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  1. 2-13 tonight

    Forget your whole-team winrate. Where did you place? What did you accomplish?
  2. They also complete automatically in the background as part of your regular gameplay, so yeah, plug one in and let it run. One more clarifying question: for those missions which require the earning of credits, is this before or after mission costs are deducted? Given T8+ ship operating costs (especially when premium consumables and improved camo are being paid for), the latter is a significantly more difficult ask!!! (In addition, a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation tells me that if I tried to do Yamamoto with ONLY the XP grind missions, then given the need for repeats to get extra stars, a one-point captain would be a 19-point captain by the time I had finished. Almost defeats the purpose, especially if getting Krakens is beyond you for whatever reason.)
  3. I'm not quite planning on doing that, but... "Every little bit helps", said the man as he p1$$ed in the ocean. Excellent. Thank you for this.
  4. I saw that... and some of the tasks are also carrier-restricted, which considering the way the IJN started its war and fought a good deal of it, at least up to Yamamoto's death, is more than appropriate.
  5. IIRC there is a way to tell disconnected from AFK based on turret orientation, but I can't remember what it is.
  6. SO... with the advent of my Edinburgh last night, I think I have a ship that will take me through to the end of all of these (eventually). Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Before I go reinventing the wheel, does anyone know of a link to a list of ALL the tasks, their rewards/stars, ship/mode (Tier, PvE, PvP) eligibilities and the end prizes? Do I have to complete every component at every level (will involve getting carriers, God help my teammates), or merely make my way through all the stages?
  7. As one of those who has stood, fought (or not, because he couldn't see out of smoke) and had his Fiji sunk while a friendly BB and CL hid behind a rock just behind me until I exploded (and THEN sailed out to do battle), I can speak to the infuriating nature of the latter.
  8. So... Friday night I was the welcome recipient of 24 premium hours, and yesterday I had a lot of time on my hands in which to use it. And being somewhere in the 80K XP range on the Fiji, I thought the Edinburgh would surely not be that difficult a grind... (The alternative was to try to upgrade the Nicholas, but I'm not as familiar with or as competent in her and I was worried the effort would be wasted.) I got off to a cracking good start. Oh. Wow. I have NEVER been in so many lost (random) games. I have never been the last survivor in so many of those games. I have never been BEST ON TEAM in so many games (I am almost NEVER best on team). You know how it's often asked how you know it's you or the team that sucked? I can't be absolutely sure, but I suspect the combination of all those things occurring together means that it (mostly) wasn't me. Still, there were a few bright spots: Occasional wins (including one nail-biter) to break the losing streak, a Corgi Captain's scalp to hang from my belt, all three containers picked up in one day for only the second time ever... and I finished the Fiji-Edinburgh grind. My Fiji is a Free XP earner, hooray!!! (And I have a much increased store of FXP and the Fiji Captain is nearly halfway to his 12th point) And those 24 free hours were well used. (Of course now my problems are sort of just beginning again, because a fully upgraded Fiji with an 11 point captain walks all over my fresh-out-of-factory Edinburgh with a one-pointer and without any gimmicks on, and in co-op she's a money loser even with a premium account, but that's just the nature of the beast.) After yesterday's marathon effort, tonight is a night for derping in small botes. Going forward: That Fiji captain is staying RIGHT WHERE HE IS. T7 is my ceiling for regular hardcore random play, and the retraining cost is not something I want to think about. The Edinburgh gets brought out for one game at the start, and the slow painful grind through the T8-limited permanent missions (and the captain and hull upgrades) begins. Then I derp in the smalls to make up the cash drain.
  9. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    I managed to get one. Since the list is more or less public, I won't reveal his or her number.
  10. Bad Dog, No!

    Fixed that for you?
  11. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    I saw one last night but he was a friendly. One of the Reds tried to tell us TK's count, LOL.
  12. 100 hits with any armament

    Tier 20 Russian Cruiser; is balanced, Comrade! (Actually for gun power she probably is; the radar, hydro and missiles are another matter.)
  13. Leander is so refreshing

    It depends on how many points he has on him. At three or four, the retraining cost is not very high; by the time you are approaching six or more captain points, the retraining cost is such that unless you're happy to spend Doubloons, you have premium time and lots of XP camo & flags you're not afraid to spend, or you have a 19pt captain generating lots of elite commander XP, it can sometimes be better to start over again, pay the extra for a 1-point captain on your ship and build from there. I got, and many others may have got (maybe everyone got) 24 premium hours for Lunar New Year last night. If today is your lucky free day, now would be a good time to grind the hell out of the Leander, and maybe pick up a French crate or two along the way. Those missions expire 2 March, which gives you an idea as to when the French BB's drop as mainline ships. Get yours with a port slot while you can (if WG is kind to you), but be aware that their quests are BASE XP and premium time may not count for much.
  14. What do you think of RDF?

    I was all excited for this skill because it's exactly analogous to HF/DF as used in destroyers on Atlantic convoys during WW2 for sub-shore radio intercepts. The more I see it used in games on YouTube, the more I think it is a very niche skill. I thought at first it might be useful for destroyer-hunting cruisers, but I am beginning to doubt this. To me it is becoming ever more a device for keeping destroyers OUT of trouble. It appears to be of increasing benefit the fewer the number of ships left on the map. So... not for Randoms, except near the end. Clan wars, Ranked, and maybe PvE mains in co-op. Too many ships in Ops for it to matter. I am also less excited about getting it because the fact that it warns you you are being detected is ahistorical; it was a passive sensor. If I had not lost playing time this week through illness, I might have tried it during the free respec. Maybe next time.
  15. Current WOWS banner header pic:

    If that thing the corgi is wearing is not a dog carrier, I don't know what is. How useful it would be to be able to pick up your woofers at a moment's notice! And keep them warm in winter at the same time.