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  1. My destroyer gameplay improved dramatically when I realized that there are actually three teams in every game: the Red Team, the Green Team, and Me.
  2. The only thing that could possibly make this idea worse is if the ships were identified (like brackets for rentals) so that the player base can get truly toxic...I mean, more truly toxic. That would be icing on the cake. Thank you, Wargaming, for ruining my day. All you have to do is make the game fun -- Don't you get that? Jesus wept.
  3. kagero__

    Think I've played my last battle.

    I play very, very little anymore. Used to be I would grind out the three crates every day, minimum. Then it became two crates. A while back, it reached the point where I would do just enough to complete the easy daily mission. Now, this week, I've started playing the bare minimum to get one lonely daily crate. One ranked battle will do it, and then I'm done for the day. The problem isn't so much CV's or HE spam or grind after grind or rentals or anything else...It just isn't much fun anymore. I want to play a game that's fun. Period. Maybe it's just me and my tastes are changing, maybe it's the game, probably a bit of both. What doesn't really comfort me, in fact quite the opposite, is how many threads like this one I've seen where I think, "Yeah, that's how I feel, too."
  4. kagero__

    Ironium Joke [Event feedback]

    Space battles just isn't that much fun for me. If it was, I'd play it and let the rewards accumulate as they will, but the fact is that I'd rather spend my limited time playing the ships I like, or am at least grinding. I played 3 space battles, one in each type of ship, and it was like randoms on steroids -- in the bad way. What those people were doing, not even God knows.
  5. This forum is really going downhill. It probably needs a rework. And Dasha is definitely Super Unicum, only a total noob would call her a twit.
  6. kagero__

    [CV] Something's gotta give....

    Maybe you played your CV correctly and maybe the CV worked correctly, and maybe your impact on the game is what the developers intended, meaning that it is up to the team as a whole to find victory and not depend on a single ship or ship type to deliver success. I mean, if you can do 150k damage while being effectively deplaned, exactly how much do you think you can average if AA is tuned down to acceptable levels - whatever that might be? I agree there is something very wrong with the rework, but I think said problems involve more than just the anti-aircraft mechanics.
  7. kagero__

    Why does every new ship need to have radar?

    Because once Monty Haul comes on stage, there's no getting him off. If this was AD&D me and my friends would have started a new campaign a long time ago.
  8. Not sure if I should give +1 or -1 ...it's 5:30am and that clickbait was better than 3 cups of coffee. Wide awake now, so I guess it's thumbs up. Thanks, but don't do that again, please
  9. Pay to win is one of those catchy buzz phrases that don't really mean anything. I didn't buy the Belfast because I thought it would somehow magically transform me into a super unicorn, I bought it because it looked like it would be fun to play. I didn't buy the Prinz Eitel because it's so freakin' awesome it's scary, I bought it because the model looks great. Beautiful boat. When it turned out not to be freakin' awesome, I didn't demand my money back any more than I offered to give the Belfast back because it's a better ship than I expected. I spent the money, I want what I paid for, warts and all. I mean, I bought the Vanguard, but I'm not complaining -- It's kind of cool anyway. Pay to Enjoy is the reality of the situation for most people, I would hope, because anything else is pretty delusional.
  10. kagero__

    automate DD gunnery

    I agree. The way things are going around here, EvE is definitely the future of WOWS. I feel like watching the Big Short again.
  11. Very helpful, Silver Kun, thank you very much for such a timely response. I became curious because certain ships are currently discounted in the tech tree and yet being offered at regular prices through the online store.
  12. Is there any difference between making a premium purchase through the online store and acquiring that same ship through the tech tree? I'm wondering if the basic packages are the same, ie. port slot and camo included, or if there is some difference that would potentially affect the buyer's choice of payment options. Thank you in advance and apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere.
  13. I was stationed aboard USS Badger from 1988 to 1991 when it was decommissioned. Surprised to see a photo of her while browsing random threads in the forum. It really brought a smile to my face, thank you.

    1. Darksaint1071


      Must have just missed you, by six months or so... I separated from the Badger and the USN in Aug '87.

      It was heartbreaking to see what happened to the Bucky B, being sunk in Rimpac, but like the only positive thing is they never actually saw her go down. Looks like she took some serious hits as well...

      Feel free to look me up in game... or if you want, I have a TS server that I'm an admin on, we can just shoot the breeze.

      Good to hear from you.