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  1. I just saw that too. That is crazy!
  2. Ok, I got it working. For anybody else who might have this issue here is what I did. After a clean re-install it still didnt work until I tried "Launch The Game With Settings Reset" That worked and I was able to customize my settings again and all is good now. Thanks to every body that tried to help and give suggestions!
  3. I thought that too and did the reinstall, still no change. I might reinstall again to a different folder and see if that works.
  4. I did try the integrity check after it happened and no go. I will try safe mode and see what happens! Thanks for the suggestion. No change after trying safe mode.
  5. Same issue for me. Had to exit 2 battles, then of course got a warning for leaving battles early.
  6. Beefweasal

    Problem entering game

    I got it working. I used turbo07 suggestion and actually moved my preferences file to my desktop. Then started the game allowing it to create a new file. I was then able to log in. After that, I exited the game and dragged my old preferences file back to the game folder so as to not have to redo all of my settings. Restarted the game and all is back to normal.
  7. Beefweasal

    Problem entering game

    I am having the same issue.