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  1. Gascogne French Premium ship

    I agree I took my Richelieu and blew the crap out of 2 Gascognes in one battle. They have terrible dispersion.
  2. Austro-Hungarian Battleships

    Actually what would be nice is some of the Brazilian ships. Yes they had a lot of castoffs from the US Navy, but doing third world ships would be a treat.
  3. Dream Warship

    Have you seen Flambass's video of the T7 Lyon?
  4. What the Worcester should be

    According to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Worcester_(CL-144 her 150mm could only achieve 9-10 rpm, less than a comparable 203mm from the USS Newport News. Her AA: 12 x 150mm DP, 24 x 76mm, 12 x 20mm. Which BTW is less than USS Des Moines.
  5. I am a long time gamer. Every game has it whiners. No matter where you go you will always get whiny people, they won't like this they won't like that. This is a game where you drive ships from WW1 & WW2 and blow people up. Come on what is better than that and you need NO MONEY to play the game. I myself love German ships, I have the T10 Kurfurst and Hidenburg and I am working on German DDs, I so love Hydro...
  6. Division window

    I never look at the chat window, so why would I think the Division would be down there.
  7. Please Learn to play German BB's

    The main problem that I have found is that in Ranked Play you need to stay at ranged in the beginning, but in Random Play a German BB main strength is to close and annihilate weaker opponents. Heck I tanked a NC with my Hindy and hunted him down and killed him. I was at half health him 3/4, he was running away and every time he made a course change I would drop torps. He died quite nicely. The name of the game with German Ships is be AGGRESSIVE!
  8. Looking for Davies00123

    As a matter of fact I am a Davies. Which one are you?
  9. I was going to buy the T7 Scharn when I was T4, but after chatting with some folks decided to hold out until I got a ship to T7 then bought it. It was better to wait.
  10. Seeing parts of the Pan Asian line I am hoping we see some of those British DD's show up in the UK Line: Phra Ruang — Pan-Asian Tier III destroyer - R Class Jianwei — Pan-Asian Tier V destroyer - DD Flotilla Leader Gadjah Mada — Pan-Asian Tier VII destroyer - N Class We have already seen these, but then they (WG) obviously won't let us play them as actual British Destroyers... From the Development Blog on FB - T7 - Cossack...really??? T7? I'd much rather have the N Class as T7... British N Class Destroyers - Being amongst the Royal Navy's most modern and powerful destroyers at the outbreak of war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J-,_K-_and_N-class_destroyer
  11. Today it Begins

    And for those of us who have never played in Ranked games, doing it for T8 is fine thank you very much. I started in August, and Ranked Play was over with when I got to Rank 14 (the minimum rank to start playing Ranked).
  12. Create your own ship

    So the problem your not seeing is that the Hulls in the game limit the number of weapon emplacements, also nationalities would limit the type/caliber of armaments. And no you could put 20-30 main gun mounts on any of the ships offered, LOL.
  13. Looking for a Fun Clan

    Found a Clan. Administrator please close this thread. Thank You.