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  1. No HMCS Haida for Canada Day

    The only chance now is for a change of government allowing saner heads to be installed in the Parks Canada offices.
  2. Pan-American nation in!

    I wouldn't be too sure about that; the major South American nations (Argentina, Brazil, Chile; to a lesser extent Peru) bought new or inherited quite a lot of ships in the late 19th and 20th Centuries, not to mention the "paper" ships which were offered as designs that were ready to build if only the desire had been there. If the Pan-Asian tree can jump between multiple nations, so can the Pan-American. There should be enough at least for a full cruiser line, and the battleships can be premiums or an abbreviated tree between Tiers 4 and 6, say.
  3. Battle of Jutland - Beatty vs. Hipper

    If you take Correlli Barnett's view (see "The Swordbearers"), it's the failure of British industry to provide Jellicoe with an adequate main-battery shell (with which several German dreadnoughts might have sustained critical to fatal damage). If you take Andrew Gordon's view ("The Rules of the Game"), it's the way British society and a long peace shaped the Royal Navy and bred (bled?) the initiative out of its fighting captains - he argues that they went from being universally super-unicums to a bunch of potatoes (in WOWS terms), and outlines his reasoning as to how this happened. He also identifies a very few critical moments in the battle where initiative on the part of certain battle-squadron commanders or even individual battleship captains could have led to a very, very different ending.
  4. Pan-American nation in!

    Atlanta, with sixteen 5" destroyer guns AND torpedoes AND radar AND DFAA, is arguably in a category of her own.
  5. Warspite Jutland Bundle

    You're paying for the name. There's no other battleship in history that saw as much action in BOTH world wars as Warspite did, nor soaked up as much damage in the process.
  6. Pan-American nation in!

    To have a premium T7 light cruiser to go next to their current T7 US heavy cruiser? Are you saying you think there's a possibility of a US destroyer line split in the future? Or are you thinking of a permanent campaign that would yield a T6 premium US DD/DE instead of a Shinonome? Or maybe even getting to the end of Honourable Service and being given a choice.
  7. Pan-American nation in!

    A hull is essentially a premium Farragut (and if you can win her by an in-game mission, there's nothing wrong with having one of those). B hull looks like an interesting experiment. Wall of skill for bots in operations to try to avoid.
  8. Did Engadine's aircraft at Jutland even have a strike capability? That might even make her a good Tier 2 carrier - all she can do is spot, but the aircraft can be manually directed anywhere you want as opposed to just lazily circling the parent ship. The only thing they can do damage to is other spotters, for which they have a fighter-ammo loadout that has to be replenished when exhausted. Attach one to a friendly ship and it gives spotting aircraft benefits for a minute or so, then returns to the carrier.
  9. I got my email this morning, but I have not yet had a chance to log into the game and find out how many doubloons. I spent 2300; I will be interested to see whether I get 230, or whether it's just 200 because I spent two whole lots of 1000 (with the 300 not counting). You spent HOW MUCH? LOL Enjoy your new stuff!
  10. It's all in the player. This is one ship I find it very hard to get a win in, and I know that's on me. When it clicks, however, it comes together beautifully. And yes, I do switch to AP sometimes. (That being said, getting HE citadels on a thin-skinned cruiser produces spectacular results.)
  11. Given how anaemic the torpedoes would be, how slow the aircraft and how few, I'm not sure that actually constitutes a serious problem. The flipside of teaching carrier players how to launch, attack and recover, is teaching non-carrier players how to swerve and avoid in those ships that don't have enough AA to murder every aircraft that comes near them.
  12. The most humiliating way to die...

    aka pulling a @Notser.
  13. Warspite Jutland Bundle

    Does she come with a buff that guarantees no lethal hits while her rudder is damaged? Then and only then is it a Jutland bundle.
  14. The point here is not so much learning as mutual moral support. There are plenty of avenues by which to learn what to do; what the newbs need as much as instruction is someone to talk to who's at their level and shares their perspective. Some of these noobs will turn out to be better than others and will help the rest. If the identity of the noob clans is well known, the experienced players can, you know, offer advice instead of being unhelpful and condemnatory.
  15. Tier 3-4...your favorite cruiser?

    I suspect there are more than a few others like me who prefer for historical reasons to fight her in her original configuration. Now that I have Varyag, however... Hmm... Svietlana is basically 130mm Bogatyr with torpedoes and some light AA to stop you feeling completely defenceless, but Bogatyr doesn't have to see T5. There's a port slot sale on this weekend, isn't there?