twitch/Discord chat prediction "[][][] [][] [][][] [] :cafe: [][][][] :horse_racing: [][][][] [][][] [][] *insert black & white Biaoqing here* [][][] [][] XSWL"
  14. AmanoHina

    Trial by combat

    This sounds like something a mass shooter would say