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  1. TwoLate51

    The high tier meta is not fun, WG

    I agree yours is better thumbs up.
  2. I had it happen to me a month ago. I was in dd and I disco out. my div mate let everyone know I disco. By the time I got back in 2 dd's dead. I was able to get in there and start playing for the team spotting and capping. Ended the game with a win and survived.
  3. TwoLate51

    I was called out for not contributing

    That is a good one. Almost good enough for a signature Quote.
  4. TwoLate51

    win or lose is 90% determined by MM

    Yes when I also have a bad game and below top 5 there is a big mistake I made and try to improve. Those games where at the top and lose I will evaluate where I could have made a difference.
  5. TwoLate51

    Salem Underperformance

    that was a very informal read thanks. I just got Des with legendary and getting better with it. This helps.
  6. Yes this is true. I also every match do my best and keep learning. Some matches I will influence a lot and some soso. I have notice even on unicum stats there are ships with low winrates. Seems like some ships tickle the fickle finger of fate.
  7. How long will the flake remain on the ship? If you don't get a win will the flake be there to collect after the patch or do they disapear ?