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  1. TwoLate51

    Still a huge skill gap in CV

    Reading a lot of post you get the impression there is a huge skill gap in all classes.
  2. Yes I resemble that 40%. Playing against unicums not much fun but is pushes me to "get gud." ':
  3. Yep I am not good and here are my stats on Belfast.
  4. TwoLate51

    Why I'm stopping playing.

    I approve of this post.
  5. TwoLate51

    Wanting to learn more.

    Thank ya. Yes she does. I dont know how she does it. Her reviews have a lot in them and Lert does well also. I am 66 and going to retire so I have a hard time remembering the armor amounts on ships like you young fellows. lol So I have to have charts on wall.
  6. TwoLate51

    Wanting to learn more.

    Thanks LWM. I really enjoy your reviews and insights. You do a lot for the community in a positive way. Salute. Thanks for the AP tool will get data and import to an excel. I like the USA Cruisers and Russian Cruisers so this will come in handy.
  7. I have been climbing out of a deep hole in WR and got it over 48%. I have been trending in the low 50% lately and I want to learn more about which ships I can pen with what guns I have. Can any body point me to a excel file or something? Example with 203 what armor can I pen. I am getting better at reading mini maps for position and the strengths and weakness of the ships I play. I know I wont reach unicum level just want to help more on the teams I am on. I try not to do potato things. I use to be a DD main and started off rushing into caps and got a low WR for that. I am playing cruisers now and having fun with cruisers. Thanks all for any thing you throw at me.
  8. TwoLate51

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    I agree nerf Stalingrad
  9. TwoLate51

    Why the brew-ha-ha over the GC

    Yep I will not buy one more lease ship done with that. I will only get ships with coal or FXP I have earned. No more buy to win only earn to win I have learned that lesson.
  10. TwoLate51

    Why the brew-ha-ha over the GC

    Cant wait for the list to come out that will get the nerf hammer. I hope the kami family get it.
  11. TwoLate51

    So, the was Cesare Stealth Nerfed...

    Just delete CG and give all refunds.
  12. Another tier 5 in that list needs to get the need hammer. DD.
  13. TwoLate51

    Nerf Stalingrad by Just Balancing the Game

    Looks like a nerf hammer is needed.
  14. TwoLate51

    Nerf Stalingrad by Just Balancing the Game

    Nerf hammer come out.
  15. TwoLate51

    The Saga of Giulio Cesare

    I for one stop buying premiums. I will only get ships through grinding or resources. So if my FXP ship gets the nerf hammer no problem hammer till your heart content. I hope WG follows through and brings out the nerf hammer on other OP ships if they are serious about balance and whale away at them. Just look at server stats on other ships.