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    Bot CV's in 8.6

    This right here^ Had been noticing that the bot carriers were always bottom of the enemy team with very little xp. Finally today became the focus of the carrier bot and its rocket planes and dive bombers would break formation but never drop and just kept circling (of course Cossak AA sucks so i got to notice this pattern repeatedly)
  2. Jedisilentwolf

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    I made this comment on a video and much of it still applies even to the new standard. I hate to say it but the NTC/prestige system wont work. Even in early COD MW and W@W, prestige only gave you more kits to work with NOT better equipment. The current legendary upgrades are fine as they give a minor buff usually at the expense of another item. This prestige is giving flat out buffs which will thoroughly throw the balance of the game in favor of the experienced and/or no lifer players. I play a fair amount myself and mostly enjoy beating up on bots with a few rnds in PVP, but this will make me want to avoid the high tier PVP all together if this goes thru. And many new players will likely be uninterested in constantly getting clubbed and drop going after the high tier ships especially when your t8 NC winds up regularly encountering that t10 mk4 Montana. This will also not benefit your premium ships especially the t8 n t9 ships that are currently designed in balance around the base game play. Now if you want to make exclusive/unique ships that are balanced with the regular ships for those that regrind a ship line, that is fine. Or perhaps give the players more resources each time they get to the next ship tier on the regrind like the Steel, Coal, or other special resources.
  3. Jedisilentwolf

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    Guess my two major beefs with the whole CV rework was the accuracy of the planes, and the idea of an AA sector on the boat. For the first issue, out of 10-20 planes, only one plane might actually hit their target. The best squadrons (elite pilots) sometimes got 2 - 3 hits and this was on huge targets like the carriers and BBs. Second issue is the idea of having AA sectors and not having them stack. Captains would prioritize a squadron to target like the old way, not one half of a ship. I know this is supposed to be "arcade" style. But if the carriers get unlimited planes, then they should suffer from lack of accuracy and the AA on boats should fully stack with other boats.
  4. Jedisilentwolf

    Remove Situational Awareness - Fixes many problems

    Admittedly, I have sunk DDs with one torp in game, but def not cruisers. I do know some of the USN cruisers were put of action, but still floating after only a couple of torp or bomb hits. Tho the Yamato took 11 torps and 6 bombs before it finally sank. But ya, reload timing and all is to help mitigate unending torps and in the end all about balance tho i do think some of the reload boosters are a bit extreme. For the spotting tho, I'm just thinking of ways to give players slightly more realistic info in knowing a possible ship might be spotting them than the magical SA as it is right now.
  5. Jedisilentwolf

    Remove Situational Awareness - Fixes many problems

    In case you didnt notice, I went right back to the original topic about SA. I only mentioned the torps as a reply to ur comment. I do see removing SA as making things extremely unbalanced due to how spotting/concealment works in the game. Change how ships magically appear, and then you can get rid of the magical awareness.
  6. Jedisilentwolf

    Remove Situational Awareness - Fixes many problems

    The OP wants to remove SA thus making the game more realisitic. Since u bring up torps, i thought this was already world of torpedoes. The consumables are already limited, why not the number of shells and torps? Might get rid of the wall of skill(less) drops. But this is about SA, which is part of the spotting mechanic. Change the spotting dynamics to avoid ships magically appearing to things like gradually increasing smoke and fuzzy ship shapes till their "concealment" allows them to be properly identified. Then players have real info to go off in place of the magical youv'e been spotted.
  7. Jedisilentwolf

    Remove Situational Awareness - Fixes many problems

    Hate to break it to ya, but Radar and hydro weren't a temporary thing during WWII. Radar and sonar (hydro) were always on and went quite a ways out. Hell, Lucky A spotted planes 160miles out. So sure take SA out, but then u have to make smoke and ships gradually appear on the horizon and radar and hydro is always on.
  8. Jedisilentwolf

    500 Secondary Hits

    I'm sry, you were saying???? I even thought the challenge was a joke. But it helped that some pink Monarch thought they should be AFK for the match along with 3 bots (2 cruisers and a carrier). So I got to see a fair bit of combat....
  9. Also no mention of Cherry Blossom that gets two allied CVs that come in plus all the land based enemy planes. So they aren't getting rid of planes entirely. And wth to Newport. You'll have New Mex, Arizona, Bayern or Queen E going up against a Yamato!?!?!
  10. Yes, the Kron got laid down, however: " She was laid down 30 November 1939 and judged 10.6% complete when the Germans invaded. Machinery problems were likely to delay the ships well past their intended delivery dates of 1943–44. The Kharkhovskii Turbogenerator Works never completed a single turbine before the German invasion in June 1941. Another problem were the 305 mm guns and turrets as the armament factories were focused on the higher-priority guns for the Sovetsky Soyuz-class battleships. Prototypes of neither had been completed by the time the Germans invaded. The situation was not much better for the smaller guns as mountings for both the 152 mm and 100 mm guns were still incomplete on 22 June 1941 and all of these programs were terminated quickly afterwards." The Kron never saw the water, plus the Sovs were having issues with getting the steel armor thickness that was in the plans. Even if Germany hadn't gotten to Leningrad, the Kron may have likely been built with thinner armor than originally planned on paper. While Kron certainly made it farther than the Montana, the Kron was not even floatable, so its a paper ships as far as i'm concerned. This info is based off of Project 69: The Kronshtadt Class Battlecruisers At least the Alaska, along with sister Guam, actually put out to sea and saw some action. So, Alaska = serviceable, real ship......Kron = Ideal dream ship if Kron had been finished and built according to design specs.
  11. The average co-op match takes half the amount of time it takes to complete a random battle. And unless your one of those super-unicums, your chance of winning a random is much less than winning the co-op. So you can make more in the two co-op wins than you can in the one random loss and usually have a more enjoyable time blowing ships up.