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  1. NutzForBoltz

    Ship XP Bonus on non-Tech Tree Ships

    I was just going to post that. I also use it to grind daily crates faster. Since I have more than I can use to grind tech tree.
  2. Yep Scrooge got me could not purchase tech tree ship disable mods and now I can purchase. Looks like scrooge said WG no more money for you lol.
  3. NutzForBoltz

    You've got to be kidding me

    Money its about selling.
  4. NutzForBoltz

    Buying Perma Camos before update

    Thanks that is what I needed.
  5. I have been going over threads looking for a Dummy guide to perma camos in this new economic system. If the ships you like to play would it be better to buy perma camos now because the bonuses bought on perma camos will be less after update. Can someone break this down for me. Thanks
  6. NutzForBoltz

    Superships are a blight on clan battle play.

    This gets my vote for most creative humorous post of the week. Thank you.
  7. NutzForBoltz

    Sync Dropping - is it cheating?

    Agree love playing against clan mates And the smack talk
  8. NutzForBoltz

    Throwing ranked matches

    I myself loading in battle and countdown to start my computer locked up. I had to reboot computer. I got reported note from support and was pink. sometimes not the players fault. Div mate said my ship went straight to land and beached.
  9. NutzForBoltz

    Dirigible Derby. Help

    Does this mode count toward win rate? Or is it the same as the others and does not change the random win rate.
  10. NutzForBoltz

    BB Gameplay, what percentage is luck vs skill?

    Battleships rng.
  11. NutzForBoltz

    petro ruins the game for me

    This is correct. Trenlass has a video on Goliath HE spam is the counter to Russian bias.
  12. NutzForBoltz

    Opened a Santa Mega Crate and....

    Nice, good on you. I got Musashi Santa crate last year.
  13. NutzForBoltz

    WoWs keep disconnecting for anyone else?

    Did me 2 weeks ago. One second in I had a hard lock could do nothing. Received bad karma and a warning from WG. I did a support ticket to let then Know what happen.
  14. NutzForBoltz

    Funniest Moment

    This is the funniest moment I saw. Was in a coop just messing around on a mission and watched a bot DD take out our carrier with torps .3 KM out. A pure lolo. I saved the replay on this. Not trying to stat shame just that a bot got that far.