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  1. Keep your Kansas, et al. Does WG ever wonder why so many players are excited to get their hands on the North Carolina? Apparently not. A split of fast, relatively lightly armored BBs would have been fun; or a slower, more tanky secondary-focused line would have gotten people excited. But just slow and un-fun? Why?
  2. kagero__

    Cartoonish game

    The Thinking Man’s Cartoon
  3. kagero__

    Too Many Events!

    I ignore the missions, ignore the events, and pay even less attention to dockyards than that. I put too much money into this game early on and everything wargaming does is meant to separate a player from her coin, which is perfectly okay - they’re not running a non-profit here. I really enjoy playing the ships I have, playing the modes I like, and not grinding every minute I’m online, and I’ll tell you, once I made that decision, the stress dropped 400% overnight.
  4. kagero__

    Clan movement activity log needed.

    This thread devolved quickly.
  5. kagero__

    Will Subs Move to Randoms?

    How can we have a “Year of the Submarine” if they don’t put them in random battles first?
  6. kagero__

    Marceau guns are overpowered.

    Yeah, that too.
  7. CV in coop mode to complete mission directives quickly, like spotting or 14 torp hits, whatever, and play them in Operations just because nuking bots is fun and it’s easy bank. But randoms? I never found the fun there. Too much salt and while it’s pretty funny when some idiot in a Kurfurst insists on providing my Hak with “AA Support” which actually means he’s afraid of the other CV far too much to leave spawn...It’s just not funny enough. Too bad, because I mostly play this game for the chuckles.
  8. kagero__

    Marceau guns are overpowered.

    I don’t think those numbers actually mean anything anymore.
  9. kagero__

    Another Flammu vid. Real or hype?

    This boat is not meh.
  10. kagero__

    VERY expensive lesson learned.**UPDATE**

    It wasn’t a timed test. The guy could have taken a 5 minute vodka break in the middle of the test - for either ship, take your pick - we don’t know and the test doesn’t care. It’s just a one-off accuracy comparison and your results may differ.
  11. why limit yourself? get one of each!
  12. kagero__

    Another Week, another Chat Ban......

    Oh, well I agree with 100% ..From the title of the topic I thought this was about something else. Thank you, my dude!
  13. kagero__

    Another Week, another Chat Ban......

    Yo, man...Can we get a tl:dr next time? I got stuff to do.
  14. kagero__

    wows and it future

    Meh...The game isn’t going anywhere, but it isn’t going to suddenly live up to it’s potential either. It’s just another computer game, although potentially more expensive than most, and not worth the gallons of salty tears that have been shed over every little blurp, gurgle, and hiccup.