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  1. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Secondary Mount Firing Angles - Show us!

    I whole-heartedly agree with this. It wouldn't be all that difficult to add. As for the firing angles, that would be nice, but also much more difficult to accomplish. Still, one can hope.
  2. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Murrel Shipyards - Designing an RC Aircraft Carrier Part 1

    When the project finally reaches completion in a few years, I'll be sure to credit you as a project consultant ;-) Precisely. I'm expecting the ship to be pretty stable given its size and displacement, but I know how finnicky planes (model ones especially) can be. Fun fact, my first model plane wasn't even RC - I built a balsa Trojan. I put a large elastic band in it, wound it as tight as I dared, and let it run down the driveway. By some miracle, it managed to achieve liftoff just with that one elastic band. That was one of the most rewarding moments in my childhood. Thank you for the interest you've shown @Wolfswetpaws. I'm grateful for the conversation!
  3. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Murrel Shipyards - Designing an RC Aircraft Carrier Part 1

    Good thought-provoking questions. I've only ever flown RC planes from 3rd person observation, but I suppose a cockpit camera would be preferable for landing. Thanks for asking, I hadn't thought about that. :P And yes, a dedicated trailer is probable. Here's an IOU for 1 doubloon.
  4. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    DevBlog 350 - New ships — Closed testing 0.11.8

    Honestly, I'm surprised no one is talking about the Admiral Shroder and her secondaries. More specifically, the ridiculous number of them, their range, and the fact that her low concealment means she there is only about 200 meters between her surface concealment and full secondary range. Now couple that with an engine boost and she looks downright terrifying in a one-on-one engagement. RIP secondary Agir. When are we getting secondary builds for cruisers?
  5. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Murrel Shipyards - Designing an RC Aircraft Carrier Part 1

    Thanks for your post @Wolfswetpaws! So, yes, I'm planning on having all of that. The planes will have to be close to scale, and I want to design an arresting cable setup. I found some youtube videos as inspiration, so I'll start with that. I actually want this project to get to the point where the carrier can house at least 3 aircraft in a hangar, move them with a functional elevator, launch them, catch them, and return them to the hangar. It's a bit ambitious, so I'll start with one plane. I'm toying with all sorts of ideas, from conveyors to electromagnetic guidance systems. I also want to include a net for that classic WWII aircraft carrier look, in addition to saving RC planes from a watery grave. I'm mostly taking inspiration from HMS Implacable and HMCS Magnificent. That's the plan... the hull material will really depend on cost and manufacturing time. I'll be paying someone to build the hull, so there's that to consider. Also, I need to consider weight/displacement. The CV in the video I posted had about 230 pounds displacement - I won't know for a long time how much mine will weigh, but I'll guess it's considerably more. Meh, a minor technicality. I'll figure that part out later ;)
  6. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Murrel Shipyards - Designing an RC Aircraft Carrier Part 1

    That's kind of my initial plan as a proof of concept. I also agree that the ship will be built of aluminum or thin-gauge steel, to provide much-needed protection. Also, using B-25s is a very cool idea. I was planning on using Supermarine Seafires, but it might be neat to try that too!
  7. I'm going to design a large model aircraft carrier capable of launching and recovering an RC airplane. This project was inspired by a large-scale (13-foot long) RC USS Kitty Hawk that could launch and recover model aircraft (see video below): Only problem is, as far as I'm concerned, they cheated. They used a VTOL RC plane rather than the original RC airplane that was used for the launch. I want to develop an RC aircraft carrier of my own design (inspired by real designs) that will succeed where the above CV failed. I'm only in the planning stages at the moment, so I'm experimenting with a few rough hull designs before I start modelling the vessel I want to build. Now, I've never done this before, so I'm not the most experienced at it, which is where I'm hoping the community can give me some pointers on what I need to do better. Below are my first two hull designs - the superstructure will be added/finalized once I've decided on a hull. Project 1A: A Graf Zeppelin-esque design, the ship uses an early 20th-century hull converted to an aircraft carrier. Notable design features are the champagne glass stern, flared bow, and full-length (non-angled) flight deck. The keel measures 20 feet in length, and the flight deck 20 ft. 10 in. long. From the keel to the flight deck, the ship is 2 ft. 7 in. tall. The flight deck is 38 inches wide. Project 2A: Borrowing the keel from the previous project (1A), this is a purpose-built aircraft carrier. I have always thought that flared clipper bows were the most esthetically pleasing, so I tried to make one for this vessel. As a result, this vessel is longer at 22 ft. 11 in. Ongoing projects: Project 3A and 3B - further developments of Project 2A, with a wider beam and flight deck. Project 3A will continue to use the rectangular midships section, while 3B will have do away with the straight lines to hopefully make the hull more streamlined: 3A: 3B: (Note that the keels are actually the same length) Please, let me know which project/hull you think looks cooler/might make a better CV hull, and please put your suggestions for design features below. Thank you for your time! ~Murrel
  8. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Idea: New "Refit" Mechanic

    Thanks for the info @Ensign_Cthulhu, I had forgotten about that. At that time, I think the only ship I had like that was Nurnberg, and I never really paid attention to the change. That's definitely something to consider... Any idea what their reasoning was? Too much work to balance an extra hull, not enough economic incentive for them, etc.?
  9. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Idea: New "Refit" Mechanic

    Fair enough. Thank you for the response. I suppose you're right... unfortunately, I don't own many premiums (only freemiums), so I'll admit I'm not actually very familiar with all the premium clones you've mentioned. I suppose I hadn't really intended for the "refit" to be too different from the current configuration. Perhaps a better example would be an accuracy refit for Preussen, where she gets an extra 0.1 sigma but gets standard battleship secondary dispersion. So, no difference in configuration (i.e. no torpedoes, extra/fewer guns, etc.) but slightly tuned characteristics. But, as you pointed out, there's a lot of premiums that kinda take advantage of this. Anyways, thanks for the reality check.
  10. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    IJN BB/BC split proposal

    Thing is, I have little interest in the IJN battleship line. A battlecruiser line, on the other hand... now that interests me. Good proposal! Also, I want secondary-based battlecruisers (that aren't just German)! Edit: I just want to say, it would be nice if WG actually creates a battlecruiser line that uses standard BB armour (32mm tiers 8-10) rather than some weird, much thinner plating. I would be happier calling these "fast battleships" rather than battecruisers if it meant that they retain at least some armour.
  11. I'm totally open to new tech tree lines and splits. I like the idea of the British DDs especially. I'm not sold on SAP on American DDs, but I did just get the Sherman so I'm kinda biased I guess. Good stuff!
  12. Not a bad idea, although with the impending rework, I probably wouldn't mind resupplying my favourite camos assuming they have a fairly standardized resupply cost. Also, I might just play my French ships without paint. Just 'cause. French models. ;)
  13. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    Killing Schlieffens in a Preussen (Brawl)

    Yep, that'll do it.
  14. Good info, nice devblog. Looking forward to the new content.
  15. Just curious if anyone else would like to have more variety in their ship builds? Personally, I like to run non-mainstream builds, like accuracy build on Preussen, etc. What if, for a certain sum of base experience, one could choose to research an alternate set of ship characteristics (the "refit")? Let's say, you just got enough research on VII Nagato to research the VIII Amagi. After researching all of Amagi's modules, one could research the IX Izumo. However, one could also choose to unlock the "refit" of the Amagi for the same amount of ship XP as unlocking the Izumo. Only after researching all modules, the next ship in the line, and the refit would a ship achieve the "elite" status. The refit would be an alternative, equally-balanced version of existing ships, which would provide players with a greater variety of playstyles and builds. This is not like the thing in World of Tanks, where tanks powercreep as upgrades are unlocked. How would this affect players? Tech tree ships would lose their elite status, until the refit is researched. If a given ship has enough XP accumulated to research the refit immediately upon implementation, then the player may choose to do so (no regrinding required). Premium ships would not get a refit mechanic until the balance of it is worked out. It would also have no impact on the research bureau - players who have researched every ship in a given line and have researched the refits for any number of ships would be compensated (however WG sees fit). What's in it for WG? Well, one idea is that they could offer the refit for doubloons if a player doesn't have the XP to unlock it. Perhaps a way to test it would be to sell a premium ship that can switch between builds, for a nominal doubloon fee. Also, players would have to purchase a second set of equipment, which would act as a credit sink, thus prompting players to spend more gold/real money. Perhaps a Japanese battleship that could choose between accurate, hard-hitting main guns but poor armour, or a less-accurate, better armoured ship with accurate secondaries. Just an example, I welcome ideas.