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  1. TwoLate51

    Battle Report: USS Kidd - "Narrow Margin"

    Yes Searaptor enjoy your videos. Even my wife says you are the best. Love the way you handle the commentary. Keep it up.
  2. TwoLate51

    That's it for me, screw this game

    Yes it is so sad for op it's just another day.
  3. Must be free beer handed out there.
  4. TwoLate51

    MMM has nothing to do with MM

    Yes peanut m and m's. It has taken over my mind where I see Snickers behind every corner and bush. My mind is lost so bad I have delusional visions of m and m on tv like people.
  5. TwoLate51

    Is there a USN bias in this game

    Am I too late for
  6. TwoLate51

    Divisions in Random

    I agree with you but I am entering sarcasm. lol 1. After all it is a game ment to be fun.... Reading the forums looks like most are not having fun. 2. As far as spending money entitlements..... 1500 bucks in 2019..... No insta win button yet.... I spent thousands and look at my winrate. No pay to win here. You are right I div with a friend not for winrate but to have fun on comms. We try to win with having fun. The conversations we have in game are hilarious.
  7. TwoLate51

    Meaning of random

    yes but is it not random chance that you will get a div against you with unicum players.
  8. Been on the fence with JB. Don't care for Thunders or brokenlisk. I guess time to burn my coal on JB since I enjoy French line.
  9. Haters hate is what they do.
  10. Thanks Kuro for the movie. Nice to see a visual on map positioning. Now I see the importance of angles in a battle.
  11. TwoLate51

    This is what WG wants their battles to be?

    Could the statement WG wanted to speed up the pace of game could mean the camping side or sitting in back sniping BB instead of time.
  12. TwoLate51

    Can you get worse at this game?

    I agree with you and I am a prime example. I rushed up the line. I have now a 49.6 percent avg. Tier 9 and 10 I have 44 percent. Tier 8 I have a 50 percent winrate. Go figure. I went back to lower tiers to learn more. 5 6 7 in high 50's. I watch videos take advice on this forum to get better. The CC's have so many games it should be easy for them. This is a hard game to learn and get better. It has a high learning curve. I only have 4 k games played and it is now starting to click some I have a 52% win rate with bb. Because I went back and regrind USA bb. NC and Iowa win rate in mid 60's.
  13. TwoLate51

    Can you get worse at this game?

    I have so mucho fun. I suck but I get to steer my ship and blow my horn. I gets to shoot things and when I drive by a red ship I wave at them. Thanks WWG.