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  1. I am Grand_Admiral_Murrel and I approve this message. Please, someone fix the wiki icon for Agir.
  2. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    What did you get from the Tier V dockyards ship container?

    Marblehead Lima. One day when I get really bored, I may even play it.
  3. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Thoughts on Secondary Builds

    Here are my thoughts on secondaries. I welcome criticisms and comments of all sorts. In brief: Manual secondary base accuracy (the -10% starting level) is too low to be effective The -35% that we get after 10 seconds (and what we had to endure pre-rework) is still really, really bad (which is why we wanted it fixed in the first place) Lower-tier battleships are punished by their relatively lower secondary battery ranges and lower ship speed An explanation: I don't have a problem with the gradually increasing secondary battery accuracy. It's new, and somewhat realistic, which I like. However, I have an issue with the starting accuracy. Too many times now, I've had destroyers be spotted within 7 km of my German battleships and not been able to capitalize on it. If I build for secondaries, I expect them to be effective when I need them, not 45 seconds later when I'm burning merrily or sitting at the bottom after a yolo rush. This summarizes my first point: the -10% base improved accuracy for manual secondaries is insufficient, and it takes way too long for them to spool up to -60%. My second point: I have an issue with the way WG addressed our concerns with secondaries. When they said, we'll give you -60% dispersion but you'll start off with 25% less accuracy than the god-awful -35% dispersion, it was a hard pill to swallow. The whole point of the community clamoring over this was because the -35% dispersion was trash. So making us endure worse dispersion left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not going to berate WG (and I implore you to do the same), but it just reflects their general attitude towards CCs and the playerbase. Given that we're the ones who pay their bills and feed their families, I would expect (and I've been proven wrong) that they would want to appease us. I re-purchased the lower-tier German BBs to test out secondary builds, and honestly, I found them extremely situational (more so than at higher tiers, i.e. 7-10). The issue is that dreadnaught-type battleships are too slow to get into good positions before the fight starts, their secondaries (while numerous) take a long time to reload, and they can't stay in secondary range of enemy ships for extended periods of time. Destroyers are exceptionally sneaky at lower tiers with fast-reloading torpedoes, and enemy battleships are just as anemic as you are. The overall experience is underwhelming, to say the least. NOTE: this is not a "BBs are oppressed by DDs" thread, I know the counterplay. I just expect my secondaries to be able to hit the DDs I see in the short engagements I typically have with them. How I would fix secondaries: Personally, I would love to see the manual secondary skill reverted to the base -60%. All we secondary-battleship players have ever wanted was to have ALL of our secondaries capable of firing, even with a target selected, German secondary battery accuracy increased (because the gunners were drunk), and more out of the skill points we invested into our secondaries. To their credit, WG did fix all three of these things, including reducing the skill points necessary from 14 to 10 (which improved survivability). The fact that they also then nuked the skill down from -60% to -35% in the first commander rework was annoying. I suppose the response from WG would be that we never asked them to not change the accuracy of the skill, just German BBs... If not the flat -60%, I would prefer to see base accuracy of at least -35% (would be cool if it applied to all secondaries) and spool up to -60% over something like 30 seconds maximum. I realize the flat -35% is probably a bit over the top, but it never hurts to ask. We'll probably never get what we want anyways. Lastly, I can't help but feel like Italian BBs need some love. They either need 1/4 penetration to make their secondaries even remotely effective, or as many others have suggested, SAP shells instead of HE. I think that's all for now. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and please, let me know your thoughts on secondary builds. Cheers! ~Murrel
  4. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Schlieffen seems pretty trash

    I nuked a Schlieffen into oblivion with my GK when he showed a little broadside to get torps off. Citadels much easier than a Russian cruiser. It needs an actual turtleback. The ship just makes no sense. Also, having the best in-class accuracy still means nothing when you get 8 overpens per salvo versus GK's 12. If the battlecruisers are supposed to be brawlers, you should be within a range where accuracy is (almost) irrelevant. These ships were designed with the improved repair party skill in mind. I hate the idea.
  5. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Somebody had a birthday 🎂🎉

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  6. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Mouse Needs Your Help: Part One, Tier VI Ships

    @LittleWhiteMouse Just curious, does it not matter how much damage we do, for some kind of context? Or is this irrelevant because the sample size simply won't be large enough, or not representative of the average battle performance of each ship? Thanks!
  7. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    What should I spend my free XP on.

    Once you've learned to play her, Agir is a very strong ship. She can tank (my best example being taking zero damage from a Kremlin at less than 2 km XD), and she can kite. Just don't try to use her rear turret all the time, and don't use the torps until you need to. Also, concealment is a must - it makes her pretty stealthy.
  8. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    players opinion on new commander skills?

    I agree. I'm completely free-to-play, so I don't have many ships, and I don't earn as much XP per battle as those who have a premium account. My best two commanders (both German) both have 18 skill points, but only because I've kept them as I've progressed from ship to ship and played them more-or-less exclusively. Even my Lutjens captain is only 14 skill points. I only have one good French commander (16 skill points), but that's it. I don't have many commanders, and since I don't have gold or premium ships (save the Agir, Georgia, and Aigle I bought with coal), I can't afford to switch commanders between ships. That being said, I do appreciate that we are able to select different skills for each class for every commander. For example, I use my Agir as a captain trainer, so I used it to train Lutjens for my Kurfurst without a retraining penalty or having to reset my skills.
  9. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    [UPDATED] Armchair Admirals: The Battle of the Atlantic

    Personally, I hope Jingles and a bunch of the other CCs would get together and have their own version, at the exact same time as WG's stream. Just to take away their viewers :P Also, I think it would be great to hear the likes of Flamu, Jingles, Flambass, Little White Mouse, Notser, and others to just talk ships without being censored by WG.
  10. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    German Turret Blueprints

    Howdy folks, Anyone know where I can find simple blueprints of German battleship turrets? By simple, I mean I don't care about rivet spacing, just the length, width, and height of the turret profile. Specifically, I'm interested in the 11" (283 mm) turrets mounted on Scharnhorst or the 15" (380 mm) turrets mounted on Bismarck. So far, all I've found are websites asking me to pay for entire ship blueprints... which I don't want. If anyone would be able to share links/photos etc., I would be much obliged. I hope that I might be able to 3D print the turrets, and then create a mold to cast them out of aluminum. Because I can. Many thanks, ~Murrel
  11. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Appreciation for CC and Retired CC’s thread

    When I was in the 11th grade, my friend mentioned that a new ship game was coming out. I had no interest in war machines at the time, but was in love with ships. So we watched a video where this guy was showing off the American cruisers. His name was the Mighty Jingles.
  12. Let's do a logo compilation.
  13. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    WG, for the love of god, bring back achievement signals

    I'd pay good money for that. I'll get the ball rolling, here's the thumbnail image.
  14. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Alsace seconday

    Yeah, but 97k dmg in fires??? Hell yeah
  15. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Alsace seconday

    I tried it just now in a co-op battle... 965 secondary hits out of 2700 shells fired ain't bad, but they didn't do much damage. They did start a couple fires tho... Perhaps a more accurate representation of Alsace's secondary battery is the following: