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  1. TwoLate51

    blacklisting potatoes

    I have a 47 wr and almost 48 wr. I am improving. Some ships I am above 50 and some below 40. I was in my Zao which has a 38% and I am getting better with it and learning from some help of friends. Funny thing I just got 156k damage previous to this game. I was in a battle where a good player in a conq. over extended and was getting focused fire. I got between him and reds to distract to give him a chance to retreat. He was able to retreat and I did overextend and eventually got killed. My goal was to help a fellow team mate. I guess I made the wrong choice because this conq stated in chat I was garbage and report me. This comes naturally to me because of flying in squads in WW2 planes and you help out your squad buddies but I guess in this game it is a wrong choice. I am trying to deal with the salty elitist chat and keep trying to do better. So OP put me on your ban list please. I do not want to help you.
  2. TwoLate51

    New CV rework MM

    Ok, here is the replay. I cant get the screenshot at the end of game it never game up. Looks like this is the number 2 guy on the server. This carrier had a Kracken 11 minutes in and I counted 9 kills. Forgive my lousy Hindi play I tried to support my Shimikaze and over extended. What do you think? 20181128_230534_PGSC110-Hindenburg_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  3. TwoLate51

    New CV rework MM

    Well do replays have screen shots? Can I post the replay here would that be ok? Or is it against forum rules?
  4. TwoLate51

    New CV rework MM

    In a game last night. The C V had 10 kills. Wish I had taken a screenshot.
  5. I am with you no more ten perma cammo for me.
  6. TwoLate51

    Helping Potatoes

    I welcome anybody to look over my stats and offer suggestions. I am starting to get some mechanics. Tier 10 is difficult for me. 7 and 8 I like. Z52 and yueyang I do Ok. So I went down to lower cruisers to grind to learn more. I wAtch constant videos and wife think its funny I enjoy the CC Videos.
  7. TwoLate51

    Last day for yy before nerf

    RIP my Port Queen.
  8. TwoLate51

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    Yes I want my 5000 dubs back for my perma cammo.
  9. TwoLate51

    Just stop it

    The op post will go viral. I get what he is saying. Playing against better players makes me learn more.
  10. TwoLate51

    Weekend spree

    Had a great weekend. I'm here in Cabo San Lucas all week.
  11. TwoLate51

    Wichita Nerf as per Dev Blog

    As much as I have on USA cruiser line Ill pass on this one.
  12. TwoLate51

    Why I play T8 better in T10 than T10 in T10

    My best win rate is tier 8 ships. My worst is tier 10. So I went back now in lower tiers to learn more. I am playing the USA cruiser line tier 8 and below to get better at reading the map.
  13. TwoLate51

    How to Shimakaze

    Thanks for this one. I am having problems and not comfortable with it. This gives me something to work on. Sorry your dinosaurs took your marbles lol.
  14. I can agree Kuroshiok does excellent videos. Not only do you see the action but he comments on the minmap and explains his tactics. I am learning more about the fine points of looking at minimap and making a better choice. The additional strengths and weakness of each DD he is using is a plus. keep them coming love them.