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  1. Ensign_Cthulhu

    iChase showing some submarine gameplay

    With all due respect, I don't think you can extrapolate from a PvP closed test server to the distant future. For sure they will end up in PvP - you know that - but what comes in between is going to be on US, the players. If we don't give constructive feedback (as opposed to spittle-flecked screaming) when we're let at them in whatever closed system we get access to try them, we'll have no right to complain about the outcome.
  2. Ensign_Cthulhu

    ASW is no counter to Subs

    This is barely in closed alpha, in case you haven't recognised that fact, and you need to stop using that sort of perjorative language right now or nobody's going to listen to a thing you say.
  3. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Smolensk = WOW, WOW, and did I say WOW?

    I took this monster out stock in co-op and it chewed through Tier 10 bot destroyers like my ten-year-old going through hot dogs. It's obscene. OTOH suddenly a wild Republique appeared, and a full single-side spread of torps at less than 2km, all of which hit, was not enough to put it down. There was not enough room to turn and put in the torps from the other side. I lost one turret permanently. That being said, I managed to get onto the disengaged side and switched to AP at close range, and results into the casemate armour were impressive. Eventually a helpful BB put the Republique down, and that's when I ran out of things to shoot before the game came to an end. Some experimentation will be required regarding the correct captain build. I have BFT/AFT and IFHE captains, and I will be trying both. I may respec a third for concealment and try that. I suspect a dedicated captain is going to want Superintendent, because without that and premium consumables you get ONE smokescreen. ONE. I do suspect that @AdmiralThunder is right, and range should be preferred above firepower in slot six.
  4. Ensign_Cthulhu

    iChase showing some submarine gameplay

    Remember, this is basically first-look closed-server alpha testing. You guys who were alpha testers and got the Iwaki Alpha? This is equivalent to what came before you were let at it. It needs to be PvP at this stage so that both sides can have humans driving them for the demonstration. You need to understand the context before you criticize what they were doing. If subs make it into randoms AT ALL, it will be months down the road after extensive open-beta testing in a restricted mode by the entire playerbase. The more people who go off in a snit and refuse to play, the more unbalanced subs will be on full release - and it will be your fault. Be that as it may, iChase sounded like he was fighting for things to say to pad out the length of his video. I haven't been impressed with him ever since his massive CV whine, and this hasn't improved his credibility in my eyes one little bit. He did nothing at all (before I switched off in disgust) to indicate that he understood how early in the test cycle all this stuff is. He came across as talking as if this were coming out in full release AS IS in the next patch.
  5. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Smolensk = WOW, WOW, and did I say WOW?

    Three hundred thousand coal to hand with me having bought JB really not that long ago says I will be back up to levels of Affording Most Things by the time the alternatives have firmed up. What else am I going to do? Sit on it? I said I wouldn't be an early adopter... but with glowing reports from serious co-op mains (and therefore somewhere to take it if all else fails) I'm going to take a chance. Done.
  6. Ensign_Cthulhu

    OOOHHH BOY SUBS (added more videos)

    I vaguely recall them saying this is something that's going to be looked at in closed testing, whether destroyers can do the job alone or whether they'll need to be supplemented. Something that wasn't apparent in the little I got to watch of the destroyer phase (blinked and missed it) is exactly how difficult acquisition is, and how certain the kill is once you get a firm lock. All this is very early days, and basically what they were showing off was nothing more than the mechanics, which seem OK in their raw prototype form. It's probably going to be early 2020 before it gets out of closed alpha/invitation-beta testing and mid 2020 before it hits the live server in its own restricted mode for all of us to play with.
  7. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Legion of Honor Crate Results, Collection Info, New Capt

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanita_phalloides Oh, sorry... I thought you said fungiform. Send me all your unwanted credits, and I am sure I can find productive ways to spend them.
  8. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Pre mindloss

    Sharp turns will also beat them. Co-op players should love this. The bot that dodged your torps by mere pixels beforehand probably won't dodge them any more. They need to fine-tune how good (or not) the homing is but it's not like they're going to flood randoms with them tomorrow, so people need to take a MAJOR chill pill and wait to see what happens.
  9. So what are you whining about? Go get yourself one and use it if you think it's so damned OP. It won't cost you anything.
  10. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Worcester and DM line reset

    Where do the captains go if you have no spare spots in reserve and no gold to pay for them?
  11. Ensign_Cthulhu

    ST, Gamescom announcements

    Movie and novel tie-ins WHEN, Wargaming? You have the basis for a story arc - you just need to flesh it out some more (pun intended).
  12. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Smolensk-No reduction to post battle service?

    Yes and no. Salem, for example, is much, MUCH cheaper than any Tier 10 ship has a right to be, Type 20 camo benefits notwithstanding. She's the only T10 premium I have, though (and I only have Minotaur at Tier 10 in the tech tree against which to compare), so I lack more extensive first-hand data.
  13. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Smolensk-No reduction to post battle service?

    You did it FOR SCIENCE!!!!
  14. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Smolensk-No reduction to post battle service?

    Yeah, that's Salem levels of post-battle spending. I'm almost convinced. I'm pretty sure I'll use this thing more than I would Georgia or almost anything else.
  15. Ensign_Cthulhu

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    GETTING BACK TO SUBMARINES: Okay, I've seen how they propose to implement ASW. My guess as to some sort of sub-detection aura or always-on, subs-only hydro was correct. I find the way they expect you to chase down the sub's last known position interesting, and it's a nice tip of the hat to history. As far as the depth charges are concerned, I can accept the AI tossing them over the side when you're in the "optimal" position. What remains to be seen is whether that will be automatically lethal or offer some chance to escape. No Hedgehog or Limbo/Squid, sadly, but we'll see what happens in the fullness of time.