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  1. you're funny
  2. jokes on you, i got her before the nerf
  3. By all means give me what you think is bad, doesn't matter if you think its bad cuz you are just bad in it
  4. any ship that one would feel absolute pain as they played the game, starting to consider what the point is even at this point.
  5. Give me a list, it could be premium or tech tree. anything works.
  6. I didn't want my first forum post to be me complaining but it has come to my attention that there is a bug currently that has come up as of recent. for some reason when I play battles I don't gain any credits or XP. Furthermore upon more inspection I didn't lose any signals, credits, Camos, or any free premium consumables. It was like the battle never happened, not even showing up in the "Battle notifications" menu. I started realizing this early on as I was trying to get credits to further push my pan asian DD line, I just got premium account time so I was playing 5 or so games before it got fishy. So i documented and took screen shots of me in battle and after the fact. So I did a test and sure enough I was right this is happening, I documented and took screenshots. My ship pre battle, note all of the circles: (time says 16:06) I go into a ranked match with the DD: The game got pretty heated and we ended up winning, though I don't have the screen for the post battle report because it didn't show, I did however get a screenshot of right at the end: So... What did I get for this? Absolutely nothing: (time says 16:24) It was like the battle never happened at all, And I'm not the only one experiencing this as there are people In chats talking about it. I have no idea what happened or how to fix this But I hope it get patched soon because this is really annoying. It's not Just ranked either, Its all battles from what I can tell.
  7. 0Charlie

    FB Development Blog: Clan Base 2.0

    I like the changes that they are doing, the clan base needed a bit of love in my opinion. the new bonuses should be interesting and help getting coal, steel and commander xp much easier. Thanks for the info