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  1. Carninath

    CV so OP now

    So now I have to worry about Aircraft over shooting other ships. The whole point of me playing this game was for the ships and ship-to-ship combat. Now with CVs, the enjoyment went away. Well I guess my focus will be on other games. Sorry that I spent $2500 on this game. Have a good one guys.
  2. So I started WoWs Monday and no sound. I did a full uninstall/reinstall still same issue. I can play movies, youtube, twitch I have sound, but when I try to play WoWs no sound.
  3. Carninath

    Fighting Friday - Super Sub Challenge

    Actually I like the idea of subs. Hunting those pesky CR, BB, CV and sinking them. Not have to worry to much about aircraft. Bring them on :)