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  1. TwoLate51

    How to Shimakaze

    Thanks for this one. I am having problems and not comfortable with it. This gives me something to work on. Sorry your dinosaurs took your marbles lol.
  2. I can agree Kuroshiok does excellent videos. Not only do you see the action but he comments on the minmap and explains his tactics. I am learning more about the fine points of looking at minimap and making a better choice. The additional strengths and weakness of each DD he is using is a plus. keep them coming love them.
  3. TwoLate51

    WG logic at its worst

    Hmm some other game that does not have ships from a top management said if you don't like the game don't buy it. That did not work to good for him. I dont think we want to encourage others to stop playing.
  4. TwoLate51

    T5 Ranked Recommendations

    What top 3 dd gunboat would you recommend to hunt down kammi.
  5. Had one last night. He said sorry and I said no problem no bad report coming.
  6. TwoLate51

    Quit Whining

    Let's not forget you also have those in tier 8 get dragged on with tier 10. Last night I was in my tier 8 and both sides had only two tier 8 with the rest 10.
  7. TwoLate51

    An Apology to My Ranked Teams

    Thanks that was so funny and true. Rush in the cap with you 5.6k concealment with 3 radar ships that radar to 10k. DD destroyer killed. What a potato dd I will report you.
  8. O I have tech tree ships i like better then premiums. I play ships for what the fun factor is.
  9. TwoLate51

    Tier VIII MM post, but not of the normal kind.

    I wonder if WG seems to be pushing more 9 premiums would this put more tier 9 in queue.
  10. TwoLate51

    Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    Getting burned out on tier 8-10 play. I am grinding for Halsey. I have 5 more stars to go then it is time to play 5-7 tier.
  11. TwoLate51

    In-Game Civility: The sea is getting saltier

    Yes I report on salt. I give compliments on those that do some good team play. Like DD smoke for cruisers. I quit looking at my Karma. I have been reported when I am still number one on the team. Sometimes no matter what you do someone is not happy.
  12. TwoLate51

    Clevelan to the Worst

    Thanks that made me spit out some coffee from laughing. You could have put (Please BB's shoot here). lol
  13. TwoLate51

    Clevelan to the Worst

    Thanks all. I have 161,000 ship XP on Cleveland with a 55.55% win rate with 44 games. Having fun with it. Thought I could stay on it to overstep Seattle to get to Worst. I have a Million XP I can convert and have the cash to spend but I want to grind my way up to learn more. I also have 705,000 Free xp I am saving for the Alaska. So I will stay on the Cleveland until I can get the Seattle and all the modules with my Cleveland XP. Thanks all for your input.