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  1. NutzForBoltz

    Baiting a cruiser to his death

    Thanks Ducky about sitting behind smoke. Nice tip.
  2. NutzForBoltz

    Old Missouri regrind really?

    That was great thanks. That was happy dance time.
  3. I grinded and used all flags including dragons the last 250k.
  4. NutzForBoltz

    Wows Culture

    I had 3 game s in a ship and had a player in the port chat tossed every cuss word at me instead of telling me what I could of done different. I went and look at his stats in that same ship he had 70 battles and a 43% win rate. I have seen players in cc streams telling unicum players how to play. Giving advice is one thing but ranting does nothing to change.
  5. NutzForBoltz

    How to shoot at well angled ships

    Thanks never thought of that. Learn something today.
  6. Nice thanks for sharing. I had a Kracken in ranked and lost a few months ago.
  7. NutzForBoltz

    I (almost) quit because of radar. Very frustrated!

    Ok strike up that song. "Please don't go".
  8. NutzForBoltz

    Game is decided in first 2-4 minutes

    That sums it up.
  9. NutzForBoltz

    We can not allow Airstrike!

    Use mm and target best win rates
  10. NutzForBoltz

    What part of this would be fun for a new player?

    I am an old "man". Dont need to go on with the younger children here.
  11. NutzForBoltz

    Unique Commanders

    I thought also Cunningham has more skills to get active on UK. I do have Thunderer just do not play it, I would start to play it with Cunningham for a different play style. I prefer the more aggressive style BB. Have not done much on UK Cruisers. I Do have the original Belfast. Might try the UK cruiser line. Thanks Sirpent and Manny for you applies.
  12. NutzForBoltz

    Unique Commanders

    I plan on using my ship coupon in June for a steel ship. So a coal ship with coupon will have to wait for December. So I want to get a unique Commander. I already have Lutjens so I am down to two others. What would be your opinions. 1. Nikolay Kuznetsov for the Kremlin and Stalingrad. I like to move my BB and cruisers in strategic positions not sitting in back. Will get Stalingrad this June and about to get the Kremlin soon. 2. Andrew Cunningham for the Daring. I am really starting to like UK dd play. In Jutland now and about to get the Daring. Either one Kremlin Stalingrad or Daring I can see me playing a lot. I played the Jutland in rank and the Oyster. Just finished grinding Oyster in rank and got the Halland. I think I can get the most out of Cunningham talents. Thanks for your thoughts.
  13. I will take a refund anytime.
  14. NutzForBoltz

    Wargaming? Whats your plan to fix secondary builds?

    Thanks needed that
  15. NutzForBoltz

    Why would you ever push? So Sad.

    1 I don't think this is about buffing German secondaries. The point is I see people complaining about BB sitting in the back sniping for how long? You here a lot about pushing. Now it is the correct way to play is sit back and snipe. I prefer to get in position with BB to take damage for the team and getting those broadsides but not get focused fire on and give me time to heal. That play is about dead in tier 10 with all those HE spammers. Yes fun to use a secondary ship but I also enjoy other BB cruisers and now starting back up on DD.