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  1. Puka Puka Fleet

    There is a difference between "in the same way" and "to the same extent". I don't think Hollywood today would make a naval war movie quite the way the Japanese made this: Remember, the story of the Yamato ends in death and defeat, things Americans tend not to want to dwell on. As I understand it, the Japanese can embrace it because they emphasise the courage and determination with which the end was faced. I'll take whatever Anime content the game wants to throw at me if it gives me free goodies (e.g. camo), free ships, and commanders to put in them.
  2. An eternity ago, I played a game called Theatre Europe for the Commodore 64. That had an arcade sub-mode, albeit a confusing one, and good results in it were applied across the board. The problem was that you had to juggle the damage you might do across the supplies you got. I can imagine the human player's efforts in a strike influencing RNG for the bombers on autodrop.
  3. Puka Puka Fleet

    Thread lock status IMMINENT. I agree completely.
  4. I saw Nicholas Cage too, but the hair made me think Fabio in the end.
  5. Yes and no. IMO the degree to which you are correct depends on the degree to which the new interface retains, dilutes or removes the micromanagement aspect. If what they are going to do is to make running a torpedo bomber attack like driving a 180kt destroyer with all forward facing tubes, that takes your micromanagement skills out of the game while you're running the attack. And that in itself will level the playing field a bit. And if you escape from the aircraft interface to see to another matter (e.g. your CV under attack), then it should revert to autodrop accuracy parameters.
  6. New tier 10 french battleship

    Where the heck is this supposed to fit in? Coal ship? Steel ship? First Tier 10 FXP premium? At tier 10 with only 74K HP and 15-inch guns, when her tech tree counterpart has 17 inch, she really is just a... dare I say it? BATTLECRUISER.
  7. Great vid. Silly question - how did the enemy CV know you had triggered DFAA? Can they see it on their map, or do they just notice they are losing planes abnormally quickly? Also... who did the drawing of the lady leaning on the ship? She reminds me of Fabio.
  8. RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    Agree, and this is why I offered the other solution.
  9. RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    As would giving them all RDF from about Tier VI upwards. Speaking of historic sensor suites, one of these days I'd like to see them troll us all with a 1970's-vintage Leander-class frigate - infinite uses of radar and hydro (in the way that the Atlanta gets infinite defensive fire), going out to 12km for radar and 5km for hydro; RDF and Vigilance built in due to passive ESM/Sonar suites on these ships... of course her torpedoes are ASW, so about as good as those on the Smith or the Tachibana (if that) and her gun armament is just pathetic (one Daring turret; a couple of 40mm Bofors, and the Seacat missile system represented by a DFAA consumable of 4km radius or thereabouts). All spotting, no damage. It would be interesting to see what such a ship would bring to the game, just for ships and giggles. Almost certainly in operations/scenarios, like the special abilities in the Halloween ships.
  10. Yes, but up until that point in the film series, we only ever saw Skynet manifested through the Terminators. (Also, I don't even have a motorcycle.)
  11. Had to go AFK

    Congratulations! @Gneisenau013, you need to get Wargaming to consider infant clothing with the WOWS logo and "Captain In Training" on them.
  12. Until the game asks for my clothes, my boots and my motorcycle, I will not embrace this opinion.
  13. Captain skill redistribution

    Except for Wargaming, who mine doubloons from whales who want to re-spec without grinding ECXP.
  14. It would be impossible to tell without knowing the game time remaining and the position of the OP in relation to the nearest cap. S/he must first enter it, then if capturing alone, must stay in it for a full minute untouched by enemy fire, then leave it in order for the enemy ship to enter and attempt capture (and then the enemy ship needs to be close enough). Evidently the algorithm decided that the mission was unachievable under the prevailing circumstances.